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Nottingham Forest FC
🔴 This is how #NFFC line-up for today's game against @ReadingFC, brought to you in association with @BetBright. Nottingham Forest FC's photo on #nffc
12 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Keep the faith... YOU ARE OUR STRENGTH ⚪️🔴 #nffc #coyr Guy MOUSSI's photo on #nffc
12 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
Paul Taylor
This has been an awful #nffc performance. Awful. Worst of the season by a mile. Including Millwall. The final whistle will be a mercy.
12 Jan, 04:50 PM UTC
Nottingham Forest FC
83' Reading 1-0 #NFFC: Forest are down to nine men as Tendayi Darikwa is shown a straight red card for a lunging tackle just inside the Forest half
12 Jan, 04:42 PM UTC
Nottingham Forest FC
Goal for Reading (Robinson OG 87') Reading 2-0 #NFFC
12 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Not being funny but if you left Simon Ireland in charge of a bonfire, I'm sure you'd have a flood on your hands within 15 minutes #nffc
12 Jan, 04:53 PM UTC
East Midland Reds ©
Danny Fox. Absolute disgrace to the club. Sent off and he hasn’t made one fuckingg challenge. It’s ok though, he’ll be singing in the Away end next week. Get fucked #nffc
12 Jan, 04:24 PM UTC
Whenever I put an item of clothing on that contains the #NFFC crest and 2 stars on it, I automatically feel a sense of utter pride, that wont EVER change. It would a welcome change if some of the people being paid to wear them showed an ounce of passion and pride the fans do!
12 Jan, 05:09 PM UTC
Harry 🇵🇹🕊
Waking up at 8am & travelling 3 hours to watch us lose to 2nd bottom Reading 2-0 whilst having no manager, scoring an own goal, getting 2 red cards, and being taunted by Reading Fans is what being a Forest fan is all about. Come. On. You. Reds. #nffc
12 Jan, 10:17 PM UTC
Frankie Syson🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Outplayed✅ Outsung✅ Outnumbered🙄✅ BY FUCKING READING😭🖕🏻. #nffc
12 Jan, 05:33 PM UTC
Found a bank card near turnstiles at Reading (away end). Name on the card is Master Henry Winter. Please RT to get back to rightful owner #nffc
12 Jan, 03:11 PM UTC
Andy Brown
Just back from Reading. I’ve seen us lose from Yeovil to Newcastle, but I think that was the worst. They were useless, clueless, heartless and undisciplined. For the first time ever I left with 5 mins to go. What an embarrassing away day! #nffc
12 Jan, 08:32 PM UTC
Dan 'NFFC' Phillip
Oh look, all the Danny Fox haters are back!! Bumming him one week, hating him the next!! Typical fickle #Nffc fans! 🙄 Had a bad game & he gets so much hate!! Honestly, some of the tweets I’ve seen from “fans” have been disgusting towards him!! Shameful!
12 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
Michelle Palagano
Everyone who travelled to Reading should get a refund #nffc
12 Jan, 04:55 PM UTC
Fight! 👀 // @AndyYids @liammoore93 #readingfc #nffc (📸:Focus) readingfclens's photo on #nffc
12 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC
The City Ground, 1977. #nffc #nffcarchive jesuspete's photo on #nffc
12 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
EFL Stats
EFL Championship top teams - GW27 Pass accuracy 1 Reading 84% #Reading 2 Brentford 81% #BrentfordFC 3 Swansea 80% #Swans = Nottingham Forest 80% #NFFC 5 Aston Villa 79% #AVFC 6 Bristol City 78% #BristolCity = WBA 78% #WBA #EFLstats #pass #EFLChampionship
12 Jan, 08:02 PM UTC
Sara Brown nffc
How long do u think we’ve spent over the last few years in this no mans land when we have no manager in place!?Feels all too often and very frustrating!!! I don’t care AK has only just gone! Get the new manager in and on that training pitch ! #nffc thanks
12 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
Tom Wardle
It is rumoured that Derby County have responded to the recent spygate scandal by employing the services of Clinton Baptiste to remote-view all future opposition. #DCFC #LUFC @realclintonb #NFFC Tom Wardle's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 02:39 AM UTC
Matthew Chadwick
@NFFC @ReadingFC Maybe if you hadn’t forced out the best manager we’ve had in years, today would have gone better, @NFFC. Perhaps your treatment of @Karanka, against the wishes of the supporters, should be the basis of today’s apology. #nffc
12 Jan, 07:13 PM UTC
Neil Cooper
Defensively, really paying the price for poor recruitment. Can't rely on ageing Dawson, Darikwa would fit in well at Notts, Hefele is a big lump, just one left back in the squad and Fox is played as he's the only one fit. Yet we sent Worrall on loan!? Rubbish #nffc
12 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
#NFFC fans... Slavisa Jokanovic, Martin O'Neill & Carlos Carvalhal are reported to be on the three-man shortlist to be your next boss. Which one would you prefer? @NFFC @SeatPitch @Nffcfamily @danielstorey85
12 Jan, 05:40 PM UTC
Nottinghamshire Live Sport
Forest begin life without Aitor Karanka with 'worst performance' of season in front of owner Evangelos Marinakis #nffc https://t.co/yV6tKkr0WZ
13 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
And that is why you are a clueless tw*t! #NFFC https://t.co/TofdIXlneW
13 Jan, 12:27 AM UTC
Nottingham Forest LFC
🎟 Ticket Price Guide ahead of tomorrow’s #ForestLadies game. 👉 Bring a friend or the whole family for a great afternoon out. #NFFC #Nottingham #FAWNL Nottingham Forest LFC's photo on #nffc
12 Jan, 09:35 PM UTC
Dylan Green
So in two days we loose our manger, then get linked to Rowett🙃 then loose 2-0 to one of the worst teams in the league and have two men sent off but apart from that everything’s normal at #Nffc
13 Jan, 06:56 AM UTC
Cameron Clark
So training has been lax for a few week? That doesn't sound like AK left with him integrity. You're paid to do a job so you get on with it. Even if I'm not happy in my job, I'll still do the job to the best of my ability until i leave. #nffc
13 Jan, 08:03 AM UTC
Josh Yeatman
Give him the #nffc job. Now https://t.co/lb2sXOyxJk
13 Jan, 07:55 AM UTC
tom burt
And Danny Fox as captain he should set an example not get involved in hand bag stuff and behave like a child. We have a better centre half on loan at rangers why don't we pull him back #nffc
13 Jan, 08:14 AM UTC
#nffc will start to slide down the table and I can hear it now...that’s what you get for getting rid of Karanka. No,it’s Karankas poor signings and his approach and style to football that will make us slide down. Karankas mess will take two years to fix. So many average players
13 Jan, 07:59 AM UTC
Joe Need
#nffc just need to get an experienced manager in ASAP. @DTguardian’s tweets offer an explanation for multiple recent poor performances if training has been so poor. Marinakis has more money to spend if needed. We know this squad has the quality to beat anyone. Come on Forest!
13 Jan, 07:30 AM UTC
Tim Fletcher #FBPE
@nottmtails Where to start? Pants should save first goal (identical to goal Swift scored against Forest last year, did anyone watch a video?). Fox irresponsible, never be capt. Cash falls over like a toddler. Murphy first touch non existent. Yacob Colback Osborne only 1’s to turn up. #nffc
13 Jan, 06:48 AM UTC
Peter Stephenson
Pace and power throughout the team. That is what we lack #nffc
13 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Jonno Reilly
Paolo Sousa always pops up. Wonder if there's anything in it this time... #nffc
13 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
Paul Taylor
A tough 24 hours had taken a toll. Reaction from a bad, bad day in Reading #nffc https://t.co/8Xt11jG8sR
13 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
How can n e1 accept apologies from Simon Island, I'm sorry but he didn't have a clue, he had no strategy, he had no relationship/communication with the players & when Foxy was sent off he totally lost it, he should never have been put in charge, Gary Brazil next game pls. #nffc
13 Jan, 08:27 AM UTC
@keithbut83 ‘forest fans rip Keogh to bits’ not true.......anyone that has seen him including Derby fans rip him to bits!!! #nffc #dcfc
13 Jan, 08:27 AM UTC
NFFC TrentEnd
#NFFC Some Nottingham Forest fans react to the Reds' dismal 2-0 defeat against Reading https://t.co/zHzha8oA8E
13 Jan, 08:04 AM UTC
The Brian Clough Way
I’m surprised Slaven Bilic has not been linked with the Forest vacancy. Takes no nonsense from players and speaks his mind. Did well for Croatia and West Ham #nffc
13 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
Colm O'Sullivan
Disappointing day put in Berkshire. Too many players lost the head today, their frustration at the week's events very evident. We need a manager, and soon. #nffc https://t.co/WPmZ5wxqSY
13 Jan, 07:25 AM UTC
neil marshall
@nffc2009 #nffc fans had this knowledge when he brought the club, but most chose not to believe it, I’m guessing his honeymoon period is coming to an end
13 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Reading FC search for first win since November when they take on managerless Nottingham Forest - Reading Chronicle #NFFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship https://t.co/1wkUsK1yQm
13 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Eric Tamra
@C_E_Matthews @ReadingFC @QuestTV They got thier "analysis" straight from the BBC match report which was from another salty #nffc fan as it bore no resemblance to the #readingfc performance. Really lazy @QuestTV
13 Jan, 05:03 AM UTC
Steven Hardy
Don't worry fellow #nffc fans in 10 yrs time when we're about to play Real Madrid in champions league we will look back on this past week and see it as the turning point to our success #keepthefaith #foresttilidie
13 Jan, 04:57 AM UTC
The Football Schedule
🗣️ GergMitch from #NFFC fan group Forza_Garibaldi: "I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes, but it's not good enough." 📺 Watch The EFL Goals Show at 12pm on Sky Sports Football The Football Schedule's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
Its old its getting worse. Time to get another club, NFFC.. YOUVE DESTROYED MY LOVING FEELINGS. #NFFC
13 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
Sky Sports Football
🗣️ @GergMitch from #NFFC fan group @Forza_Garibaldi: "I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes, but it's not good enough." 📺 Watch The EFL Goals Show at 12pm on Sky Sports Football Sky Sports Football's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
Really hope the Sousa links are a load of bollocks. #nffc
13 Jan, 08:42 AM UTC
Mike Crichton
After so much optimism & positivity @NFFC at beginning of season, yesterday's debacle @ReadingFC was so disappointing. As a hardened #NFFC fan I can take a lot but...! When you take the ballast out of a boat, it rocks & can sink. I hope we don't. #stillbelieving #COYR Mike Crichton's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC
Wayne Cooper
Please don't be Paulo Sousa 🙈 #NFFC
13 Jan, 08:35 AM UTC
Luke Hawksley
Injured: Dawson Hefele Figirido Banned: Fix Darikwa Available: Janko Robinson (Janko, Yacob, Robinson, Osborn) 🙃🙃🙃 #nffc
13 Jan, 08:32 AM UTC
Chris Jordan
@LeedsMeTV @GrahamWebb4 @LUFCDATA I preferred the way he played v #NFFC on 1st Jan 👍🏼
13 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC
James Ross
@Arnold_Angler Ha ha, touché! Born at City Hospital in Nottm, and the hockey pays the bills. Enjoy your day, hope for an improved #nffc soon.
13 Jan, 08:29 AM UTC
tom burt
@JoeWorrall5 your parent club needs you #NFFC
13 Jan, 08:29 AM UTC
Red Rob
@FirstCenobite @mynameisneil #NFFC we fans are in our 20th year watching 2nd div footy know what a team going up looks like and we weren’t quite there .We were making progress and believed in the plan .club was better run and crowds up . We knew it would take time .Pls explain why the wheels off again !
13 Jan, 08:28 AM UTC
#NFFC Translation ⬇️⬇️ mark's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:27 AM UTC
Liam Hill
Interested to get other fans thoughts on this. Would be difficult to get him and not sure he'd leave the Blades but Chris Wilder for Forest? Would certainly motivate them and done very well with a pretty ordinary squad (on paper anyway!) at Sheff Utd. #nffc #sufc
13 Jan, 08:18 AM UTC
Has any of our gutless players apologised yet?? No I didn’t think so !! SHAME! #Nffc
13 Jan, 08:17 AM UTC
NFFC TrentEnd
#NFFC 'We're not in the mood':...Some Nottingham Forest fans aren't accepting apologies https://t.co/vUTsqtwJ4z
13 Jan, 08:16 AM UTC
Benji Neil
Paulo Sousa just blindsided everyone, even the Twitter ITK’s didn’t mention him #nffc
13 Jan, 08:11 AM UTC
I see Nigel has moved up to 2nd fave on sky bet. #nffc
13 Jan, 08:11 AM UTC
Talk Forest TV
Reading 2 forest 0 review | Nottingham forest match talk https://t.co/W47Recy6ia via @YouTube #Nffc #REAvFOR #readingfc
13 Jan, 08:10 AM UTC
@mynameisneil Makes you wonder if we can see this problem why the people in charge don’t or didn’t #nffc
13 Jan, 08:08 AM UTC
Forest News App
HITC: 'We're not in the mood':...Some Nottingham Forest fans aren't accepting apologies https://t.co/Ttoxj5w4kp #nffc Forest News App's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:05 AM UTC
Simon Morgan
Sounds like a bad day all round for Nottingham’s professional sports sides yesterday. Think the word to describe the general feeling of supporters is “bleak” before they got to the games and after “f@cking fuming” #NFFC #NottsCounty #PanthersNation
13 Jan, 08:02 AM UTC
⚽️Your Sports News⚽️
CHAMPIONSHIP #NEWS: RT NFFC: 83' Reading 1-0 #NFFC: Forest are down to nine men as Tendayi Darikwa is shown a straight red card for a lunging tackle just inside the Forest half #football #uk ⚽️Your Sports News⚽️'s photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 08:01 AM UTC
TFS Forest
Everyone who travelled to Reading should get a refund #nffc https://t.co/Dmyv9aFoS1
13 Jan, 08:01 AM UTC
Simon Morgan
When your gaffers favoured motivational tool is to walk around with an axe in his hand, seemingly ready to swing but keeps telling you with a smile that he wants you to stay and get the job done what would you do? #karanka #NFFC @Forza_Garibaldi
13 Jan, 07:45 AM UTC
Imagine forcing a manager out who fans loved, had great reputation as player and manager and who’d already been promoted and then replacing him with Rowett who just had the best squad in the league, spent the most money with biggest wage bill and got them mid table!!!! #nffc
13 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
🌳 *shrug 🌳
Here is a thought.... if it’s Promo or nowt...and experience is needed.... Board are waiting for any developments at ......Cardiff 😱 #nffc
13 Jan, 07:22 AM UTC
Tim Richards
Hoping #sydneyfc can do better than #nffc. 6pm kick off is alot better than watching a 2am embarrassment Tim Richards's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC
Reading 2-0 Forest #NFFC https://t.co/4E9NNy43jS
13 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
Tim Wilford
The big day is only 4 hours away #trophex2019 #TheVoiceUK #NFFC #sandownpark #trophystreetbespoke #innovate Tim Wilford's photo on #nffc
13 Jan, 06:11 AM UTC
#nffc interesting comments from fulham fans regarding jokanovic. In their numbers still love him. Get him on board ASAP! https://t.co/DUVUM4hdbA
13 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Why #Alvaro Morata refused to celebrate after scoring against Nottingham Forest - https://t.co/Ey5eWLMLAV #NFFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship https://t.co/48Kul5gmL4
13 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC
For the first time ever in one single season i have had my heart hurt twice #mufc #nffc 💔💔
13 Jan, 04:39 AM UTC
All now the aitor karanka situation has done me seriously the first manager in years who brought the feel good factor back to the club ends up being tossed to the lions i don’t know how we are going to come back from this i really don’t #nffc @NFFC 💔💔💔
13 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC

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