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Brian Woods
As always, I learn so much form @NISD educators. God bless you in your efforts to provide the very best education to 107k students. You are hear for a reason. We are fortunate to be among the best. #NISDedchat
11 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC
Janis Jordan
Q3 - Engagement without rigor is fluff! Rigor without engagement is, well, BORING!!! #NISDEdChat
11 Sep, 01:28 AM UTC
Adriana Garza
Thank you to our #LegendaryLeader @briantwoods1 ! You walk the talk every day and we are SO fortunate to get to learn from you! #NISDEdChat https://t.co/wZyCVpGVoa
11 Sep, 02:03 AM UTC
Adriana Garza
I read once about "flow." That's when you are so engrossed in what you are doing that it feels like a few minutes have passed and you realize it has been a lot longer. Love when that happens to me! That's engagement! #nisdedchat https://t.co/F1qfbOcb0S
11 Sep, 01:08 AM UTC
๐Ÿฌ ๐Ÿ…‘๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…“๐Ÿ…
A4: Also, ask yourself, "Would I want my child in this classroom?" #NISDedchat
11 Sep, 01:45 AM UTC
Valerie Sisk
Itโ€™s open@house night, and We are here! #NISDEdChat @Warren_VP We ๐Ÿ’œNISD https://t.co/MhxfjJNf5L
11 Sep, 01:19 AM UTC
Valerie Sisk
Open house- Warren welcomes the World! We are all viewing info in this #NISDEdChat https://t.co/6SEYPHKQHW
11 Sep, 01:25 AM UTC
NISD Academic Tech
Coming Soon: The NISD EdChat Podcast! Your regular look into some of the innovative efforts throughout @NISD, and discussions with the educators who make them possible. Tune in on 9/24 for Episode 1 - STEM, Beyond the Buzzword. #NISDEdChat @NISDAcadTech's media on #NISDEdChat">https://t.co/I317ZmdN3G
11 Sep, 02:05 AM UTC
T Castaneda
Q5: Create a system where the engagement is expected no matter the zip code! Schools/classrooms shouldn't have pockets of "good teaching," where students "luck out." Coaching for all teachers to make sure the learning and growth continues outside of PD. #nisdedchat https://t.co/mGW6tcU2Qm
11 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC
Bruce Harris
#NISDedchat @JulieHStern Has a great graph for what she calls Transfer Learning showing where innovation occurs: https://t.co/Mthm6JBWYp
11 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
John William Moran
What????? Did @NISDacadtech just say PODCAST??? Yes.. YES THEY DID! COMING SOON! #NISDedchat https://t.co/OrEJNRAWgk
11 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
Arlene Jacob
A5~There are wonderful engaging lessons going on all over the district. I believe we all have to take risks and share those lessons either within NISD or on social media. Technology is a tool that can help. #nisdedchat #nisdcoach
11 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Amanda Hamilton
A4: if you are bored by your lessons, so are they. If you come into school excited the students will pick up on that excitement. Donโ€™t be afraid to give them crazy open ended assignments to see where they take it. Sometimes it doesnโ€™t work, but sometimes itโ€™s magic. #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
Kelli Simon Potter
A2: engagement always occurs when passion meets purpose. Donโ€™t be afraid to show your kids how much you love what you do. Itโ€™s contagious. They get excited when we are excited #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 01:20 AM UTC
Traci Aliano
A3: we have to build relationships with our students before we can expose them to rigorous and engaging instruction. When our students feel safe & valued, they are willing to do and be more instructionally. #NISDEdChat
11 Sep, 01:34 AM UTC
Amanda Hamilton
A3: engagement without rigor is meaningless and rigor without engagement is drudgery. The trick is to use engagement to get students to buy in to the rigorous work. #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
Lorena Herrera
A5: For all of us to keep chatting, collaborating and sharing. This edchat made my heart so happy to hear passionate educators. Imagine if all of us had the time to collaborate and grow great ideas? We all can make the time to intentionally plan for engagement. #NISDEdChat https://t.co/LSdodM5gyr
11 Sep, 01:54 AM UTC
Mary Gonzales
Students expect challenge and to be pushed but with support. They keep working and stay engaged as long as they know we are their other set of eyes on a goal/project. Itโ€™s never too rigorous with support #NISDEdChat
11 Sep, 01:35 AM UTC
Doug Shudde
A2: Settings where students have choice and are not all doing the same thing. #NISDEdChat
11 Sep, 01:17 AM UTC
Melissa โ„‚-Freyre
A4: Accept feedback from your students! Not every lesson is rock star, and that's ok. But your students are the best judges of what helps them learn and what doesnt work. #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC
Stacy Pattenaude
A3: In challenging, yet developmentally appropriate tasks, student engagement is high. If we have engagement without rigor, students may not master the depth and complexity required of a globally competent citizen. #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 01:30 AM UTC
Lisa Casas
Night, night #nisdedchat friends! Band practice drop-off comes early. Let's just talk about student engagement every week, okay? #SleepyBean https://t.co/cLW3ufdiGg
11 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
๐Ÿฌ ๐Ÿ…‘๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…“๐Ÿ…
Whenyour Superintendent asks questions like this!!!!!Yessssss!!!! #ModelingEngagement #Invested #NISDedchat https://t.co/lS4r8UwvMc
11 Sep, 02:04 AM UTC
Kaitie S. Smith
A5: I would love to see more ways to observe rockstar teachers - Using @goswivl cameras to create a database of sample lessons and minilessons would be an amazing resource for teachers while planning. #NISDEdChat
11 Sep, 01:54 AM UTC
Amanda Quick
Loved this chat! Thanks @csquyres1 for staying after parent orientation with me. Pretty sure my car is still out here somewhere #nisdedchat https://t.co/lw6J0KZDWB
11 Sep, 02:16 AM UTC
Whitney Lindsey
Thanks for a great kick off to the year! #NISDEdChat Proud to be at @NISDCable and #NISDLegends https://t.co/jmx4vkSUHT
11 Sep, 02:05 AM UTC
Bettina Melton
A5 I really think our teachers need time to create, share, be inspired, and reflect. I know we donโ€™t like to pull teachers from classrooms but I feel if everyone had more time to do these in a structured way, a lot more engagement would happen #nisdedchat
11 Sep, 02:03 AM UTC
Doug Shudde
You all are going to love this!! #NISDedchat https://t.co/sjQKilO7Ko
11 Sep, 02:07 AM UTC
John William Moran
Good night everyone in #NISDedchat land! I'm off to watch Office reruns! https://t.co/qWWzFt5ezb
11 Sep, 02:09 AM UTC
A5: As a community we need to make sure we are consistent across the board about our expectations of student engagement. ALL students deserve a confidence-building, comfortable, engaging classroom. Elated to be discussing these concepts with our district and peers! #NISDEdChat https://t.co/5RszBN8asp
11 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC

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