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gg! Pinky 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Nayoung nanhis 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @girlgrouparea's photo on nayoung
04 May, 11:50 AM UTC
For Jieqiong
Nayoung is crying so hard when jieqiong showed up 😭
04 May, 11:48 AM UTC
i miss u my girls....💔💔 seeing nayoung cry when kyulkyung video called really breaks me..they went thru so much together...i really hope they are now at a better place in their career that only gets better forwards 🥺💕 @miwon17_'s photo on nayoung
04 May, 12:00 PM UTC
🍒; yeollercoaster
Nayoung is crying while Kyulkyung is saying her message to the fans and the members 😭😭 @fiercelyapink's photo on nayoung
04 May, 11:50 AM UTC
『원빠원』 Yubseyo | I.5.I
Nayoung is crying a lot while connected with Kyulkyung. And Kyulkyung forgot some Korean
04 May, 11:49 AM UTC
no like nayoung and jieqiong have been through so much together i can’t
04 May, 11:58 AM UTC
remeDY | I.5.I DAY
04 May, 11:47 AM UTC
I.O.I BR | I.5.I - Yes, I love it
📷 • 04.05.21 | Nayoung, Chungha, Somi e Sejeong chegando no local da reunião!
04 May, 07:09 AM UTC
taq I.5.I
LMAO THEY CALLED HER STONE NAYOUNG and Nayoung was like BANNED BANNED BANNED (that word is Banned)
04 May, 11:12 AM UTC
『원빠원』 Yubseyo | I.5.I
Nayoung continued: It's regretful our fans don't have a fandom but hopefully we can see you on stage and until then please give us love (she called the fans 앙둥이들)
04 May, 11:45 AM UTC
remember last time when nayoung said yeonjung is her happy virus and Jieqiong who was sitting all the way on the other end shouted “WHAT ABOUT ME UNNIE? WHAT ABOUT ME?” *cries* 🥲
04 May, 11:32 AM UTC
『원빠원』 Yubseyo | I.5.I
Nayoung: We said let's meet after 5 years and now that it happened, I felt that the time really is fast. Watching the old VCR's also made me think we were pretty and young, also I'm thankful I was able to meet the members. Thank you for the fans and...
04 May, 11:45 AM UTC
nayoung’s promoting imitation at the ioi reunion OUR VIEWERSHIP WILL BE ABOVE 1% UNLIKE KD
04 May, 10:14 AM UTC
Memory Horizon
210504 IOI 5주년 나영, 소미, 채연, 연정 퇴근 프리뷰 @nayoung_lim95 #임나영 #나영 #NAYOUNG #limnayoung @THEBLACKLABEL #theblacklable #전소미 #소미 #SOMI @dia_official #DIA #채연 #정채연 #CHAEYEON #JUNGCHAEYEON @WJSN_Cosmic #우주소녀 #WJSN #연정 #YEONJUNG #YOOYEONJUNG
04 May, 12:31 PM UTC
Cₓᵢᵢ 🦋🐰
Nayoung and Kyulkyung have been together from trainee days to pd101 to IOI and Pristin 😭 But now they can only meet through video call 😭 #아이오아이 #I5I_YesILoveIt #5YearsWithIOI #TheDownpourHasPassed #내리는_비가_끝이났다
04 May, 12:04 PM UTC
it's really the fact that jieqiong probably didn't notice that nayoung was crying i'm just in so much pain
04 May, 11:57 AM UTC
I.⑤.I 리더 임나영 (STILL LNY)
I lost it here. Nayoung breaking down upon seeing her baby Jieqiong. She basically raised her and being apart from her must be so painful. 😭😭😭😭
04 May, 12:09 PM UTC
gg! cara berhenti nangis gimana sih? inget mereka menghabiskan masa remaja dan dewasa bareng sama Pledis Girlz terus tau-tau d word dan sulit buat ketemu bareng. Lihat ini kerasa banget Nayoung kangen Jieqiong.
04 May, 12:04 PM UTC
Nayoung’s instagram update: Thank you to everyone who congratulated us on our 5th Anniversary. A miracle-like day today was possible all thanks to the fans who had been waiting for us🙏🏻 I love you❤️ #I5I_YesILoveIt #5YearsWithIOI #TheDownpourHasPassed #내리는_비가_끝이났다
04 May, 12:43 PM UTC
gab I.5.I
nayoung never imagined that in five years she wouldn't be with jieqiong anymore
04 May, 11:59 AM UTC
@girlgrouparea Nayoung pasti kangen bgt sama jieqiong. Mereka trainee bareng dr 2010, ikut produce, debut bareng di IOI, debut lg di pristin. Baru meniti karir, terus grupnya didisband. Skrg pun susah mau komunikasi karena jq di china dan banyak app yg dibanned 😭
04 May, 11:55 AM UTC
I.O.I BR | I.5.I - Yes, I love it
Fotos que apareceram 1°: foram em um café e depois para casa da somi 2°: Yoojung foi para Tailândia sozinha e Chaeyeon estava lá com a família 3°: Nayoung estava em Busan com a família e sua mãe avistou Chaeyeon e Chungha.
04 May, 11:02 AM UTC
𝕞☽ | medical licensing exam📚
nayoung cried during kyulkyung video call for ioi 5th anniv :( pledis is so cruel for this, still can’t forgive them for disbanding pristin and separated them when they’ve grown up and struggled together
04 May, 11:52 AM UTC
gg! nayoung crying broke my heart🥺 nayoung pasti kangen banget kyulkung... mereka trainee bareng dari 2010, ikut produce bareng dan debut bareng di i.o.i juga pristin. ga lama debut eh pristin malah di d word 😞 pasti nayoung kangen banget banget sama kyulkung apalagi (cont)
04 May, 12:18 PM UTC
The way nayoung cried when jieqiong appeared in the call... did she not know she’s there..? Like was it a surprise..? I mean.. my heart 😭😭😭
04 May, 11:55 AM UTC
️ ️
they called her stone nayoung and nayoung "BANNED BANNED BANNED" @prstaq
04 May, 12:53 PM UTC
[IG] Nayoung's (nayoung_lim95) Instagram update #Sejeong #김세정 #세정
04 May, 12:50 PM UTC
Panda🐼 I.5.I❤️
Nayoung’s IG story❤️ One last ‘Yes I Love It’ from the event and even “Ang! Ang! Ang! Fighting!” 😭❤️
04 May, 12:47 PM UTC
Panda🐼 I.5.I❤️
Nayoung’s Instagram update❤️
04 May, 12:41 PM UTC
210504 임나영 아이오아이 5주년 퇴근 🚐💕 #임나영 #ImNayoung #イムナヨン #林娜榮 #나영 #Nayoung #ナヨン #娜榮 #아이오아이 #IOI
04 May, 12:56 PM UTC