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Ensaf haidar ⚜️🍁
Don't be fooled by Pro-Sharia Islamists in North America. They may want u to believe they r saddened by the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks, but fact is they cant disguise the triumphant spring in their step. Now, they'll milk sympathy and play victim while pushing their Islamist agenda
15 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
George Galloway
I have watched the video. I beseech you not to. It will darken your heart perhaps forever. It is a Satanic act of evil. It is not a video-game it is foul pornography most base. Please do not watch or share it. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 09:49 AM UTC
“You’re my friend. I will keep watch while you pray” A British man stood in front of a mosque today in Friday prayers in Manchester and wrote this beauty on a painting, How beautiful it is to live without racism. ❤️ . New Zealand #christchurch #NewZealandMosqueAttacks roose's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 06:44 PM UTC
Whether it's a mosque, church or a mandir....the blood that flows in attacks like this is the same, that of our humanity...let's end this hatred and let there be just love...please #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 09:44 PM UTC
Just heard about #NewZealandMosqueAttacks though the trend should be #NewZealandTerroristAttacks obviously - thoughts and energy to the families, as useless as we all feel just tweeting sympathy when tragedies happen I'm sure we'd all want the world to acknowledge if it was us...
15 Mar, 12:30 PM UTC
Mir Mohammad Alikhan
They Are Not Terrorists ? 27 Muslims dead. 60 more injured in #NewZealandMosqueAttacks but the government will not call it a terrorist attack. A white Christian man can never be a Terrorist ? Only Brown Muslims are ? This inequality creates further terrorism.
15 Mar, 06:20 AM UTC
Mir Mohammad Alikhan
Ahmad Kills: The Damn Terrorist. Hang him. Interview his cousins,neighbours, childhood friends & his cat. Michael Kills: Poor Mentally Disturbed Guy. He is being examined. Please give his family and friends privacy to deal with this tragic moment. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 06:39 AM UTC
Qasim Rashid, Esq.
While you try to destroy mosques, I will always work to defend churches. Always. Quran 22:40-41 commands Muslims to *Protect* churches from attack. All Churches. Let’s stop hate & stand together against terrorism. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/02sAjPc5nf
15 Mar, 12:11 PM UTC
Issa Amro عيسى عمرو 🇵🇸
Baruch Goldstein was an American-Israeli physician, religious extremist, and mass murderer, who perpetrated the 1994 Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, killing 29 Palestinian Muslim worshippers. History is repeating it self in #NewZealandMosqueAttacks ,hate speech triggers violence. https://t.co/goHwQGaSm7
15 Mar, 09:09 AM UTC
Haqeeqat TV
سوال اتنا ہے کہ دنیا میں کسی نے کہا کے یہ کرسچن دہشت گرد ہے؟ سب کہہ رہے ہیں کہ یہ ایک شوٹر ہے۔۔۔ #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 07:00 AM UTC
Sana Amin
I am a Muslim. ISIS kill me in Syria and Iraq. Jews kill me in Palestine. Hindus kill me in Kashmir. Bhuddists kill me in Burma. Christians kill me in Afghanistan and Africa. An Australian kill 50 muslims in New Zealand. But still i am the TERRORIST. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
Pooja Singh 🇮🇳
Dear Intellectuals ,Media and Liberals , Let's not use the word #Islamophobia in #NewZealandMosqueShooting As we all knows "Terror has no religion" #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealand
15 Mar, 06:28 AM UTC
Ayushmann Khurrana
#NewZealandMosqueAttacks #prayers 🙏🏻 https://t.co/4ZdZO1IkfJ
16 Mar, 05:17 AM UTC
Raza Ahmad Rumi
Let’s not forget that #NewZealandMosqueAttacks and other acts of terrorism are a direct result of white supremacist ideology (the violence linked to so-called revolutionary white power). About time the Western societies did something instead of hunting ’terrorists’ elsewhere.
15 Mar, 05:33 PM UTC
☭ Comrade Dostam ☭
Dear Muslims , no Indian politician condemned #NewZealandMosqueAttacks .. •Except comrade S Yechuri •
15 Mar, 11:10 AM UTC
Haqeeqat TV
دنیا کی تاریخ کا ایک اور سیاہ ترین دن۔۔۔۔ #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 06:47 AM UTC
A Somali father holds the dead body of his four year old son who was among those killed in New Zealand mosque attack yesterday. Heart breaking. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Siasat.pk's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 04:47 AM UTC
Dunya News
دومساجد میں اندھا دھند فائرنگ، پوری دنیا اور مغربی ممالک پر سکتہ طاری،آسٹریلوی دہشتگرد نےدرندگی کو فیسبک پر لائیو نشر کیا ، مزید جانیے اس ویڈیو میں #DunyaPrograms @DunyaKKKS @pmln_org @PTIofficial @MediaCellPPP #Christchurch #NewZealand #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #Islamophobia Dunya News's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 05:52 PM UTC
Qaiser NAWAB
A Somali father holds the dead body of his four years old son who was among those who have killed the mosque attack in New Zealand 🇳🇿. Terrorists have no religion. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NZMosqueShooting #Islamaphobia Qaiser NAWAB's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 06:52 PM UTC
nazia hassan
#NewZealandMosqueAttacks Who is terrorist? Who is killing innocent Muslims? nazia hassan's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Mohsin Sharif
Two angels standing with Muslims outside the #OaklandIslamicCenter #PeacefulMosques 😭❤️ #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Mohsin Sharif's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 08:44 PM UTC
Fahad Malik
Hypocrisy on peak. #NewZealandShootings #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Fahad Malik's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:28 PM UTC
Noshi Gilani
A good message for Muslim immigrants ..... #Islamaphobia #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Noshi Gilani's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:00 AM UTC
Emre Uslu
The map and the result of of nationalist history construction in the Balkans and Erdoganists reaction to it: same sh. different smell #NZMosqueShooting #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/kRU67LFVmt
15 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
Paras Jahanzaib پارس جہاں زیب
Brenton Tarrant (A Terrorist) making a sign shamelessly to the camera during his appearance on a charge of murder for Christchurch mosque massacre in the District Court, Christchurch, New Zealand. #BrentonTarrant #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #ChristchurchMosqueShootings Paras Jahanzaib پارس جہاں زیب's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 04:36 AM UTC
Achi Larki💕
A Somali father holds the dead body of his four year old son who was among those killed in New Zealand mosque attack yesterday. Heart breaking. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Achi Larki💕's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
Stand Up To Racism
Join us tomorrow on the streets and in #solidarity with the Muslim community at the New Zealand High Commission. Assemble 12 noon Park Lane #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NoRacismNoFascism #WorldAgainstRacism https://t.co/3V6YiG9fGq #Unions4Unity Stand Up To Racism's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 09:45 AM UTC
Nabi saw mengajarkan kepada kita supaya membaca qunut nazilah apabila ditimpa musibah. Ayuh kita bacakan kepada saudara kita. #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Muzuza's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 04:09 AM UTC
Muhammad Khubaib Usman🇵🇰
😢Horrified to see the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks,my heart goes out to the families of the victims. The terrorist Live streamed the massacre. 👉👉Do you notice that world's media is not calling them terrorists but shooters. @BBCWorld @worldhuman_care #StopViolenceAgainstMuslims https://t.co/BH18AMJEkU
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
Hodan Nalayeh
Narratives that promote hate towards #Muslims & #Islam create monsters who justify cruelty to other human beings. May Allah have mercy on the victims and grant speedy recovery to the wounded victims of this terrorist attack #Christchurch #NewZealand #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:09 AM UTC
Please don't call him a "gunman" or "shooter" because he is a TERRORİST. Indeed, terrorist isn't moslem or christian. Terrorist doesn't have religion, they don't deserve to have it. #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealandMosqueAttack mellan's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 01:59 AM UTC
Did any of our political celebrities tweet about the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks ? I am sure no one cares.
15 Mar, 12:03 PM UTC
Now you understand why RACISTS South Africans and Rhodies are comfortable relocating to #NewZealand #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:17 AM UTC
Akeela Ahmed MBE
Thank you to @JBrokenshire for his phone call sharing his absolute horror at #NewZealandMosqueAttacks and unequivocal reassurances for #BritishMuslims that the government stands with them against #AntiMuslimHatred Police are liaising with mosques around UK before Friday prayers. https://t.co/bGo0jXD0Ri
15 Mar, 11:19 AM UTC
Qari Asim MBE
#NewZealandMosqueAttacks No words to describe...so much pain so much blood. 49 dead in #terroristattack at two #mosques. We must remain united against #hatred #Islamophobia #AntiImmigrant sentiments https://t.co/JbVV7Jm2ZA
15 Mar, 08:35 AM UTC
Arab News
#BREAKING: Palestinian sources indicate that a number of Palestinians were amongst the victims of the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/W9OQg5TQpX Arab News's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 11:47 AM UTC
! s h u #TMG
Ye jo kuch log 😒 #NewZealandMosqueAttacks par Jashn mna rhe hai aur hans rhe hai na #Insaniyat naam ki chiz hi nahi hai unme 😔 #NewZealand #cristchurch #NewZealandTerroristAttack 😢
16 Mar, 04:49 AM UTC
Mr Cure 🌿
😭🙏 Just in few days! This is really SAD. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #lagosbuildingcollapse #EthiopianAirlinesCrash #IbadanBuildingCollapse https://t.co/H0M1ospzTE
15 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC
A post made by the man who orchestrated the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks on March 12th shows the writings on his gun. Why isn’t anyone talking about the sickening amount of people who knew this was going to happen, and did nothing? Pray for #NewZealand PrettyBitchosaurus's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 11:29 PM UTC
Whether it's a mosque, church or a mandir....the blood that flows in attacks like this is the same, that of our humanity...let's end this hatred and let there be just love...please #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 10:01 PM UTC
*United for Christchurch Mosque Shootings* Proceeds will help with the immediate, short-term needs of the grieving families. Donate at the link ❤️ https://t.co/DzpXV5VVYv #NewZealandShootings #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealandStrong #NewZealandTerrorAttack
15 Mar, 11:02 AM UTC
Faraz Ali
Now all christians will be called terrorists?? As they used to say All Muslims are terrorists on the basis of single person #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZeland
15 Mar, 12:10 PM UTC
khushnoor Mirza
@YunusSamajwadi @narendramodi @myogiadityanath @SushmaSwaraj @manzaryaar @shadabSP_786 @Pontifex ज़रा पता करो भाई जिस मस्जिद में अटैक हुआ है वो मस्जिद कौन से जमात की थी ? क्यूँकि हमारे मैक्सिमम स्कॉलर यही तालीम आजकल लोगों के दिमाग़ में भर कर पूरी कम्यूनिटी को कमज़ोर कर रहे है #NewZealandMosqueAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #Christchurch
15 Mar, 12:09 PM UTC
Dün cuma namazında şehit edilen Wassem kardeşimiz, Allah rahmet eylesin Wassem terör saldırısında 4 kurşunla kızı ise 3 kurşunla şehit oldu.İslam;Barış kelimesiyle özdeş,Bizi bu duruma düşürenleri ve terör destekçilern Allaha havale..#NewZealandMosqueAttacks handuyar's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:36 AM UTC
Faizel Patel
#NewZealand Look at this moron. #PrayForNewZealand #NewZealandShootings #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #Muslims #Christchurch Faizel Patel's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:04 PM UTC
Eemahw (Dr.)
The New Zealand shooting massacre...... to be honest i am speechless... another tragic news is all i can say for now. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace . Ameen #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 09:16 PM UTC
ihjas ahmad🐦
Different standards for the same act of violence. #TerrorismAgainstMuslims #NewZealandMosqueAttacks ihjas ahmad🐦's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
Hasinio05 🎲⚽️
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un ...... this is one of the saddest picture i have seen 😢😢 #NewZealandMosqueAttacks @MailOnline https://t.co/jmRrrFrrGy
15 Mar, 12:10 PM UTC
qurat ul ain junaid
People very easily labelled muslims as terrorists but these same people are using the term "mentally sick" for the real terrorism.. did it not cause terror????? #NewZealandAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/HAnIN0Tp6f
15 Mar, 12:05 PM UTC
Orhan Güneş
camide ibadet halinde içlerinde çocukların da olduğu 49 müslüman cani bir hristiyan terörist tarafından katlediliyor; ülkemizin ana muhalefet partisine göre bakın suçlu kim? #NewZealandMosqueAttacks Orhan Güneş's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:57 AM UTC
Monira Hisham Al-Kuttab
💔 #NewZealandMosqueShooting #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealand_terrorist_attack #NewZealandAttack #NewZealand https://t.co/P4a1klbFu6
15 Mar, 12:10 PM UTC
IG: Lordcicil
Inalillahi wa innaillaihi rojiun. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealandMosqueShooting sedih se-sedih sedih nya. apa salah saudara muslim kami ya Tuhan? 🙁
15 Mar, 06:15 AM UTC
Michael Vine
Twelve operation theatres working on the wounded. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:08 PM UTC
Mahmood Alhosain
At least 49 people were killed in a in terrorist attacking at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was live-streamed on Facebook by the murder himself. #NewZealandTerrorAttack #New_Zealand #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:04 PM UTC
🍂 ملك
Müslümanların, müslüman ülkelerin basiretsizliğine bir sebep; #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/5legYw7pXZ
16 Mar, 06:02 AM UTC
niyazi kocadağ
"De ki; Ey kâfirler yenileceksiniz ve toplanıp cehenneme sürüleceksiniz" Allah’ın gazabı üzerinize olsun... #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 06:01 AM UTC
💔🇺🇸This is what hate crimes do- bring all the people together, not drive them apart.. This woman does New Zealand proud. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks https://t.co/dJuN6hRfvA
16 Mar, 06:00 AM UTC
Namatullah Kadrie
Two petitions. One calls for #Anning's resignation, whilst the other incredibly calls for his appointment. Pet 1: https://t.co/EvXzCM3pww Pet 2: https://t.co/8JSJLm0bEt #NewZealandMosqueShootings #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealandShooter
16 Mar, 06:00 AM UTC
#gwalior सीट गवा रहे है @BJP4India अगर नेता नही बदला @narendramodi @AmitShah @ChouhanShivraj #MainBhiChowkidar #NewZealandShooting #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealandShootings #NewZealandTerrorAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #NewZealand #SaturdayMotivation #Dalal_List @nstomar
16 Mar, 05:59 AM UTC
ali akbaş
#AyasofyaİbadeteAçılsın ki öz geri dönsün Fatih’in mübarek ruhu orda görünsün #5816SayılıKanunKaldırılsın #NewZealandMosqueAttacks @RT_Erdogan
16 Mar, 05:58 AM UTC
Cemşit Yılmaz
@amelikturkes @seyhanylmaz13 Bu şekil çok sayıda güzel insanlar var dünyada. Toptancı “Müslüman terörü, Hristiyan terörü, Yahudi, Hindu terörü “ demek aşırılıktır. İfrat tefrite girmemek gerek. #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
16 Mar, 05:58 AM UTC
Poruka za tebe
Oni (šehidi) dodjoše čisti na Onaj svijet, a oni (ubice) nemaju kud pred Boga. #NewZealandTerrorAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #neverforgetsrebrenica
15 Mar, 12:10 PM UTC
Who the hell is @PewDiePie?? #NewZealandMosqueAttacks ThatGirlAtTheParty's photo on #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:10 PM UTC
when you get ppl like Tommy Robinson, Hopkins spouti g their racist shite and politicians turning a blind eye to islamophobia you fuel these fascist psychopaths, this attack could have easily happened in the UK #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:07 PM UTC
Zeeshan Ali Khan
نیوزی لینڈ کی مسجدوں میں جس نے گولیاں برسائیں ہیں وہ کوئی دہشت گرد نہیں بلکہ صرف ایک ذہنی مریض شوٹر ہے۔ لہذا اس کا علاج کروایا جائیگا۔ دہشت گرد تو وہ ہوتا ہے جو مندر اور چرچ پر گولیاں برسائے۔ امن کے ٹھیکیداروں کو اس منطق پر ہمارا سلام #Muslims #NewZealandMosqueAttacks
15 Mar, 12:05 PM UTC

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