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T🔆nito 𓅓 | Readings Closed. 🙏🏽
☔ Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces: When the Sun sets today and the New Moon in Taurus rises tonight, there will be a Cosmic reset. This is a great time to cast all your fears and mistakes away and prepare for new beginnings in love, wealth & health. 🌙 ♉
11 May, 11:07 AM UTC
Princess of Peace
Type “The blessing I will receive from the new moon in Taurus is_____” and allow your guides to finish the sentence!
11 May, 12:55 AM UTC
Kemi (they/them)
this new moon i set the intention to cultivate a better relationship with money.
11 May, 06:17 PM UTC
iya eh-hee-may
New Moon in Taurus at 21° Opportunity finally arrives in loads. All you gotta do is say yes.
11 May, 06:06 PM UTC
jeni 👼🏽
🌸🌚taurus new moon tonight🌚🌸 journal prompts to assist with this beautiful transit— • over the next three months, i aim to accomplish: • over the next two years, i aim to accomplish: • a financial goal i aim to meet by august: • five things i adore about myself:
11 May, 02:29 PM UTC
Sailor Star ✨
Good morning to Taurus, Pisces, and Sagittarius placements only. The new moon will be affecting you the most today 💖
11 May, 03:27 PM UTC
rae | readings CLOSED 🌺
💌 new moon in taurus // cancer, pisces, scorpio pt 1 — financial abundance coming your way, reward, unexpected gift — family issues may be resolved, connection — you may be presented with a choice — a new start in love is coming... cross your t’s and dot your i’s
10 May, 11:52 PM UTC
Rude Astrology: The Knowledge No One Else Has.
New moon in Taurus. Growth is when you're no longer angry at yourself for having flaws because you realize your flaws are not holding you back from fully living, your fears are.
11 May, 06:33 PM UTC
sarah ♡
the new moon in taurus is calling us to rest
11 May, 05:27 PM UTC
Kemi (they/them)
this new moon i set the intention to cultivate a better relationship with food.
11 May, 06:18 PM UTC
Today’s Taurus New Moon occurs at 21º and is a remarkable, albeit subtle lunation that we need to pay attention to. With both luminaries conjoined in the Moon’s exaltation, we’re called to now plant the seeds we wish to see grow, ensuring they bear the fruits of our labour.
11 May, 05:50 PM UTC
🥀jayoshé crystals🥀
new moon in taurus affirmations: •money flows to me easily freely & abundantly •my financial worth is always increasing •I easily attract healthy abundance •everything I touch turns to gold •my business is prosperous + successful •I am stable in all aspects of my life 🧿
11 May, 06:42 PM UTC
new moon 🪴 aries, libra, capricorn, cancer you're about to be hit with so much inspiration, passion, & new beginnings, that it will take you aback a bit! you have been through the wringer lately, & this new moon will bring you towards what will make you happy & make you feel-
11 May, 06:22 PM UTC
happy lunar return/new moon to my fellow taurus moons 🌱🌱🍓🍓🍒🍒
11 May, 07:42 PM UTC
If you have a website, business or new project you want to launch do it under the Taurus New Moon. This is one of the most favorable energies for long term success! 💸💵💵💸💸 @MysticxLipstick's photo on New Moon
10 May, 10:58 PM UTC
Naked Numerology
🔮Cancer – You will feel an urge to broaden your horizons at the New Moon in stable Taurus. Luck, opportunity, and solutions are heading your way. Your friendship zone is revitalized lighting up your social life. Your hopes and dreams may receive a boost with Mars in your sign.
11 May, 02:57 AM UTC
tonight is the first new moon since the release of young heart 🌕 i'll be going live on my instagram for my latest new moon series episode at 7:30pm bst. hope you can make it, I’ll be performing around the campfire under the new moon light✨
11 May, 05:40 PM UTC
Taurus placements, especially Taurus risings, can benefit tremendously from this New Moon in Taurus. Over the next 2 weeks, you may see an increase in your self-love and an improvement in the way you speak to yourself. You may also see an increase in your finances & assets. ♉️🌑
11 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Anna Pepe ☽☾
reminder that you can manifest on this new moon, or you can release, or you can rest & do nothing. there’s no right or wrong answer, & you & your body know what’s best. if you’re feeling called to rest, rest! if you’re feeling called to manifest or do a releasing ritual, do it!
11 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Don’t forget the energy of the New Moon sets the tone for the next two weeks.
11 May, 07:59 PM UTC
dee • 💌 • readings open
smol new moon msgs based on my msgs coming up later ✨ 💧water💧 » self care; take a moment to be with yourself 🔥 fire 🔥 » manifest; make your thoughts your reality 💨 air 💨 » take action; go after things you want 🌱earth🌱 » time to move on; use healthy coping strategies
11 May, 01:38 PM UTC
Jessie Wolfe 18+
New moon messages for water signs 💧
11 May, 12:20 AM UTC
Hannah ♡ readings open
✨🌜 NEW MOON IN TAURUS 🌛✨ —— May 11, 2021 2:59 EST —— It's time to manifest! Let's use the fresh and fertile energy brought about by the new moon to finally bring in what it is that we've been desiring. Since this will be occuring in the sign of Taurus you can amplify —
11 May, 12:29 AM UTC
ℓєggу 🌿
New moon manifestation spell ☁️ So with this powerful new moon in Taurus happening tonight, it’s an amazing time to manifest, especially material things. As some of you know, I made my own spell paper to aid in my manifestations. If you would like to be included ⇩
11 May, 05:41 PM UTC
laura 💫 readings open
🌑 new moon self care theme for the signs (sun, moon, rising) 🌑 ♈︎: dance ♉︎: intuition ♊︎: meditate ♋︎: sync with the moon ♌︎: spend time with animals ♍︎: look for fairies ♎︎: use your hands ♏︎: connect with your womb ♐︎: connect with crystals
11 May, 08:35 PM UTC
Randa⚡️ *Readings open June 1*
Tonight in honor of the new moon I will be lighting a candle to bring in self love, romantic love , platonic love and love from all areas so drop your name and I'll add you to the spell❤️ I'll post the ritual when it's ready!
11 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Happy New moon in ♉️ time to plant and grow those intentions🪴 This right here ( plus a whole lot of monster toy content 🦑) is a sneak peak of what will be on my OF after my 500+followers give away ✨✨✨Will you sub🥰?
11 May, 07:00 PM UTC
laura 💫 readings open
🌑 new moon general messages for cardinal signs: aries, libra, cancer, capricorn (sun, moon, rising) whatever you've been worried about, it's soon coming to an end. after the new moon finally passes you'll be feeling less worried and scared and step by step you will be feeling
11 May, 09:52 PM UTC
Goddess Jadey♡
just did a new moon ritual. don't be surprised if you see me looking sexier, richer and more devastatingly irresistible tomorrow 💜 it's all in the malachite baby. ••findom finD finsub ebonydomme success where••
11 May, 08:30 PM UTC
Q (DL Thug Passion)🇿🇦🏳️‍🌈🔞
Good morning. The new moon in Taurus takes you deep into your closest relationships and also your emotional self. It's a great time for inner work, perhaps meditating, writing in your journal, or a simple ritual to connect you with both your inner self and the energies around you
11 May, 08:48 AM UTC