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Elizabeth Warren
The House passed the #SaveTheInternet Act to restore #NetNeutrality, & @senatemajldr buried it in his legislative graveyard. The internet doesn’t belong to giant companies – it belongs to all of us. I’m joining @SenMarkey & @SenateDems to demand a vote for a free & open internet. @SenWarren's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:39 PM UTC
Rep. Eric Swalwell
86% of Americans agree across party lines that we need to restore #NetNeutrality. Over 2 months ago I voted for the #SaveTheInternetAct but we are still waiting for action from @senatemajldr. Raise your voice and tell the @SenateGOP that you want a vote now. @RepSwalwell's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:19 PM UTC
Ed Markey
Senate Democrats demand Leader McConnell bring legislation to restore #NetNeutrality to the floor for an immediate vote https://t.co/XHHJ9VqrYm
11 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Sen. Maria Cantwell
The House of Representatives voted to restore #NetNeutrality protections two months ago, but the bill has gone to die in Leader McConnell's legislative graveyard. Today I'm calling on him to bring it up for an immediate vote. #SaveTheInternet https://t.co/CJtgZyhcuw
11 Jun, 03:47 PM UTC
(((Rep. Nadler)))
Over 85% of Americans agree that we need to restore #NetNeutrality rules. It's been more than 2 months since @HouseDemocrats passed the #SaveTheNet Act - yet @SenateMajLdr refuses to take action. We must keep up the fight for a free and open internet! @RepJerryNadler's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
Ron Wyden
One year ago today, Trump’s FCC repealed #NetNeutrality, stripping away protections for consumers and putting Big Cable in the driver’s seat. @senatemajldr has the opportunity to restore internet freedom for every American by passing the #SaveTheInternet Act. @RonWyden's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:43 PM UTC
Sheldon Whitehouse
Without #NetNeutrality, internet providers can slow down or block the web content you want while favoring other stuff that makes them more money. That’s not fair. Tell @SenateGOP it’s time to vote on the #SaveTheInternetAct to restore net neutrality NOW. @SenWhitehouse's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
So #NetNeutrality is trending again ... does this mean we're all dying or not dying this time? I can't keep it straight.
11 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
Rep. Barbara Lee
Leader McConnell, it has been 2 MONTHS since the House passed the #SaveTheNet Act. The American people are waiting for you to call a vote to restore #NetNeutrality! @RepBarbaraLee's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:55 PM UTC
Senate Democrats
We can’t let @SenateMajLdr McConnell just leave #NetNeutrality in his legislative graveyard. Watch Senate Democrats demand a vote on the Senate floor on the #SaveTheInternet Act to restore a free and open internet. https://t.co/kkc3SGHvLL
11 Jun, 03:31 PM UTC
Ed Markey
.@SenateGOP just blocked a vote in the Senate on #NetNeutrality, but this fight is far from over. Raise your voice and tell Senate Republicans that you want a vote on the #SaveTheInternet Act. We can’t let @SenateMajLdr McConnell bury #NetNeutrality in his #LegislativeGraveyard. @SenMarkey's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:10 PM UTC
Sherrod Brown
86% of Americans support #NetNeutrality. But today, @SenateMajLdr blocked a vote on the #SaveTheInternet Act because he sides with corporate interests. @SenateDems will keep fighting for a vote because we side with the vast majority of Americans who want a free and open internet. @SenSherrodBrown's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:17 PM UTC
Martin Heinrich
Millions of you have called for restoring #NetNeutrality. Today, Senate Democrats are demanding @senatemajldr McConnell bring the #SaveTheInternet Act up for a vote — the American people want a free and open internet. Please keep up the grassroots pressure! @MartinHeinrich's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:46 PM UTC
Today is the one year anniversary of the day the FCC's #NetNeutrality repeal went into effect. Since the repeal, we've seen lawsuits, state action, and a preview of what an Internet without protections will look like. https://t.co/R2hugZFvU6
11 Jun, 03:08 PM UTC
Mike Doyle
When the House passed my #SaveTheNet Act, I was pleased we took an important step to restore #NetNeutrality rules. It’s been two months – and the Senate is still sitting on its hands. We have to keep pushing forward and demand the Senate take a vote on this bill! @USRepMikeDoyle's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Chris Van Hollen
Democracy reform, gun background checks, climate action. McConnell is turning the Senate into a legislative graveyard and today, he buried another bill: #NetNeutrality. Speak out and demand a vote on the #SaveTheInternet Act, which will restore a free and open internet. @ChrisVanHollen's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:31 PM UTC
Rep. Mark Pocan
When the FCC repealed #NetNeutrality, my constituents made their support for the free and open internet very clear. I was proud to vote for the #SaveTheNet Act earlier this year, and now it is time for the Senate to take action! @repmarkpocan's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:44 PM UTC
Congresswoman Madeleine Dean
Americans have made their support for #NetNeutrality loud and clear. The House passed this bill two months ago. I urge all Americans to support @SenateDems and contact their Senators and urge them to have @senatemajldr take a vote on the #SaveTheNet Act. @RepDean's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:02 PM UTC
James E. Clyburn
I support the @SenateDems demands today for a vote on the #SaveTheInternetAct to restore #NetNeutrality. Restricting internet access by any means is wrong. The Senate should join the House in voting for a free and open internet. @WhipClyburn's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 03:59 PM UTC
Jesse Ventura
One year ago, big cable helped kill #NetNeutrality, giving ISPs control over what we see & do online. Today, we fight back. Go to https://t.co/UlQm1rERVk to support the all-day livestream w/ @fightfortheftr @RonPlacone & more. Tell Congress to restore Net Neutrality!
11 Jun, 01:08 PM UTC
Common Dreams
On One-Year Anniversary of #NetNeutrality Repeal, Over 100 Groups Demand McConnell Immediately Allow Vote on Save the Internet Act https://t.co/SPh36P9v5A "Americans want and deserve enforceable protections that preserve net neutrality." https://t.co/U9wDMoiV4o
11 Jun, 11:23 AM UTC
American Library Association
Libraries, our patrons, and our communities depend on a free and open internet for research, learning and information sharing. Along with 100+ orgs, ALA urges the Senate to hold vote on #SaveTheInternet and restore #NetNeutrality. https://t.co/iA833DafI8 @ALALibrary's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 02:32 PM UTC
Fight for the Future
Notorious telecom shill @SenatorWicker outright lying on the Senate floor right now claiming that #NetNeutrality is about "regulation of rates" even though rate regulation is explicitly NOT included in the #SaveTheNet act or the 2015 open Internet order. https://t.co/YNEnycyOGm @fightfortheftr's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 04:04 PM UTC
Ron Wyden
@senatemajldr Republicans want American consumers to believe that the sky isn’t falling by repealing #NetNeutrality. Here’s the reality: these changes hurting consumers won’t come all at once. Big Cable is making them in steady, creeping ways hoping they go unnoticed. #SaveTheInternet
11 Jun, 04:44 PM UTC
Nolan Gray
A remarkable museum of bad #NetNeutrality takes, for which there will be no credibility consequences. https://t.co/cvRgIpANVW
11 Jun, 05:33 PM UTC
Greg Price
You were wrong. Broadband speed is up by 40% with more access to fiber in than in any other year. #NetNeutrality https://t.co/QnQppmdsQT
11 Jun, 05:24 PM UTC
Sen. Maria Cantwell
Whether for online medicine, an emergency room, or a college student studying in their dorm room, #NetNeutrality is critical to ensuring a free and open internet. #SaveTheNet @SenatorCantwell's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
Fight for the Future
We're LIVE NOW with Mike from @github explaining why #NetNeutrality is so important to web developers and the Internet ecosystem https://t.co/h3nTcOGQYD
11 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Alma S. Adams
It’s been more than 2 months since the House passed the #SaveTheNet Act - and the Senate has yet to take action. We cannot wait any longer to restore #NetNeutrality!
11 Jun, 03:54 PM UTC
Rep. Jennifer Wexton
86% of Americans agree across party lines—we need to restore #NetNeutrality rules. It's time for the Senate to take a vote on the #SaveTheNet Act. Let's do the right thing for all Americans and ensure a free and open internet. @RepWexton's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
Common Cause
It’s imperative that every member of Congress regardless of party stand with their constituents—not @comcast, @ATT or @verizon—by voting ‘YES’ on the #SaveTheNet Act to fully restore #NetNeutrality. Call on your lawmakers to support the #SaveTheNet Act! https://t.co/UVHqgcRJwM @CommonCause's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 06:00 PM UTC
Fight for the Future
Join the livestream and take action for #NetNeutrality at https://t.co/YNEnycyOGm @fightfortheftr's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC
Should #NetNeutrality be restored?
11 Jun, 06:06 PM UTC
🔥FireGoddessBeth #Warren2020🔥🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈✌🖖✊💥💙
This is what happens when the #FCC and @senatemajldr effs us! #NetNeutrality This was extremely foreseeable. https://t.co/dFd89GDSxa
11 Jun, 06:13 PM UTC
Francella Ochillo
One year after the #NetNeutrality repeal went into effect, we delivered over 3.5 million pro-net neutrality petition signatures. #SaveTheNet #DigitalRights https://t.co/LLkaMQeG20
11 Jun, 06:27 PM UTC
Francella Ochillo
Advocates from @demandprogress @NHMC @18millionrising @CommonCause @ConsumerReports @fightfortheftr @freepressaction @PENamerican @publicknowledge & @WIFP gathered on Hill to remind Senators that #NetNeutrality is not a partisan issue. #SaveTheNet https://t.co/mBu7MTCbvU
11 Jun, 06:23 PM UTC
Boing Boing
LIVESTREAM: US Senators attempt to reverse the repeal of #netneutrality https://t.co/7hYzAshZRd @BoingBoing's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
Spencer Karter
Click here to tell your Senators to vote for the #SaveTheInternet Act to restore #netneutrality. #FDT #TheResistance https://t.co/Cb7A1sHSHB
11 Jun, 06:29 PM UTC
@poeticlargess @RonWyden @senatemajldr We're lucky that the bad things haven't happened (yet). The removal of #NetNeutrality gives extremely powerful corporate entities the freedom to screw over consumers for more profit, and trusting them not to do so is a worse bet than trusting any of Trump's kids to pay a bar tab.
11 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
Can you imagine having to upgrade just to access Facebook or Netflix? No thanks! #NetNeutrality https://t.co/xuU1DJlNgf
11 Jun, 05:39 PM UTC
"Every day that passes without Congress acting to restore net neutrality, the things people love about the internet are slowly fading away." -Evan Greer @fightfortheftr Do you support efforts to restore #NetNeutrality? Tell your reps→https://t.co/nQLe9iJmEZ #SaveTheNet @countable's photo on #NetNeutrality
11 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
#DoYourJobMitch #NetNeutrality #SaveTheNet https://t.co/Ks64c1zsdA
11 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Dollar Bill
@Holden114 And today the federal investigation of the big Internet companies began! #NetNeutrality #internet
11 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Mass. Pirate Party
#netneutrality would end this behavior, which is why the advocates of economic concentration hate it - AT&T Lets Users Avoid Broadband Caps...If They Use AT&T's Own Streaming Service https://t.co/Zw62Dzd8xE
11 Jun, 05:38 PM UTC
Thomas A. Schatz
#NetNeutrality was repealed one year ago. The internet is thriving, investments in new broadband networks are increasing, and access speeds are improving. https://t.co/RiVKXlsfP9
11 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
Mountains Over Meadows - Stop Extremism in NC-11
@RepMarkMeadows is allowing internet companies to censor and manipulate us. We can stop them: https://t.co/jPfeemUrMf #battleforthenet #netneutrality #savethenet
11 Jun, 06:44 PM UTC
⚔️Kᥱᥣιᥲh Thee Fed Up⚔️
he won’t but #SaveTheNet #NetNeutrality https://t.co/eWS7SKLIQY
11 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
. T H R E A D . . . . #NetNeutrality #SaveTheInternet . 😠🇬🇧 https://t.co/Zv9fR2iP0J
11 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
YES! Magazine
It's been one year since the FCC's #NetNeutrality rollbacks went into effect. Here's how internet co-ops can help. https://t.co/apNxItqDZX
11 Jun, 06:42 PM UTC
Democrats press Mitch McConnell to take up #NetNeutrality bill The Net Neutrality issue isn't going to go away. https://t.co/NKJQQq7bRJ via @Verge
11 Jun, 06:41 PM UTC