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I hope Nick Gilbert woke up feeling dangerous.
14 May, 09:42 AM UTC
Don’t worry Nick Gilbert, there’s always next year.
15 May, 01:00 AM UTC
Hardwood Paroxysm
Cavs fans thought all this time it was Nick Gilbert and it was Griff all along.
15 May, 01:12 AM UTC
DollarDogSports @BIGPLAY
Nick Gilbert is cool but you have to assume the Cavs get the #1 if John Dorsey is sitting in that seat
15 May, 12:57 AM UTC
Cavs sent Nick Gilbert to the lotto again?... Dude gonna win the lotto again
15 May, 12:37 AM UTC
Fred Katz
Turns out Nick Gilbert may not have been the good luck charm. Maybe it was David Griffin
15 May, 12:51 AM UTC
Syrio Ain’t Dead.
Why Nick Gilbert look like Tyrion Lannister #NBALottery
15 May, 12:44 AM UTC
nick gilbert mad asl
15 May, 12:48 AM UTC
Lightskin Jimmy Butler
how many times the Cavs gonna send Nick Gilbert to the draft lottery? lol
15 May, 12:42 AM UTC
Chief Jugo
🔥🔥🔥🔥 1000/10 RT @HPbasketball: Cavs fans thought all this time it was Nick Gilbert and it was Griff all along.
15 May, 01:13 AM UTC
Fred Villarruel
Nick Gilbert looking like @FSUEsquire #NBADraftLottery
15 May, 12:42 AM UTC
David Griffin immediately walks over to hug Nick Gilbert. Speaks volumes about this man’s character. Many congratulations from Cavs fans, even though we are disappointed. Congrats @dg_riff
15 May, 01:12 AM UTC
Peter Hamby
Has anyone GIFed that Nick Gilbert reaction shot yet? (task for you, @nmonroe)
15 May, 01:02 AM UTC
Jon Wilson
Death, taxes and Nick Gilbert representing the Cavs
15 May, 12:41 AM UTC
Unit 91
Why nick Gilbert look lik Armin Zola from the avengers? #NBADraftLottery
15 May, 01:15 AM UTC
Rory Breasail
David Griffin gotta be the luckiest mother fucker alive god damn. Here I was worried about Nick Gilbert like an idiot.
15 May, 01:13 AM UTC
DFA Nick Gilbert asap
15 May, 01:06 AM UTC
Ray Fernando
@cavs Even more painful for Nick Gilbert to give a congratulatory hug to David Griffin. Should’ve never fired him.
15 May, 01:41 AM UTC
Can we officially kick Nick Gilbert out of all NBA lotteries??? He’s a fucking jinx
15 May, 01:39 AM UTC
🅿️ooh 2
@MitchellJensen7 @kylekuzma You still believe it’s rigged? 2 small market teams at the top of the draft, MEM kept their picc from BOS, NY fell to 4, Nick Gilbert took an L. It ain’t rigged!
15 May, 01:32 AM UTC
Ian Casselberry
Dressing like Nick Gilbert out there
15 May, 01:30 AM UTC
Nick Gilbert, thank you for representing us! #BeTheFight
15 May, 01:21 AM UTC
John S
I guess David Griffin is more of a good luck charm than Nick Gilbert. #NBADraftLottery #zionwilliamson
15 May, 01:06 AM UTC
Maybe the @cavs front office should stop using Nick Gilbert as a good luck charm for these draft lotteries. Shit isn’t working anymore.
15 May, 01:04 AM UTC
@BarstoolBigCat The biggest story of this lottery should be Nick Gilbert’s facial hair right?
15 May, 01:04 AM UTC
@KeithSmithNBA David Griffin got the number 1 pick again...lucky charm is not Nick Gilbert its David Griffin!
15 May, 01:02 AM UTC