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David O'Brien
Newk can just be sailing along...and then the bottom drops out. I mean, it comes apart so quickly for him. I don't know that we'll see him have a 7-inning, 2-3 runs allowed game. It's all or nothing.
01 Aug, 12:39 AM UTC
Mark Bowman
With three question marks within the rotation, it's harder to immediately move Newk back to the pen. The roster will still be at 30 for his next turn and at 28 for the couple turns that follow. This would allow them to use the piggyback approach with him for a few weeks.
01 Aug, 12:44 AM UTC
Turning Newk into a 1, maybe even 2, inning weapon out the pen is still valuable. It’s incredibly valuable actually. I’m for that.
01 Aug, 12:47 AM UTC
Mark Hampton ™ ✭ (4-3)
The line on Newk: 4.1IP 6H 6R 6ER 1BB 4K : 8.22ERA
01 Aug, 12:50 AM UTC
Andrew Spivey
Hey @Braves as bad as you don’t want to burn service time for Ian, you have too if you want to win. Ian will give better starts than Newk. Newk and Folty both need the same help.
01 Aug, 12:54 AM UTC
Know what makes it easier to move Newk to the bullpen, where we know he can actually succeed? Having Tuck, Anderson, and Muller at your disposal. Doubt them all you want, be hesitant to start their clock, whatever... but orgs that want to win take the fucking risk.
01 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
Tommy Poe
You're going to hear all about how life would have been different had Newk not lost it or Conforto being called out on strikes.
01 Aug, 01:17 AM UTC
Gill Baldwin
@mlbbowman Newk as an opener. Three innings and out
01 Aug, 01:25 AM UTC
Austin Riley’s Rakes
@FreddieStubble When we pulled Newk, we were already losing. Chacin had two good outings prior to tonight. He got touched up and it got out of hand. It happens.
01 Aug, 01:23 AM UTC
Peter Da Sports GAWD
@DOBrienATL Newk is a bullpen guy. Good for short stints. He can't get thru the order twice without getting in trouble, smh.
01 Aug, 12:52 AM UTC
Joshua Betts
Tyler Matzek is EVERYTHING we want Newk to be #Braves
01 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
Bonnie Watson❤️🖤
@TBSBraves @TheRealHampton4 Newk was definitely better coming out of the pen.
01 Aug, 12:58 AM UTC
Brañdoñ O'tiñger
@DOBrienATL Looked so promising for newxombe too starting out. But alas when rhe least little thing goes foul for him, it totally implodes. The newk experiment at starting pitcher should not continue into 2021.
01 Aug, 12:56 AM UTC
Brañdoñ O'tiñger
@DOBrienATL And amazing how this.seems to always happen when rhe braves blow prime scoring opportunities of their own in the direct preceeding half inning. Newk should be done as a starter, hopefully the braves have learned their lesson from folty about giving long leashes.
01 Aug, 12:52 AM UTC
What if we flipped Chacin and Newk. Let chacin start and let Newk be the Piggyback?
01 Aug, 12:49 AM UTC
Chris Damato
@DOBrienATL After tonight it's safe to say Chacin isn't the answer either. Newk was looking better til he blew up in the 5th.
01 Aug, 01:32 AM UTC
Tim O thee
@MeganMorgan295 I’m hoping for today. I love Newk as much a the next guy, but he’s a bullpen piece.
01 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
Coach Megañ Fried
When does the Newk starting experience end?
01 Aug, 01:29 AM UTC
@BravesFromLA I have more faith in him than Newk and Touki
01 Aug, 01:28 AM UTC
John Raynor (J-Ray)
@report_baseball @DOBrienATL I try not to rip Snit. But bringing in a mop up guy in a one run game and then letting him allow 7 runs only 4 outs, which included throwing him back out there after he gave up 5 runs the prior inning (3 charged to Newk) when your team just scored 3 runs to get back. Deflating.
01 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Scott Carasik
So Newk sucks. Folty sucks. Let’s trade for a good pitcher.
01 Aug, 01:20 AM UTC
Atlañaa “Will Moose” Braves (4-3) 🔥⚾️
They need to make a damn rule that if you take the pitcher out the pitcher who comes out should get those runs. But 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 anywho, newK still looked good tonight.. just wasn’t th best. Tighten it up and he has some v dirty pitches
01 Aug, 01:11 AM UTC
🦁Jordy Acuña🦁
@dylanxshort I think you clear that by reaching the conclusion that Wilson has never looked good in any situation outside of AAA, Touki could potentially find a relief job, and Newk, if nothing else, has proven that he’s a reliable relief option.
01 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
Chance Williams
@BravesClayton I agree, Snit screwed that up. But what I’m getting at is hopefully this shows AA that Newk is middle reliever. I mean we saw how short a leash Folty had.
01 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
@cdub_6119 I get it but Newk wasn’t killing us, pull him and bring in one of the elite relievers we have and keep it moving. You don’t bring in Chacin with bases loaded in a 3-2 game
01 Aug, 01:02 AM UTC
Jim Young
You see this with young, talented pitchers: Wright, Touki, Wilson - they can look lights out for 2-3 innings. But the next step in maturation is figuring things out when it gets bumpy. Newk’s in his 4th season and he hasn’t cleared this hurdle. Feels like bullpen is his destiny
01 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Chance Williams
@BravesClayton Same way AA won’t find us someone to replace Newk and now Folty in the rotation. Yeah I know Newk had 3 great innings, but this is exactly what happens every time. One thing goes against him and it just snowballs
01 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
🦁Jordy Acuña🦁
@dylanxshort I’ll always love Newk because I can see the greatness. He lost it in the 5th, but the offense also screwed the pooch on getting run support. Just don’t understand why we have to shit on Newk, yet consistently see praise for Touki, Wilson, and to a lesser degree Kyle Wright.
01 Aug, 12:58 AM UTC
@TalkingChop one day I hope the #Braves and Snitker realize Newk isn’t a good option once 3-4 innings in, don’t just leave him out there. Happens every time. I really get the feeling Snitker is too stubborn to pull guys when they first show signs of falling out.
01 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
Newk gonna Newk #ForTheA we need pitching ASAP
01 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC

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