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Lindy Li
Former President Barack Obama served Thanksgiving dinner at a community kitchen President Joe Biden served Thanksgiving dinner to our brave troops Trump served Thanksgiving dinner to Kanye West and Holocaust denier and white supremacist Nick Fuentes Enough said
26 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Rob Reiner
Nick Fuentes is an unabashed antisemitic Holocaust denier. Donald Trump invited him over for dinner. Enough said.
26 Nov, 03:13 AM UTC
Rob Reiner
Donald Trump said he didn’t know who David Duke was. He said he doesn’t know who Nick Fuentes is. Next he’ll tell us he never heard of Adolph Hitler.
26 Nov, 02:23 PM UTC
Here’s a reminder that Kevin McCarthy is currently promising more power to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was a featured speaker at Nazi Nick Fuentes’s event. It’s not just Trump who has a Nazi problem. It’s the entire Republican Party establishment.
26 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC
Jo 🌻
One of my favorite things about President Biden is that he doesn’t break bread with Holocaust denying, incel Nazis like Nick Fuentes.
26 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Eric Swalwell
Kevin McCarthy can’t denounce Trump’s dinner with known white nationalist Nick Fuentes because if he did, McCarthy would also have to call out his new boss MTG @ericswalwell's photo on Nick Fuentes
26 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Lindy Li
Trump has hosted our nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago He’s hosted Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes He’s hosted a Russian spy posing as a Rothschild heiress He’s hosted foreign agents buying access He’s hosted Kyle Rittenhouse Mar-a-Lago is the biggest active crime scene in America
26 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
Lindy Li
Trump hosted Nick Fuentes but said he didn’t know him He was endorsed by David Duke but said he didn’t know him He raped E Jean Carroll but said he didn’t know her He was close with Epstein but said he didn’t know him The whole world knows he’s lying through his goddamn teeth
26 Nov, 11:09 AM UTC
Chris Christie
This is just awful, unacceptable conduct from anyone, but most particularly from a former President and current candidate. https://t.co/uoWNJLoiwI
26 Nov, 12:19 AM UTC
Elizabeth de la Vega
Don't retweet Nick Fuentes clips. This is not hard, people. When you disseminate vile hatred on a social media website, even if you are doing it to call out the vile hatred, you are disseminating vile hatred.
26 Nov, 01:23 PM UTC
Josh Wingrove
Biden, asked about Trump dining with White supremacist Nick Fuentes: “You don’t want to hear what I think.” @josh_wingrove's photo on Nick Fuentes
26 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
Mike Sington
Mediaite: “Trumpworld is in full-on nuclear meltdown over Trump’s dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes and anti-Semitism spouting entertainer Kanye West, according to leaks from Trump’s inner circle. One figure told NBC News, ‘This is a fu*king nightmare!’.”
26 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
Hugo Lowell
New: President Biden on Trump dining with white supremacist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago, per White House pool in Nantucket: “You don't want to know what I think.”
26 Nov, 08:06 PM UTC
Adam Kinzinger #fella
Let’s let MAGA Benny tell you who Nick Fuentes is, from back in 2019…. The guy trump just hosted for dinner. https://t.co/BvewmPQhUC
26 Nov, 12:57 AM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING: Donald Trump’s former ambassador to Israel condemns Trump meeting with white nationalist antisemite “human scum” Nick Fuentes as “unacceptable” and laughably tells Trump he’s “better than this.” RT IF YOU THINK TRUMP IS NOT BETTER THAN THIS!
26 Nov, 01:07 AM UTC
Wajahat Ali
The GOP had almost 2 days to respond properly to Trump's meeting with known hate-monger Nick Fuentes, and the best they could do was "But Farrakhan..." It's a broken, extremist movement. They will only get worse.
26 Nov, 05:01 AM UTC
Mrs. Betty Bowers
Donald Trump: "Mar-a-Lago is a very secure place for classified documents!" Also Donald Trump: "Nick Fuentes walked into Mar-a-Lago without my knowledge, wandered around the joint, even sat down and had dinner with me, and I had absolutely no idea who is!"
26 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
Dash Dobrofsky
Donald Trump is not the first Republican to solicit the support of America’s pro-Hitler faction. In February, Georgia’s Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at a neo-Nazi rally hosted by Trump’s Holocaust-denying dinner guest, Nick Fuentes. Arizona’s Paul Gosar did as well.
26 Nov, 10:25 PM UTC
Right Wing Watch
Nick Fuentes: "I don't believe in democracy. I do not believe in universal suffrage. I don't support women's rights. I don't support 'LGBT rights.' I believe in race and gender essentialism. I'm a Catholic reactionary. I believe that organized Jewry is extremely influential." @RightWingWatch's photo on Nick Fuentes
26 Nov, 07:17 PM UTC
Southern Sister Resister - Wordsmith #IAmTheStorm
Nick Fuentes: “The Jews had better start being nice to people like us, because what comes out of this is going to get a lot uglier for them…” Following Trump’s dinner with him, Republicans say nothing. Their silence must be considered their consent to anti-semitism. #FreshWords
26 Nov, 02:17 PM UTC
ian bremmer
nick fuentes is the biggest political dipshit you can find (in the united states). i don’t think there actually exists a stupider more hateful character in the public sphere.
26 Nov, 08:15 PM UTC
Buddy Winston
Chris Christie says that Donald Trump having dinner with white nationalist Nick Fuentes disqualifies him from being president. Committing treason, money laundering, fraud, etc didn't do it? Delinquent Dining is the disqualifying act now?
26 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Don Lewis
Nick Fuentes compares Jews being burned to death to putting cookies in an oven. Trump dines with Nick Fuentes. When people show you who they are, believe them.
26 Nov, 11:08 PM UTC
Walker Bragman
We are watching the rise of fascism. Whether they come manicured like Ron DeSantis or unhinged like Nick Fuentes, fascist is what they are.
26 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
KD 📚🌎🌊🇺🇸
Anyone thinking Trump will condemn Nick Fuentes for his beliefs definitely forgot his “very fine people on both sides” comment.
26 Nov, 04:25 PM UTC
Richard N. Ojeda, II
Hey Trumpaloons…..how do you feel about your Orange savior sitting down with White Nationalist Nick Fuentes??? Is trump going full KKK in his next race? Will that even matter to you jackaloons???
26 Nov, 10:35 PM UTC
Gabe Sanchez  - @iamgabesanchez@mstdn.social
Donald Trump had dinner with known white nationalist and anti-smite Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Donald Trump: https://t.co/ZmBeYPcjCw
26 Nov, 09:09 PM UTC
Steve Krakauer
Most Nick Fuentes videos on Rumble get between 1,000 and 2,000 views. Some as low as 200. None more than 3,600 before this month. His video yesterday going viral thanks to the left has 45,000 views. He was literally irrelevant. And now it's the online left that's boosting him. @SteveKrak's photo on Nick Fuentes
26 Nov, 07:16 PM UTC
Chas Man
@MaryLTrump Donald Trump: "Mar-a-Lago is a very secure place for classified documents!" Also Donald Trump: "Nick Fuentes walked into Mar-a-Lago without my knowledge, wandered around the joint, even sat down and had dinner with me, and I had absolutely no idea who he is!"
26 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC
amanda moore aka frank 🐢
Legacy journalists - I have listened to no less than 350 hours of Nick Fuentes since 2017. I am willing to work as a consultant for you, no credit necessary, for the bargain bin rate of $125 hour. Please DM me.
26 Nov, 11:25 PM UTC