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Jake Tapper
What about the campaign “to repeatedly try to undermine and create public distrust” in Dr. Fauci — by President Trump, Peter Navarro, and Dan Scavino? Also deeply irresponsible?
02 Aug, 10:39 PM UTC
Dear CNN: Please stop booking Peter Navarro. He is an idiot. Thank you.
03 Aug, 02:24 PM UTC
Arturo Elias Ayub
-Disculpe joven, sabe por donde puedo encontrar a la señora de los tacos? -Por su puesto 😂😂🙈
03 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast🏡
Why do people have Peter Navarro on TV?
03 Aug, 01:50 PM UTC
Jake Sherman
Reminder: Peter Navarro hasn’t been in a single meeting with Pelosi/Schumer/Mnuchin/Meadows
03 Aug, 02:22 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
I don’t think there’s ever been a trade advisor quite as trashy and as corruptly stupid as Peter Navarro. What a greasy douchebag.
03 Aug, 01:55 PM UTC
Steve Redmond
Peter Navarro just called Trump the Working Class President. I bet those working class people who lost their jobs and their 600 a week would beg to differ. Fake President Enemy of the People
03 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast🏡
I’m still traumatized from that cnn peter Navarro interview, that guy works in the White House.
03 Aug, 03:28 PM UTC
Aaron Rupar
Peter Navarro pushes unproven and potentially deadly hydroxychloroquine treatments on CNN, says in response to doctors' objections, "My view of this now is doctors' opinions are a dime a dozen." @atrupar's photo on Navarro
03 Aug, 01:59 PM UTC
chicos hot 🔥🇨🇴
Miren a sebastian Navarro esta perrita que se las da de muy hombrecito, y es una putica regalada 💶💵💸 Rt🔃 y subo vídeos de el🔥
02 Aug, 11:18 PM UTC
An Ethical Donald
Stephen Miller, Mark Meadows, Kayleigh McEnany, Marc Short, Peter Navarro, Amb. Robert O’Brien & Kellyanne Conway have all violated the Hatch Act since May. Amidst a global pandemic and bad poll numbers WH staff is breaking the law to keep Trump in office.
03 Aug, 01:31 PM UTC
CNN Chile
Navarro pedirá intervención de la ONU ante violencia contra comuneros mapuches
02 Aug, 09:43 PM UTC
Dan Pfeiffer
Peter Navarro is a dishonest idiot. Everyone has known this for years. I don't understand why CNN has him on to discuss the efficacy of therapeutic drugs. He has no expertise in the matter, but the viewers don't know that.
03 Aug, 03:53 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Peter Navarro is a fucking idiot. Stop booking him on your shows. He's an idiot who is going to get people killed by passing on ridiculous and dangerous medical advice. Is that what you want? For some less than smart person to see that moron on your show & follow his advice?
03 Aug, 05:49 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Peter Navarro says that "Hydroxychloroquine works better than Remdesivir." This is a flat out lie. #mondaythoughts #MondayMotivation #mondaymorning @AynRandPaulRyan's photo on Navarro
03 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
Professor Igor Guedes 🇧🇷
A reportagem do Fantástico é a coisa mais absurda do mundo: "as postagens de Leonardo eram compartilhadas pela namorada dele: Vanessa Navarro"!! Porra, se é pra namorar que seja alguém que apoie suas ideias. É muita vergonha! #GloboLixo
03 Aug, 11:51 AM UTC
Five days ago John Berman finally cut Peter Navarro off because he wouldn’t stop saying “China virus” to be intentionally racist. Today Navarro was invited back on CNN. There are no consequences for lying or being racist. You will always have a media platform.
03 Aug, 01:44 PM UTC
chicos hot 🔥🇨🇴
Sebas Navarro🔥 • • psdt se va ha partir el guebo con el lava manos niño😂
03 Aug, 02:59 AM UTC
Steve Redmond
Dear Peter Navarro: China didn’t say the virus was going to just disappear. China didn’t discourage wearing a mask for months China didn’t make a mess of testing in March China didn’t hype ineffective drugs China didn’t DEMAND states reopen early. #TrumpVirus Fake President
03 Aug, 03:39 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Peter Navarro, call your office. Hydroxychloroquine not effective, time to 'move on:' White House coronavirus testing chief Giroir #mondaythoughts #MondayMotivation #mondaymorning
03 Aug, 03:01 PM UTC
Derek Cressman
Peter Navarro is fake news. CNN keeps putting him on. Which means, CNN really does air fake news.
03 Aug, 05:08 PM UTC
Before the Gym Kat Dior @KatDiorOfficial Dillon Diaz @DillonDiaz11 Draven Navarro @Draven_Navarro Full Video here:
02 Aug, 11:31 PM UTC
Salvemos La Universidad Nacional - La U Pública
El decano de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional, doctor Ricardo Navarro, pide Matrícula cero y Mínimo vital para el estudiantado universitario y presupuesto para Salvar la Universidad Nacional y la Educación Pública. Salvemos la Univeridad Nacional. Salvemos la Educación Pública
03 Aug, 08:26 AM UTC
Tania Valentina Díaz🏠😷
🔴Las Brigadas Internacionales de Comunicación Solidaria del PSUV presentan: CORONAVIRUS "Bitácora de la Emergencia Global" • INVITADOS 🇨🇱Alejandro Navarro 🇧🇷Paulo Pimenta • MODERA 🇻🇪Tania Díaz 🗓️HOY 3 DE AGOSTO 🕑 2:00 PM • Conéctate
03 Aug, 02:29 PM UTC
Victoria Brownworth #SaveTheUSPostOffice
#BREAKING There is no such thing as the "China virus," no matter how many times Trump, Pompeo and Peter Navarro say it.
03 Aug, 05:12 PM UTC
con Dios todo, sin el nada.
03 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Christopher C. Alberto
Peter Navarro is pushing unproven & potentially deadly hydroxychloroquine treatments on CNN. He is confident in all matters he sets out to bamboozle you about. He’s a practiced con man like his boss. Exhibit #1:
03 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Peter Navarro Throws Shade at Microsoft Amid TikTok Reports: 'Can We Trust Any Company that Operates in China?'
03 Aug, 03:17 PM UTC
Si @toquimendez hay: Romina Manguel Victor Hugo Morales Roberto Navarro Gustavo Sylvestre Cynthia Garcia Diego Brancatelli La lista queda abierta, para sumar Porquerias del Seudo-Periodismo.
03 Aug, 01:46 PM UTC
Dean Baker
How about for being outright crazy? Navarro once went off about how China deliberately spread the virus here to undercut our economy. If CNN is looking for crazy lunatics to fill air time, there are plenty of drunken people on the street who are more articulate
03 Aug, 05:27 PM UTC

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