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Williams Racing
Williams Racing and Nicholas Latifi will part ways at the end of the 2022 Season. We want to thank Nicky for his commitment and hard work over the last 3 years and wish him all the best in the next steps of his career. #WeAreWilliams
23 Sep, 09:00 AM UTC
Привіт мій коханий твіттер, щасливий знову бути з вами ❤️, щасливий знову бути в Україні
23 Sep, 10:12 AM UTC
Nick "Minoru Bouzouki" DeWitt 💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💜
the absolute damage lootbox of the wild has done to a entire generation https://t.co/aI2j8PDHpT
22 Sep, 07:47 PM UTC
bubble購読者とbubble配信者のツーショット笑うwww制作陣も粋だなwww https://t.co/isAmks0mY0
23 Sep, 09:53 AM UTC
Bru(n)tální elektrikář
❗️❗️❗️Nezapomeňte, že dneska je to REFERENDUM. ❗️❗️❗️Pokud nenávidíte vládu prof. Fialy, označte křížkem SPOLU, nebo PIRSTAN. Je to symbol smrti a tato strana i vláda bude v pondělí rozpuštěna!❗️❗️❗️
23 Sep, 02:48 AM UTC
Williams Racing
@NicholasLatifi Thank you for all your hard work and commitment over the last 3 years, Nicky 💙
23 Sep, 09:11 AM UTC
beyoncé updating her instagram bio https://t.co/EiPgdisPmq
22 Sep, 04:49 PM UTC
Nell ☄️📍
LANDLORD IS NOT UNDERSTANDING OUR SITUATION / URGENT PLEASE DON'T SCROLL PAST! Hi Twitter Fam, I am literally crying right now as I really don't know who and where to ask help. I hope you have a minute to read&share this pinned tweet. Our landlord is really decided to send us https://t.co/WzRnrPNqcr
22 Sep, 01:59 PM UTC
Volodymyr Parasiuk
Виходить, що ми вже знищили «професійну» армію рашки, тепер ще залишилось знищити непрофесійну і буде спокій!
22 Sep, 08:41 PM UTC
lou 📺
this is literally live krinkels reaction https://t.co/T4rJYyxACX
22 Sep, 08:56 PM UTC
Family friendly lesbian person
Imagine your country gets invaded and the invaders draw furry fanfics where they heroically protect you from their invasion https://t.co/Rz0WWmyTso
23 Sep, 09:26 AM UTC
Karol G Reports
Karol G y Nicky Jam interpretan esta noche "Travesuras" en el FTX Arena de Miami. https://t.co/kGCfGF0eb6
23 Sep, 02:33 AM UTC
✅ Scholes on his ideal partner: "Whenever I played with Nicky [Butt], Roy [Keane], Michael Carrick. I loved it. It wasn't great to play with more attacking players. I needed someone very good in that [defensive midfield] position." #MUFC [The Overlap] 🔴
23 Sep, 11:15 AM UTC
Juan Domingo Underwood
Hoy Declara Cristina, prepárense: "Macri, Iguacel, Lawfare, Macri, macrismo, Iguacel ,Pepin, Macri, macrismo, Iguacel,Nicky Caputo, Néstor, Lawfare... Graceeeaaaas"
23 Sep, 11:09 AM UTC
natsu 🍎 heeseung
ニキって本当ヒスンのこと大好きだよねまっじでこの2人の関係性好きだしバカ可愛い https://t.co/HnUNsmK9Ps
22 Sep, 03:02 PM UTC
🌚🌝 https://t.co/XsMCrTOHA3
23 Sep, 11:54 AM UTC
Whether it was playing on the sims in the motorhome with Alex or competing in the Virtual Grand Prix alongside George, it's been a great 3 years working with you 💙 All the best in your next racing chapter Nicky! #WilliamsEsports #SimRacing @WilliamsRacing @WilliamsEsports's photo on Nicky
23 Sep, 09:24 AM UTC
🇨🇴GTEAM-COL☆| Tati🐈‍⬛
Karol G junto a Nicky Jam 🤤🤤 https://t.co/nSdb1IdME3
23 Sep, 04:08 AM UTC
#ULTRAKILL x two very different styles https://t.co/tF4XodOCSp
23 Sep, 06:27 AM UTC
後ろでうんこする実演(実演) するソンフンhttps://t.co/Jjo4ZvxjoP
23 Sep, 10:59 AM UTC
私の仲良し💗みいち @Nicky_3150 が フォロバ当選したらいのでお祝い㊗️するね🥺🫶💕 🎁 1500以内🌟🐿or1000🅿️×1名 🍏 @ponchara_pon@Nicky_3150 のフォロー&RT ⏰ 9/25㈰ 23:59 〆🙆‍♀️ この子懸賞長いのに奇跡的な程当たらんのでフォロバ当選だけでも祝ってもろて🥺💗← @ponchara_pon on Nicky">https://t.co/dUTLE39LeW
23 Sep, 05:31 AM UTC
If you've watched RHG, prove it by quoting it. https://t.co/UWgnQ29rSU
23 Sep, 08:29 AM UTC
Totó Volff
“Agradecemos à todo empenho do Nicky conosco, mas preferimos correr com um carro só. Vamos somar o mesmo número de pontos, de qualquer forma.” https://t.co/Zs3GnVNqwK
23 Sep, 11:39 AM UTC
てか可愛い子だな〜と思ったら普通にみんな「きようぉよー」とか言い出して死んだ エナイプンに可愛いと言われた女というブランドすご
23 Sep, 09:57 AM UTC
ローリング・ストーンズは66年のシングル「Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?」のミュージックビデオ(“in drag”ヴァージョン/4Kレストア)公開  https://t.co/PCL8eEKXv4
23 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
Mari 🇧🇷
Bringing this back to remember who @NicholasLatifi is, as he deserves to go out on a good note. There was bad luck during these 3 years, but the man and the pilot he is is definitely trophy worthy. We'll miss you, Nicky. It was a pleasure to see you race in Formulas. https://t.co/XWEuQvQtMk
23 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
Pat McDaniel
Your words are powerful. With a few kind words you can transform a person's day and sometimes even their entire life. -Nicky Gumbel #quote
23 Sep, 12:12 PM UTC