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NY AG James
The Supreme Court's ruling to strike down New York's requirement for concealed carry in its gun licensing law is incredibly disappointing. But I want to reassure New Yorkers that our basic gun laws remain intact – it is not open season for carrying guns in public.
23 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
Governor Kathy Hochul
In response to this ruling, we are closely reviewing our options – including calling a special session of the legislature. Just as we swiftly passed nation-leading gun reform legislation, I will continue to do everything in my power to keep New Yorkers safe from gun violence.
23 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
Tim Young
Hey New Yorkers... go legally buy guns and ammo.
23 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
NY AG James
We are currently reviewing the decision from the Supreme Court on New York's ability to regulate who can carry firearms in public. But we will continue to do everything in our power to protect New Yorkers from gun violence and preserve our state's common sense gun laws.
23 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
Steven Beschloss
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Supreme Court that decided New Yorkers need more freedom to use their guns. Another sad day in America.
23 Jun, 03:07 PM UTC
NY AG James
Make no mistake: This decision will not deter us from standing up to the gun lobby and their repeated efforts to endanger New Yorkers.    I vow to use the full force of my office to protect New Yorkers and American families.
23 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
A whole lot of New Yorkers tired of their state's gun laws being determined by just one city are about to go shopping.
23 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC
New York Governor Kathy Hochul called the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on concealed handguns ‘reckless’ and ‘reprehensible.’ She told New Yorkers, ‘I'm sorry this dark day has come’ https://t.co/h8ASspvJrY @Reuters's photo on New Yorkers
23 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Libertarian Party
We don't rely on constitutions, laws, or court rulings as the primary basis for our right to keep and bear arms. Even if those things never existed, that right is a moral imperative for ALL individuals. Including New Yorkers!
23 Jun, 05:27 PM UTC
Gov. Kathy Hochul called the Supreme Court ruling to overturn New York's concealed gun law “frightful in its scope.” “This decision isn’t just reckless. It’s reprehensible. It’s not what New Yorkers want.” @politico's photo on New Yorkers
23 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Mayor Eric Adams
Put simply, this Supreme Court ruling will put New Yorkers at further risk of gun violence. We have been preparing for this decision and will continue to do everything possible to work with our federal, state, and local partners to protect our city. https://t.co/rLvU0gs6zi
23 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Jeremy Loffredo
The first 3 judges to preside over the NYC teacher vax mandate case owned 100’s of thousands of $ worth of Pfizer stock — I interviewed the teacher leading the charge against the city & asked New Yorkers if unvaccinated teachers should be allowed to work https://t.co/VsaP1Drvft https://t.co/hm9kbYydcQ
22 Jun, 09:22 PM UTC
Jeffrey Wright
NYC’s population is greater than that of Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho & Nebraska combined.  New Yorkers have to be subject to their 12 backward Republican senators on the Second amendment & other things. This is unsustainable. And they whine about tyranny.
23 Jun, 07:48 PM UTC
Governor Kathy Hochul
Today's Supreme Court ruling reminds us how important it is to continue pushing for common sense laws that help keep New Yorkers safe.   I'm proud to sign Alyssa’s Law to strengthen school safety. Our children are counting on us, and I'll leave no stone unturned to protect them. @GovKathyHochul's photo on New Yorkers
23 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Starting TODAY, we are offering vaccination to eligible New Yorkers who may have been exposed to monkeypox. ➡ More on the announcement: https://t.co/P1XFjaIWfK ➡ More on monkeypox and scheduling a vaccination appointment: https://t.co/hR9Yuw1w2G @nycHealthy's photo on New Yorkers
23 Jun, 04:04 PM UTC
Randi Rhodes
100 years of law wiped out in the blink of an eye by 6 Conservative Justices. SIX overrule millions of New Yorkers. Weapons in Times Square, Yankee Stadium, in the hands of domestic abusers. What could go wrong? https://t.co/VEvBu8sRGj
23 Jun, 02:50 PM UTC
Claudia Tenney
Thank you @GavinWax! This is not only a win for New Yorkers, it’s a win for every American citizen! https://t.co/lbbckVwAde
23 Jun, 06:15 PM UTC
The Legal Aid Society
"That the Mayor visited Rikers Island and did not take responsibility for the deaths of nine people who have died in city custody this year, including the two New Yorkers since Sunday, is both irresponsible and callous." https://t.co/KnlfQ4ONjj
23 Jun, 12:22 AM UTC
Bob Lonsberry
All the Supreme Court did today was make it easier for law-abiding New Yorkers to carry a gun. Law-breaking New Yorkers have been doing so very easily for a long time.
23 Jun, 09:05 PM UTC
Our Revolution
We are proud to endorse @JumaaneWilliams for #NYGOV and @AnaMariaforNY for Lt. Gov! They are the ONLY candidates who support the NY Health Act, taxing the wealthy, making CUNY tuition-free, and NOT evicting New Yorkers. Election day 6/28 but early vote ends this Sunday! @OurRevolution's photo on New Yorkers
23 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
Mike Kilo
Hey, New Yorkers — your state’s bar association and its attorneys don’t recognize your right to self defense. Your only “right” in their view is to block a bullet or a knife with your body. And now you can’t even buy body armor. https://t.co/NaxFYTAbFP
23 Jun, 05:10 PM UTC
The Legal Aid Society
"...it would amount to a historic disservice to both public safety and the best interests of New Yorkers for Albany to reproduce a regulatory scheme that perpetuates the same disparate outcomes yielded under the previous law..." https://t.co/HtVwksleFO
23 Jun, 04:05 PM UTC
Xochilt Rodriguez
New Yorkers are less safe because government continues to be soft on criminals. When will law abiding citizens' lives matter? https://t.co/IODDn9kwmj
23 Jun, 05:43 PM UTC
Diane Reddington
@GovKathyHochul @Laura_Ding_ It is outrageous that New York ever passed such a law in the first place - denying New Yorkers their full 2nd Amendment rights!
23 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
David Beaver
Hey Whoopi Goldberg, its not sticking the middle finger up at New Yorkers its sticking the middle finger up at idiots like you and the crying dummy Dems. Here"s my middle finger pointing at you Whoopi Goldberg hahahahahahahahah
23 Jun, 09:14 PM UTC
hippo mode jake
@v_sp___ who'd have guessed - new yorkers dont know what dirt bikes are
23 Jun, 09:12 PM UTC
Jacob 🇺🇸
Progressives are a stain to the idea of progress itself. Today is tangible progress. New Yorkers have been guaranteed their constitutional right to carry firearms. If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. It sure as hell isn’t the product being sold by “progressives” https://t.co/aS211b2xCU
23 Jun, 09:11 PM UTC
Chad Schwartz
@politico She has NO CLUE what New Yorkers want!!!!!
23 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
Idiot governor Holchum declared war against gun owners while she supports cashless bail, ignores & even supports DAs releasing criminals who committed gun crimes & is soft on crime. New Yorkers have a prize winning governor who really is a loser as are all DemonicRAT politicians.
23 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
David Bellamy 🇬🇧
https://t.co/jf6w9Q5Ao5 ‘People of color are also particularly at risk — Black New Yorkers are twice as likely to die from hot weather as their white counterparts’ Now do excess cold deaths @politico Spoiler alert - US deaths from extreme cold are 8 times that of extreme heat.
23 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC