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Kate Mulgrew
Today is #NationalSTEMDay & I would like to recognize every fan who has ever told me they've gone into STEM careers because of Captain Janeway. You are all incredible! Some beautiful Janeway art to mark the occasion, from @jamiefayx #startrek #captainjaneway #independentartist Kate Mulgrew's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 08:33 PM UTC
7 women in science who will inspire you to get serious about STEM #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/EFYToTojqu
08 Nov, 03:25 PM UTC
Cartoon Network
Celebrating #STEMSTEAMDay Day with our very own amazing scientists! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 ⚛🔬 #NationalStemDay #STEM #STEAM Cartoon Network's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
NASA Goddard
NASA is making STEM for everyone with outreach initiatives like #STEMNightIn, a STEM-themed sleepover for local high school girls. Among other activities, students met a real-life astronaut and deployed their own Mars rovers! #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/SAMmTz8CtO NASA Goddard's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 07:23 PM UTC
The stars aligned for #NationalSTEMDay to coincide with NASA in Silicon Valley Live!🌟⭐✨At 7pm ET, tune in to @Twitch to meet some brilliant #WomenAtNASA working at @NASAAmes who are contributing to our mission of space exploration: https://t.co/b6aMROjhqM NASA's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC
National Science Foundation
What a best way to celebrate #NationalStemDay than nominating an outstanding, 7-12th grade #STEM educator: https://t.co/ealL1GEoZ3 National Science Foundation's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
Marvel Entertainment
Celebrate #NationalSTEMDay with #EarthsMightiestShow! We're quizzing "Unstoppable Wasp" writer Jeremy Whitley (@jrome58), plus we research the most brilliant Marvel minds, inventions, and more. Watch the full episode now: https://t.co/MZQzhcdX3L Marvel Entertainment's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:30 PM UTC
Developing a #Roblox game is a great way to learn the basics of programming, game design, and entrepreneurship! Anyone can create their own game with our step-by-step guide: https://t.co/Vvk6XJPdrk #NationalSTEMDay Roblox's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
Bayer CropScience US
Let’s celebrate #STEM education and the important role it plays in career development and opportunities. #NationalSTEMDay Bayer CropScience US's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
LIVE NOW: In this episode of NASA in Silicon Valley Live, we talk with some brilliant wonder women of @NASA about their research, what it’s like to work at @NASAAmes and more! Have questions? Chat with us on @Twitch: https://t.co/eDEbe1PlUV #NationalSTEMDay NASA Ames's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC
HHS celebrates those who have contributed to the science and health fields–especially the amazing female #STEM pioneers at HHS. Learn more about the exciting research happening around HHS: https://t.co/C6TcqF5KEb #NationalSTEMDay HHS.gov's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Office of the DNI
Today is #NationalSTEMDay – how many of you have a career in STEM? Jumpstart your career in intelligence and take advantage of student programs offered by the IC: https://t.co/hoC9LNU3R1 Office of the DNI's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 05:07 PM UTC
Jonathan Gerlach
We need to be the #STEM heroes of our students! Each of us has a #STEMStory to share - Share that story today on #NationalSTEMDay! Students, colleagues, and the community need to hear how YOU became passionate about STEM! What is your STEM Story? #STEAM #STEM4All Jonathan Gerlach's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 02:52 PM UTC
Marty Schultz
Teaching a #STEM class to encourage kids to come up with a new App was a real joy. Creating a game for the Blind that's been downloaded 500,000 times is incredible! Happy #NationalSTEMDay & #NationalSTEAMDay. https://t.co/muimRqVMeo 🌎 #Tech #ThursdayThoughts #Innovation Marty Schultz's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
Tufail akram
The man who's mind work faster than wind.. #Pakistan #NationalSTEMDay #IqbalDay Tufail akram's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 07:33 PM UTC
It's #NationalSTEMDay day, so who better to highlight than our brainiac inventor, Riley! She has a real knack for Engineering, especially when it involves Ragnite. #ValkyriaChronicles4 SEGA's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
Felicity Smoak has the ability to represent & inspire the millions of women & girls who tune into #Arrow & the ability to push others to accept different representations of strength as well as different representations of women. #NationalSTEMDay 👓📶👑 https://t.co/d2QSdkLNaC https://t.co/8pfLRhtmyx
08 Nov, 06:02 PM UTC
Oak Ridge Lab
It's #NationalSTEMDay! ORNL shares the importance of #STEM #education with kids of all ages through its Traveling Science Fair. 👩‍🔬🎪👨‍🔬 Oak Ridge Lab's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 04:31 PM UTC
Girl Up
It's National STEM Day! These 6 @GirlUp STEMinists tell us why more #WomeninSTEM is important to them: https://t.co/VBc0C5uTLY #NationalSTEMDay #STEMDay #GirlsinSTEM #GirlsWhoCode https://t.co/zluFsOGtow
08 Nov, 01:30 PM UTC
According to @USNews, FAMU has the highest-ranked HBCU College of Engineering in the country. #NationalSTEMDay FloridaA&MUniversity's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
Google For Education
From #CSedu to #ScienceEd, celebrate #NationalSTEMday by using these problem-solving lessons to help prepare your students to enter the #GoogleScienceFair: https://t.co/zZC8xRBozr Google For Education's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:01 PM UTC
PA Department of Labor & Industry
Through #PAsmart $30 million in grants is available to invest in K-12 computer science and STEM education, apprenticeships, and job training through Industry Partnership programs. Celebrate #NationalSTEMday and learn more at https://t.co/tl1MMCuzKU. PA Department of Labor & Industry's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 01:25 PM UTC
Longtime FIRST supporter @JeffBezos @amazon spoke at last week's #FIRSTInspireGala. In this short excerpt, Bezos discusses the future of jobs and how young people should prepare. #NationalSTEMDay #stemday #morethanrobots FIRST's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 02:15 AM UTC
Queen of Everything
Celebrating #FelicitySmoak on #NationalSTEMDay 🙌 She is the embodiment of what can be achieved with dedication and drive to make the world a better place by using her smarts and skills 🎓💻 A positive inspiration for so many fans 💖 @SchwartzApprovd @ARROWwriters Queen of Everything's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 07:10 PM UTC
AAAS Subaru Prize
Happy #NationalSTEMDay! Use books to help inspire kids and foster their love of #STEM. We have reading recommendations and classroom resources: https://t.co/1Kf14dmsCR #STEMSTEAMDay AAAS Subaru Prize's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 06:45 PM UTC
Today's #SignOfTheDay is SCIENCE! #sciencerulz #NationalSTEMDay #ASL #SignLanugage ASLdeafined's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:09 PM UTC
Kathy Crosswell
Fantastic uplifting day with @paulomahony learning about running an online business. Has challenged my science belief #NationalSTEMDay @damianhinds and made me realise I need to eat so much better #MyMarksFave along with giving me a motivational 'kick' #motivational @tonyrobbins Kathy Crosswell's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
MSA Students
Happy #NationalSTEMDay everyone! Check out @MSAStudents new website and some terrific mycologists 🍄 in the student spotlight section: https://t.co/lZk0Yx5w5P MSA Students's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 08:51 PM UTC
#STEMed doesn't stop after school. Our engineers and scientists collaborate frequently, learning and inspiring one another. Like flint to steel, sometimes it's our differences that create that spark, and push our work forward. #NationalSTEMDay WHOI's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 06:58 PM UTC
Aerospace Industries
When it comes to careers in #STEM, no one may know better than @AirandSpace Director @EllenStofan. Her inspiring work opens the door for the next generation of leaders. Check out her top 10 career tips in @Forbes: https://t.co/hK7xWvdWSS #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:07 PM UTC
Kimberly Hart
A childhood full of play and recess helps build a brain that is flexible, bright, and eager to learn: https://t.co/sEbgzA0pr0 #NationalSTEMDay #Playmatters Kimberly Hart's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:35 PM UTC
Spider venom might hold the secret to developing the next great antibiotic: https://t.co/6e6FGkciVU #NationalSTEMDay TEDx's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 11:28 PM UTC
Rural Development
Not a bad announcement to make on this #NationalSTEMDay! Check out below how RD is investing $1.6 billion in 46 rural electric infrastructure projects all over the country: https://t.co/QCaqEn5ogW
08 Nov, 08:03 PM UTC
For us, everyday is #NationalSTEMDay! Hat tip to all the educators inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers & mathematicians. Visit https://t.co/JdIj80p1Pu for more info. ChangingFaceOfSTEM's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
Great Big Story
Coding is LIT. Take Miral Kotb, for example—this fearless cancer survivor fused her passion for dance with her love of code and created @iLuminateDance. #NationalSTEMDay Great Big Story's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:30 PM UTC
Tri Delta
It's #NationalStemDay! #TBT to our Trident story featuring a few Brave, Bold and Kind sisters who work in STEM. https://t.co/8JjCOaakcr
08 Nov, 04:50 PM UTC
Office of the DNI
Data Scientist (GS-8 to GS-9): Only a couple more days to apply for this National Counterterrorism Center #STEM position! https://t.co/i5nzTj2xo7 #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 05:48 PM UTC
FIRST Robotics Competition
Thank you, @Qualcomm for all the amazing support! #NationalSTEMDay #morethanrobots https://t.co/6z4FGKBhO9
08 Nov, 08:46 PM UTC
Rachael Mann
“Other nations are doing all they can to invest in education, with the hopes of leading the world. To achieve our highest goals in space requires a human-wide effort. That means cooperation between countries, even rivalrous ones.” @SPSandford #NationalSTEMDay #MartianClassroom Rachael Mann's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
Kids Can Press
Happy #NationalSTEMDay! We are celebrating by reading these wonderful books. What’s your favorite STEM book? Kids Can Press's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 08:48 PM UTC
Support #STEM skills from day one by describing objects, animals, & plants & natural processes like rainstorms: https://t.co/7H1QKTKsFN #NationalStemDay ZERO TO THREE's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 12:05 AM UTC
Networking Academy
For #NationalSTEMDay, see how NetAcad education is changing lives and working to build the next generation of #GlobalProblemSolvers: https://t.co/Z2MQd2vE5G Networking Academy's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 01:50 PM UTC
Create a #makerspace for your school in 5 easy steps! A makerspace engages students in #STEM and #STEAM learning with hands-on activities! This blog linked below will teach you the 5 steps necessary for making a great makerspace on this #NationalSTEMDay! https://t.co/QLjDWnC78v
08 Nov, 08:06 PM UTC
U.S. Army ERDC
ERDC reaches over 1,000 students in the Vicksburg area through #STEM outreach programs such as @CampInvention, #GEMSCamp & internship opportunities. We're excited to celebrate #NationalStemDay with these future researchers, their teachers & volunteers. https://t.co/JgnX8Jrf5x U.S. Army ERDC's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:24 PM UTC
DREME Network
Spatial reasoning is an important predictor of achievement in #STEM, and #STEMstartsearly! Here are 5 compelling reasons to teach spatial reasoning to young children. #NationalSTEMDay @MindShiftKQED w/@DREMEmath 's @DHClements #earlyed #earlymath #STEMed https://t.co/dRQfuaZDYf
08 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC
St. Jude Research
Throwback Thursday: Students explore STEM opportunities as Science Scholars at St. Jude: https://t.co/ZqGzpLmSOk. #NationalSTEMDay St. Jude Research's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 11:00 PM UTC
Celebrate #NationalSTEMDay - Dreaming of Mars Since Age 13, @AstronautAbby Inspires Women in #STEM https://t.co/U1NusXZhFA via @SPACEdotcom
08 Nov, 08:49 PM UTC
Melbourne Water
Yesterdays' #NationalSTEMDay we highlighted Lucey Alford (1915-1993) who was the first female Bacteriologist & the first woman employed by the MMBW as a scientist 1941 - 1975. In 1953, Lucey became head of a new section set up to monitor bacteria in Melbourne’s water supply. Melbourne Water's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
NOVA Chemicals
Join us in celebrating #NationalSTEMDay today – and every day! Our genScience program connects professionals with the next generation, inspiring future innovators to pursue #STEM. #STEMDAY NOVA Chemicals's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 08:24 PM UTC
Dave Horan
What better way to celebrate #NationalSTEMDay than by spending it with these amazing third graders! I introduced @Ozobot Evo to them and they can’t wait to get to code them next. #InnovateAlpine #Collaboration #Communication #Creativity #CriticalThinking Dave Horan's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:13 PM UTC
After realizing the only person standing in the way of success was herself, this @GWCPWarriors student pushed her fears aside and chased her dreams. It led to the summer of a lifetime. Learn her story: https://t.co/121wkeMXai #NationalSTEMDay #WomenInSTEM @fhpaschen ChicagoPublicSchools's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 11:00 PM UTC
Karen Alleva
The whole world loves a comeback!!! Help us at @WhaleGotham help the Right Whale make a comeback please!!! Together we can do anything!!!! #NationalSTEMDay ThankU for the love of #whales 🐋🐋🐋🐋💙 https://t.co/ZFd2zEnejW
08 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Aerospace Industries
A huge thank you to astronomical artist Adrianna of @Photon_SciArt for her incredible work to inspire the next generation of leaders in space! #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/fnc568v0iV
08 Nov, 09:51 PM UTC
Southeast Missouri State University
Happy #NationalSTEMDay! See what's happening in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Southeast Missouri State University at https://t.co/C3LmRqtLgP Southeast Missouri State University's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:33 PM UTC
Project Kaleidoscope
“We are over 800 strong making this the largest AACU STEM conference ever” -Dr. Kelly Mack #AACUSTEM #NationalSTEMDay #PKAL
09 Nov, 12:03 AM UTC
Tejas Shah
Some of the most brave, bold, brilliant individuals representing @Corteva Agriscience today at the Indiana Conference for Women! @inconfwomen #womeninSTEM #NationalSTEMDay #changingtheworld Tejas Shah's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Irving Middle School
Happy #NationalSTEMDay! We ❤our #STEM teachers & #CTE programs! It's exciting to see our students #learn & have the opportunity to develop new skills & showcase their #creativity each day! @fcpsnews @FCPSSTEAM #OurFCPS https://t.co/Sr3vQ0iEy1
08 Nov, 06:04 PM UTC
Lehighton Area STEAM
Miss Zellner’s Kindergarten class designed a shelter to keep the turkey safe from the farmer @LehightonElem @STEMCSL #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/cBQKsgncww
08 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC
Matt Hurley
Some #dopamine receptor (D1) mRNA staining (green) in the #rat striatum for #NationalSTEMDay!! #science #pretty #prettyneat Matt Hurley's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 01:00 AM UTC
Representing Blacklidge and teaching kids about careers in asphalt. #NationalSTEMDay #WomenInSTEM #asphalt https://t.co/x2DHGUqJ3j
08 Nov, 10:50 PM UTC
Stevens & Wilkinson
Happy National S.T.E.M. Day from Stevens & Wilkinson! Today, we celebrate the the joy of innovation. #smartdesignsolutions #STEM #NationalSTEMDay Stevens & Wilkinson's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Brown SWCD
Happy #NationalSTEMDay! We try to do our part encouraging curiosity in the sciences! Brown SWCD's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 08:11 PM UTC
David Skelly
A great way to spend #NationalSTEMDay talking about the future of science with @Yale alumni and inspiring colleagues. @VirusesImmunity https://t.co/orcqeiib2b
09 Nov, 12:43 PM UTC
Rashid F. Davis
#tbt #TBThursday #NationalSTEMDay Thank You Stan Litow @IBM @citizenIBM @jam4less and Sonia Bu @NYCLeadership #ThursdayThoughts @rashidfdavis #edtech #edtechchat #edtechteam @STEMsolutions Rashid F. Davis's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 01:24 AM UTC
Katrina Dupins
Analiz Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D. and Karen Abbott, Ph.D. have research labs next door to each other @uamshealth. The scientists decided to team up after learning of each other’s research and discovering it intersected. #cancerresearch #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/8WcvTQvr9n
08 Nov, 07:25 PM UTC
Cool that @NRWA launched the NRWA Savings Engine on #NationalSTEMDay, using #STEM to help save #water+#energy+ $, see: https://t.co/uw9D6iiWup @STEMHero and heroes: How will YOU use data beyond the #meter to address future water challenges? #IOT #BigData #analytics https://t.co/rRNY8zk0n5
08 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
Dr. Sandra Clement
Moody CITGO Innovation Academy students celebrating National STEM Day at the Texas State Aquarium. #iamMoody #citgo #MoodySTRONG #stem #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/8AdiCcpML7
09 Nov, 12:50 PM UTC
Mina Freeburg
Quick reminder that today is #NationalSTEMDay With that being said, the U.S. has fallen behind other nations in science and math education; we need to motivate young kids to pursue these subjects to keep up with the rest of the world. Pursue your STEM passions and be the change!
09 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
ChickTech Philly
Today is National S.T.E.M. Day! We are so excited to be able play a role in increasing the number of girls receiving S.T.E.M. education! #nationalstemday #stemgirls #stemeducation ChickTech Philly's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 05:01 PM UTC
Bots Bits and Kids
10 Best Robots Toys and Robotics Kits for kids and teens - @littlebits, @WonderWorkshop @LearningHandsOn @MeetEdison, @makeymakey ..., #STEM toys that will help your kids discover programming and robotics. #coding #NationalSTEMDay… https://t.co/HJpgvXdt1W Bots Bits and Kids's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 10:12 AM UTC
Lydia Lukidis
It's #NationalSTEMDay! Here are some great #STEM books I published with @KanePress https://t.co/iFopZk0O6q
09 Nov, 12:53 PM UTC
We're going back to our roots on #NationalSTEMDay and building new partnerships to support advanced military education. Did you know that Capitol started in 1927 as a radio engineering school designed to educate military members and veterans? https://t.co/qcbopNY7SICapTechU's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
08 Nov, 09:56 PM UTC
Bill Evans
Now there is a cool day after #NationalSTEMDay fact. All that production STEMS (from hard work and study). https://t.co/OUG6wU4wcG
09 Nov, 01:06 PM UTC
Gadsden County Development Council
Via @FAMU_1887: According to @usnews, FAMU has the highest-ranked HBCU College of Engineering in the country. #NationalSTEMDay https://t.co/bGYkgFkb21 Gadsden County Development Council's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 01:01 PM UTC
CRC Press
#Celebrate #NationalSTEMDay With Us! Click Here to Learn More & Save! https://t.co/f7Mquoa1Ty #STEM #Science #Technology #Engineering #Math #Medical #Knowledgeispower #Education CRC Press's photo on #NationalSTEMDay
09 Nov, 01:00 PM UTC

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