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Bhavika Kapoor ✋
Why there is GST on oxygen at this moment? Can Nimmo tai stop this loot khasoot....
01 May, 01:53 PM UTC
Steve Gelbs
Nimmo update: Left the game with a left index finder contusion. X-rays were negative. Certainly much better news than that hip acting up again.
02 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Tim Healey
Brandon Nimmo came out of the game with a left index finger contusion, the Mets announce. X-rays were negative.
02 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Steve Gelbs
Not good. Brandon Nimmo was in a whole lot of pain after that swing and immediately exits the game. Hard to know exactly what happened, but you wonder if it's that hip again.
02 May, 12:19 AM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Mets Game 21 of 162, @ PHI Saturday, May 1, 6:05 p.m. RHP Zack Wheeler (2-2, 3.13) Nimmo CF Lindor SS McNeil 2B Alonso 1B Conforto RF J.D. Davis 3B D. Smith LF McCann C Walker RHP (1-1, 2.14)
01 May, 07:21 PM UTC
Tim Healey
FINAL: Mets 5, Phillies 4. Michael Conforto's home run is the game-winner. That is the Mets' third win in their past 10 games. Updates on Brandon Nimmo and J.D. Davis to come.
02 May, 01:03 AM UTC
Andrew Perpetua
Brandon Nimmo just struck out on a Kevin Pillar hit by pitch.
02 May, 12:20 AM UTC
Anthony DiComo
@SteveGelbs And it's a bruised left index finger for Brandon Nimmo. X-rays negative. That's a pretty big relief, considering the amount of pain Nimmo appeared to be in on that swing.
02 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Brandon Nimmo left the game after injuring himself on this swing: @SNYtv's photo on Nimmo
02 May, 12:21 AM UTC
Phill 🚀
Man am I happy Pete said this instead of Nimmo
02 May, 01:53 AM UTC
Michael Baron
Now the #Mets have to figure out the deal with both Brandon Nimmo and JD Davis, both having left the game with injury. But that’s a good win none the less.
02 May, 01:04 AM UTC
Luis Rojas updates the injury status for both JD Davis and Brandon Nimmo: @SNYtv's photo on Nimmo
02 May, 01:31 AM UTC
Brandon Nimmo (finger) and JD Davis (hand) are both day to day @SNYtv's photo on Nimmo
02 May, 01:45 AM UTC
Only 2 guys on the team have hit this year. Davis and Nimmo. 2 guys have left this game due to injury. Davis and Nimmo. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2021 New York Mets.
02 May, 12:43 AM UTC
MLB Trade Rumors
Mets' Brandon Nimmo, J.D. Davis Leave Game Due To Injuries
02 May, 01:36 AM UTC
@MetsFansUnited1 If Nimmo is gonna be out even for couple games then Almora needs to play CF over Pillar. Idk why the Rojas is so in love with Pillar. Almora is the far better defender. He needs to play #Mets #LGM
02 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Wow, this hit a nerve, huh? It's a meme. Type Brandon Nimmo into gifs.
02 May, 01:16 AM UTC
Rutvik Subhedar
How is the JOSH Nimmo Aunty ?
02 May, 01:43 AM UTC
Put it in the books! Trevor May gets the Mets first win in the month of May. JD Davis and Brandon Nimmo both left today’s game with an injury. The Mets were lucky when the second base umpire called Andrew McCutchen out of the baseline resulting in Bryce Harper to be ejected
02 May, 01:13 AM UTC
aaron chun (37 to guangdong)
it’s been a really long time since i promised to work on finding out nimmo’s stats facing white vs minority pitchers, and i am very sorry to leave the project in a blank state for so long. rest assured, we are starting it now. i hope to have it done by next weekend.
02 May, 02:34 AM UTC
The Mad King
@AnthonyDiComo Forget Donnie. I want Almora in center if Nimmo misses anytime. Pillar makes me sick. At least Almora can impact a game with his glove and is still relatively young.
02 May, 02:18 AM UTC
Rising Apple
Waiting for an injury update on J.D. Davis and Brandon Nimmo from @StevenACohen2 #LGM #LFGM
02 May, 01:52 AM UTC
Michael Barkann
Girardi- Wheeler just made some mistakes int he middle off the zone. Seemed to find his rhythm after that. Settled down and did nicely. Just found his rhythm. He get Nimmo and then he hits Linder on foot then walks McNeil then seemed to find it.
02 May, 01:20 AM UTC
g bats
@TooGooden17 So because Nimmo is a conservative Christian the new thing with Mets twitter is to make fun of the guy non stop when he’s arguably our best hitter? You need some summers eve little cranky down there?
02 May, 01:15 AM UTC
@MPleasing72 I absolutely think they would’ve signed him if the NL had the DH. Nimmo-Springer-Conforto in the outfield with Pete and Dom playing 1B and DH’ing would’ve been sick
02 May, 02:59 AM UTC
John Allen
@WillieLopezShow @StevenACohen2 @LosMets @Mets @MetsGM @Cliff_Wolf @1InfamousTioAL @SNY_Mets @SNYtv @MetsBooth He may have to. Nimmo is banged up right now. Almora is a very good replacement. The injuries will leave the bench pretty thin though.
02 May, 01:33 AM UTC
It would be a real shame if g bats mentions became flooded with Brandon Nimmo gifs
02 May, 01:23 AM UTC
@MPleasing72 “But, where would Nimmo play???”
02 May, 02:56 AM UTC
I am 300 Points away from rank 5 Nimmo. I had another HR game that is like 70 points. I have now lost over 2k points with Nimmo. I will never get 5
02 May, 02:37 AM UTC
g bats
@TooGooden17 @TheDietIsOff Why don’t you go write real articles then all I see out of you is slandering Nimmo and messaging 16 years old kids who get kicked out of met games. If I wanted to I could write much better than you and actually do my job but I would never want to be part of the media
02 May, 01:58 AM UTC