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Palmer Report
America’s day so far: - Feds raid Rudy Giuliani’s apartment - Yeah he’s going to prison - So is Donald Trump - Nikki Haley is a dumpster fire - Trevor Noah destroys Ted Cruz - President Biden speech tonight - America is back! - It’s still only noon
28 Apr, 04:36 PM UTC
Nikki Haley, Pence and Lynn Cheney have ZERO chance to make it to the primaries for the 2024 Presidential run.. 😂😂😂
28 Apr, 02:34 AM UTC
Aaron Parnas
Nikki Haley is a prime example of why people don't trust politicians. I couldn't tell you what she actually believes.
28 Apr, 04:31 PM UTC
Roshan Rinaldi
If you don't like Nikki Haley's position on something,... Just stick around. She'll have a totally different position any minute now.
28 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
Jesse Lifson
I just went through Nikki Haley’s timeline for a few minutes and I need a refund.
28 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
so you want to talk about
Caitlyn Jenner’s last two retweets were from Nikki Haley and Tomi Lahren as if anyone needed any indication about what brand of hot mess this recall election is going to be in CA.
28 Apr, 03:40 AM UTC
Amy Lynn ✡️🐝
Nikki Haley changes her mind more than she changes underwear.
28 Apr, 05:14 PM UTC
Jesse Lifson
Nikki Haley is the Rand Paul of Mitt Romneys.
28 Apr, 05:40 PM UTC
Mark Jacob
Reminder that Nikki Haley would sell out your democracy if she thought it would help her politically.
28 Apr, 05:04 PM UTC
The Democratizer
2024 ELECTION Nikki Haley will find - to her surprise & dismay - that Republicans prefer White people. Kristi Noem will find - to her surprise & dismay - that Republicans don't like women. Trump will find - again - that he can't win nationally.
28 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
F. Andy Seidl
Many people are bashing Nikki Haley for being a flip-flopper or inconsistent. She has actually been rock-solid consistent on thing: She will do or say anything that, at the moment, maximizes her chance of obtaining personal political power, without regard to honor or integrity.
28 Apr, 05:24 PM UTC
The idea that he would do this is 'truly horrifying': Nikki Haley sounds off on John Kerry.
27 Apr, 09:45 PM UTC
Agolf Twitler Slayer
Who's side is Nikki Haley on today?
28 Apr, 06:15 PM UTC
Reminder: Nikki Haley is an idiot. There were no presidents until after The Constitution was adopted.
28 Apr, 05:59 PM UTC
Speculawyer 🇳🇴-American
@JasonSCampbell Remember that 5 minutes when Nimrata tried to have a spine. But she's back to Nikki now.
28 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
subliminal papacy
Does Nikki Haley burn more calories running away from Trump or crawling back?
28 Apr, 05:06 PM UTC
Ron *Thug* Hall
@AaronParnas Worse! Nikki Haley Couldn't Tell You, Today, What Nikki Haley Believes w/o Benefit Of Consulting A Poll To Tell Her What Current Lie To Say!
28 Apr, 04:54 PM UTC
¡Ay, Caramba! ☭🇺🇸☭
With all the shit he’s got going on (plus, Four Seasons Total Landscaping being busted by the Feds), this is still how Rudy Giuliani reacts to Nikki Haley’s latest antics:
28 Apr, 06:35 PM UTC
Nimrata Nikki Haley is Lindsey Graham spelled backward.
28 Apr, 06:44 PM UTC
solomon grundy
Federal Investigators Search Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment and Office #rudygiuliani #RudyForPrison #RudyColludy About fucking time! #TrumpIsNext #TrumpIsACriminal #TrumpIsGuilty Nikki Haley
28 Apr, 06:45 PM UTC
@ProjectLincoln @NikkiHaley That aside, Nikki Haley has the best chance of beating Harris in 2024. End of story
28 Apr, 06:43 PM UTC
Dr. Nasty Woman 🇺🇸
Nikki Haley is everything I warn my daughter not to be. A traitor. #RepublicansAreTheProblem
28 Apr, 06:42 PM UTC