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The Voice
ATTENTION! 🗣 @nickjonas is taking over #TheVoice Twitter TONIGHT at 7:30PM PST. 😱 Ask him a question using #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice and he may answer you! @NBCTheVoice's photo on #nickjonasjoinsthevoice
09 Oct, 12:55 AM UTC
The Voice
Let’s get this party started!! Tweet me your questions with #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice @NBCTheVoice's photo on #nickjonasjoinsthevoice
09 Oct, 02:35 AM UTC
The Voice
Signing off! I’m in San Francisco tonight for a show and I’ve gotta go get ready. See you guys again soon! #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice @NBCTheVoice's photo on #nickjonasjoinsthevoice
09 Oct, 03:06 AM UTC
The Voice
GET READY! @nickjonas will be answering YOUR questions in one hour! 🙌 #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice @NBCTheVoice's photo on #nickjonasjoinsthevoice
09 Oct, 01:30 AM UTC
Ms.Livi (#HelpMadiFight, #CancerIsCaca)
I was excited about #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice and was going to post, but then got distracted by #helpmadifight. Madi is 15 and she is fighting hard to live. Please RT and consider helping her. https://t.co/pyMEnNYZYr
09 Oct, 03:52 AM UTC
v. / lvatt rights activist⛈
who is the daughter of country singer billy ray cyrus? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/eWkzlFuwHc
09 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC
caitlin // 55 💛
@NBCTheVoice what’s going to be your tactic for getting people to join your team? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/P1y2mzMazA
09 Oct, 02:44 AM UTC
spooky danna 🎃
#NickJonasJoinsTheVoice my entire brand on this dumb bird app is protecting Nick Jonas and the Administration and Rollercoaster. Would you ever consider releasing an Administration cover of Rollercoaster? Or like... you know... another Administration album??
09 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
nick handing out bottles of villa one tequila to people who choose him as a coach #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/FFVzM97wgN
09 Oct, 02:48 AM UTC
ᴢ ᴀ ʏ ♥️
congratulations #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/gruoGnRNOK
09 Oct, 07:08 AM UTC
#NickJonasJoinsTheVoice ya'll remember when ol' boy Nick was vibing with the guy who has blocked Kashmir's internet for over 2 months now?? https://t.co/5OZ2h7UGpY
09 Oct, 04:06 AM UTC
#NickJonas joins #TheVoice #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/j0V6LZc2jb
09 Oct, 06:51 AM UTC
Lama Al Tawil
Priyanka has done you good my man ! I mean apart from the wardrobe improvement let’s talk about the watch game step up !! a limited edition #richardmille 👏🏻👏🏻 ... and congrats on coaching the voice #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice 🥳 https://t.co/1vUbtV99n3
09 Oct, 07:08 AM UTC
Who Trended it ?
Achievement unlocked. @NBCTheVoice and @nickjonas made #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice a trending topic in the US. I have spoken.
09 Oct, 05:28 AM UTC
Bold Outline
Nick Jonas' has some big news for all his fans. Read it here: #NickJonas #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice #TheVoice #EllenDeGeneres #JonasBrothers #Celebrity @nickjonas @jonasbrothers @NBCTheVoice https://t.co/5XE0CpOPQB
09 Oct, 07:10 AM UTC
Nick Jonas : En couple avec Kate Hudson ? Il répond enfin ! #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/VMnMePd4ll
09 Oct, 06:50 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice Do you have excited plans for 2020? Projects that we are not aware of yet? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:18 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice Counting from today, in less than a year you got married, you made a comeback with your brothers, you released an album, you have a world tour, you had several movies and now The Voice. A word to describe this incredible year? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:16 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice How do you feel about the fact that some of your fans may be participating and if you choose them, you can make them a real star by bringing them to the finals! It sounds so amazing, you'll have this power. How do you feel about it? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:14 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice Did Joe gave you some advices for your first season? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:10 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice Do you know which kind of voices you are looking for? rock vibes? classic vibes? Someone who has a special voice or someone who has a classic voice? (classic but powerful!!) #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:09 AM UTC
charlotte 🌺
@NBCTheVoice Which part of the show are you the most excited about? Auditions? Battles? #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 06:07 AM UTC
@nickjonas Can you make me happy?#NickJonasJoinsTheVoice https://t.co/WcNbfZhAe5
09 Oct, 05:36 AM UTC
Lorraine Saunders
@NBCTheVoice @nickjonas Would you ever consider joining the UK version of the voice?🤔 #NickJonasJoinsTheVoice
09 Oct, 05:28 AM UTC
j 🦋
#NickJonasJoinsTheVoice 🥰🥰
09 Oct, 05:15 AM UTC
alexislee bennett
#NickJonasJoinsTheVoice AND GUESS WHO IS GOING TO THE BLIND AUDITIONS?!? https://t.co/LVAtm7gNpY
09 Oct, 05:12 AM UTC
Angelica ♡
09 Oct, 05:12 AM UTC

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