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Ariana Grande
get a load a dis @ArianaGrande's photo on Karlie
30 Mar, 07:02 PM UTC


Tzan Jero
I got catfished: a (really long) thread @JzanVern's photo on Trina
30 Mar, 05:35 AM UTC

Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort is such a funny guy!!! like the things he says are amazing
30 Mar, 04:09 PM UTC

Jack Black

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Coronavirus silver-linings: Jack Black is now on Tik Tok... @RexChapman's photo on Jack Black
31 Mar, 03:44 AM UTC


ช่วงนี้ตอบคำถามเยอะหน่อย อย่าพึ่งรำคาญกันนะ นี่เดี๋ยวหลังจากหมดช่วงนี้กลัวจะไม่ค่อยได้มาตอบ ช่วงนี้ใครอยู่บ้านเบื่อๆว่างๆมาคุยกันได้นะครับ #talkwithbright อะติดแท็กไว้ได้หาง่ายๆ พยายามตอบสุ่มๆมากที่สุดแล้ว ใครที่ผมไม่ได้ตอบไม่โกรธกันนะครับ✌🏾
31 Mar, 06:53 AM UTC

Brooks Brothers

Vanessa Friedman
Brooks Brothers converting NY, Mass and NCarolina factories from making ties and shirts to making masks and gowns. They are making 150,000 masks a day starting now.
30 Mar, 02:56 PM UTC

Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty News
BREAKING: PlayStation Store Germany has LEAKED the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered TRAILER + SCREENSHOTS @charlieINTEL's photo on Modern Warfare 2
30 Mar, 12:12 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
On #NationalDoctorsDay, we recognize the remarkable men & women who treat their fellow Americans, find cures for the diseases & illnesses we face, and never waver in their efforts to treat every patient with the dignity, respect, and empathy they deserve.
30 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC


Hillary Clinton
Most doctors don't go to medical school with the expectation that treating patients will mean putting their own lives on the line. But over the last few weeks, that's what they’ve been doing. On #NationalDoctorsDay, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.
30 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC


𝘉𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘰𝘯 
Mañana arranca la cuarentena día 1 temporada 2
30 Mar, 02:53 AM UTC


Niggas woke up slandering a child & wondering why they losers
30 Mar, 12:00 PM UTC


DeAnna Lorraine🇺🇸
Just went to 2 hospitals in LA to check out these “War Zones” the MSM keeps telling us about.🏥 They are very quiet & EMPTY. We are not being told the truth. Why?? Let’s get #FilmYourHospital trending. We ARE the news now. We can’t trust the news. Post pics of ur hospital here! @DeAnna4Congress's photo on #FilmYourHospital
29 Mar, 07:16 PM UTC

Tomorrow is April

REMINDER: Tomorrow is "April Fool's Day", but never prank anyone that you're #COVID19 positive. It will never be a good joke! @earthshakerph's photo on Tomorrow is April
31 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC

Empire State Building

ABC News
The Empire State Building was lit up like an ambulance tonight in tribute to first responders and medical workers battling COVID-19. The top of the iconic skyscraper was lit red, with revolving red and white lights circling the mast to resemble a siren. @ABC's photo on Empire State Building
31 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC

Rodney Howard-Browne

Jessica De Leon
BREAKING: @HCSOSheriff Chad Chronister announces he has obtained an arrest warrant for Rodney Howard-Browne, the Pentecostal pastor at the River at Tampa Bay Church in Riverview, who ignored social distancing orders and encouraged the packed services held over the weekend.
30 Mar, 05:17 PM UTC


Breakfast at 2pm. Lunch at 6. Dinner at 1am. 👍🏻
30 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC


No Way Jose
My boy V had on sandals and still killed it!! 😂💜 @BTS_twt #BTSONHomeFest #HomeFest
31 Mar, 02:57 AM UTC


คุณจะได้แค่ตัว แต่จะไม่มีวันได้ใจชั้นไปปป!!
30 Mar, 07:29 AM UTC


Candace Owens
Totally understandable. I hate when I mistakenly find a video online that is used within an Italian news story, take the time to download the video onto my computer and then upload and edit it into a news story about New York City. Happens all the time.
31 Mar, 02:45 AM UTC


Meenakshi Joshi
सीधा सवाल है .. मक्का-मदीना बन्द है लेकिन जलसा चालू था क्यों ? #NizamuddinMarkaz
31 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC


2017 탄이 2020 탄이 @btspurplecloud's photo on Tannie
31 Mar, 03:48 AM UTC


Make the Road NY 🦋
"I walked out because @Amazon lied, they told me there was one case in the building and there is actually eleven, so I don't feel safe." We stand with Amazon workers at JFK8 warehouse going on strike to demand protections amid a pandemic. #AmazonStrike #ProtectAmazonWorkers @MaketheRoadNY's photo on #AmazonStrike
30 Mar, 05:41 PM UTC


@ virginians that decided to go to the beach over the weekend, congrats we’re on lockdown until june tenth @aeipqthy's photo on JUNE TENTH
30 Mar, 08:35 PM UTC

Rose Garden

Yamiche Alcindor
A confusing moment just now in the Rose Garden as President Trump suggested something wrong was going on with masks. He said: "Something's going on--you as reporters should look into it. Where are they going? Out the back door."
29 Mar, 10:00 PM UTC


Ian Young
I am approximately 1,000,000 per cent certain that Trump Googled "Seoul" specifically to make this observation and then confused Seoul's elevation for its population @ianjamesyoung70's photo on Elevation
30 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC

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