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trey wingo
The Niners to Aaaron..... @wingoz's photo on Niners
25 Jan, 12:54 AM UTC
Hardwood Paroxysm
I’ll lob this one to the timeline because I’m curious, I really don’t know. Is this Bucs team better than the Niners from last year? If for no other reason than Brady?
25 Jan, 03:12 AM UTC
Check out NFL San Francisco 49ers Riddell Football Mini Helmet Size 3 5/8 Miniature #SFNiners #SanFrancisco #Niners #Riddell @eBay
25 Jan, 04:15 AM UTC
Shah ☘️
Aaron Rodgers: Packers Deshaun Watson: Dolphins Matthew Stafford: Niners Jimmy Garoppolo: Patriots (unfortunately) Cam Newton: Washington
25 Jan, 04:22 AM UTC
Kaleo Hocson Jr
@dmania49 @camlose100 @deonbyrd44 @Niners_ALL_day_ @4tricel @itsIRISS @Gorgeousbulshit @mrBLAZE916 Thanks brotha! One day Imma keep up with your squat game.....wait...thats dangerous 🤣🤣🤣
25 Jan, 04:22 AM UTC
@icymetcaIf @ZapUpNext @MahomesEra_15 if the niners had a real qb and not a model they would’ve won
25 Jan, 04:22 AM UTC
Pats Buzz
@TheBG_11 Watson on the Niners would be nasty 🔥
25 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Kunal Desai
@PaulJSingh Stafford Goes to niners ur in super bowl next year!!! We both know ur not afraid of Rogers! How many big games he won? 1 more then Stafford 😂
25 Jan, 04:59 AM UTC
Clark Street, Six Sigma® Yellow Belt
it's not even a city! it's like if the Giants and Niners were the San Francisco Bay Giants and the San Francisco Bay 49ers. absurd
25 Jan, 04:46 AM UTC
901 Club
@nickbosaaa which sucks cause another team would love to have Shanahan. I'm willing to bet if Shanahan and Jimmy G were let go by the Niners, Shanahan would be picked up by another team within a week.
25 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
901 Club
@Notorious_87 man dont even make me think about it. If Watson came here, I can say goodbye to retiring at 55 plan because I'm going to spending my money on Niners tickets like mad.
25 Jan, 04:20 AM UTC
Kaleo Hocson Jr
@camlose100 @deonbyrd44 @dmania49 @Niners_ALL_day_ @4tricel @itsIRISS @Gorgeousbulshit @mrBLAZE916 Thanks Cam, but I only got courage to post because of you Uce. Our crew and one of my favorites @vazquez_betsy . So credit goes to everyone here on this journey 🙏🏽🤙🏽
25 Jan, 04:21 AM UTC
@0fficialBurner @PatrickMahomes Bucs about to make the niners look a lot better
25 Jan, 04:59 AM UTC
Vergil Is The Storm
@RealCalvinX Ngl,kinda want him to STOMP maholmes out of revenge for how they did the niners DIRTY with all them Bullshit penalties
25 Jan, 04:57 AM UTC
Patrick O'Connor
@NFLCassy @ProFootballTalk Best situation in the NFC for sure. The East is still garbage, Brees is gone so Saints will likely take a step back, Niners will be healthy but have QB questions and Bucs will have a 44 year old Brady. Pack will go into 2021 as the NFC favorites IMO.
25 Jan, 04:54 AM UTC
Mark Froman
@ShawnRobertsKC YES. Young niners fans have ruined that fanbase’s image. Pathetic considering their elite history.
25 Jan, 04:53 AM UTC
@49ersCryssy you really want that 10k don't!
25 Jan, 04:51 AM UTC
Albert Mendez
@Tweeeety86 Lynch says he wants “sustained success” to me, that’s just a fancy term for “frugal” unfortunately, where the Niners choose to be frugal is at the most important position in pro sports.
25 Jan, 04:49 AM UTC
@BitchyWitch9 @ariesol__ Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Chiefs did face the Niners last year in the Super Bowl, IIRC. (Niners are from where I live)
25 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
Danny Darlak
Can’t wait for Niners Twitter reactions when we keep Jimmy G on a pay cut and take another DL at 12 in the draft 😱@medsalesmlj
25 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
@YahooSchwab @MaioccoNBCS Agree stupid. Niners have like 35 players to sign. They need cheaper qb not more expensive. People don’t think
25 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
@StinkinGenius1 The Niners played a Super Bowl pretty much in their home stadium against the Dolphins. Santa Clara is close enough. What's the big deal?
25 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC
Mike Belajac
@saucysavage26 @EndzoneAdams Face it brother... Mahomes is the new Brady and the Chiefs are the new Pats. Better get used to seeing Mahomes in the big game for a good portion of the next decade. Im not necessarily excited either. My childhood teams are the niners and the browns.
25 Jan, 04:22 AM UTC
Paul J. Singh
@kunal00 I want Niners to get Stafford so bad . . . he deserves to play for a coach like Shanahan! SF has to be your second team if that happens!
25 Jan, 05:02 AM UTC

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