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NO PRINCE?!? This list is illegitimate.
24 Nov, 02:29 AM UTC
🕊️💞Dannie D💞🕊️
@raptvcom No Prince, blasphemous!!!
24 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
🕊️💞Dannie D💞🕊️
No Prince, blasphemous!!!
24 Nov, 03:36 AM UTC
Kat K 🐾🐾
No Prince? George Michael? Freddie Mercury??? Blasphemy
24 Nov, 10:58 AM UTC
SMJ 🏁🏁🏁
Michael Jackson at 8? No Prince? Stevie at 6? The disrespect
24 Nov, 01:21 PM UTC
olivia⁷∞🌹🦋♡black lives matter♡
No Prince or Beyoncé. Fuck this list and it's creator.
23 Nov, 09:26 PM UTC
Hannah Drake
@raptvcom No Prince? No Beyonce? Trash.
24 Nov, 12:27 PM UTC
@Artist_Angie No Prince. No Pink Floyd. That list is trash.
24 Nov, 01:36 PM UTC
Tʀᴇʏ Gᴏᴇsʜ is tired
@BenjaminPDixon I can't believe there's no Prince Rogers Nelson on that.
24 Nov, 01:18 PM UTC
Bonita Astroff
@BagdMilkSoWhat No Prince but Madonna? Seriously? 🙄
24 Nov, 12:28 PM UTC
Harlow Kitty
No Prince?! Tear this list up and start again!
24 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Nicholas Rage
@raptvcom No Prince, Ye or Queen, and MJ down at 8... I'm out
24 Nov, 01:14 PM UTC
Mike Sarzo 🏳️‍🌈
Really, Billboard? Really? You included Rihanna and no Prince? NO ARETHA FRANKLIN? Janet Jackson at No. 7 ahead of Michael Jackson at No. 8? The eff you on?
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Michael #8, and no Prince or Aretha? I love Rihanna, but she is ranked too high and she shouldn't be ranked ahead of Beyonce or top 10 at all. This list is flawed AF and embarrassing. You know a non-melanin person and a Rih stan, put this trash list together.
24 Nov, 01:24 PM UTC
This list of fucking offensive. No Prince?!?!
24 Nov, 01:22 PM UTC
Dr. Samantha O'Neill
@mmpadellan No Prince, No Queen?? Oh please!! 🥺
24 Nov, 01:18 PM UTC
@Josh_PlainTalk Rihanna but no Prince. Lol that list is 👎🏼
24 Nov, 01:12 PM UTC
@LarryOConnor No Prince? List is bunk.
24 Nov, 01:06 PM UTC
Patrick Barnes 🇺🇸
@UncleMac076 Holy hell that is bad. So MJ isn’t even the greatest in his family? Lol. No Prince?
24 Nov, 12:50 PM UTC
Filthy Cute and Baby I Know It
No Prince? This list is bogus.
24 Nov, 12:34 PM UTC
dani || vai ver o louis
votei no prince hair só pro long não ganhar já q não tinha dunkirk/hslot hair
24 Nov, 12:29 PM UTC
NurseDarry 💙
@vintagegoddess Ha! "No Prince" is trending now. Good call.
24 Nov, 12:22 PM UTC
Chris Protopapas
@Noahpinion No Jimi Hendrix? No Prince?
24 Nov, 12:08 PM UTC
@raptvcom Then there were 3 1. The beetles, Michael Jackson. & Elvis. The are backs ups to these 3 and please no prince he and Elton are 4-5 and the rest can warm up the crowd
24 Nov, 12:07 PM UTC
The Matador of Spit Cobras
@raptvcom No Prince is wrong. He changed what we listened to.
24 Nov, 01:56 PM UTC
@raptvcom Jfc who made that list.... Rihanna but no Prince. Janet over Michael. Madonna over all Elvis...
24 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
Jacob Peters
No Prince, no Queen, no Aretha, Janet above Michael, & Rihanna above Beyonce...there are some easily avoidable mistakes on this.
24 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
@CWatkinsWDSU yep! janet over micheal? no prince! rihanna top 10?
24 Nov, 01:47 PM UTC
Rose Colored Boy
No Prince and MJ is that low? That top 5 trash.
24 Nov, 01:37 PM UTC