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Stray Kids
NAYEON "NO PROBLEM (Feat. 필릭스 of Stray Kids)" Released Online MelOn https://t.co/IyQqJ8v9vD FLO https://t.co/caiz09wZcI genie https://t.co/SqFRXnLv6C Bugs https://t.co/jPHRUnxjJP #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #필릭스 #Felix #TWICE #트와이스 #NAYEON #나연 #NOPROBLEM
24 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC

nayeon's commentary on 'no problem' feat. felix "in this song, felix featured! from our company, a stray kids member. personally, i really like felix's voice! on a daily basis too i was thinking his voice is a treasure, so i was so so thankful that he sang together with me" + https://t.co/W9ikcPq97n
24 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
Stray Kids Spotify
"NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)" ↳ Spotify Streaming playlists - Thread: @Stray_Kids #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #FELIX #NAYEON https://t.co/RMY77AIecZ
24 Jun, 04:26 AM UTC
TWICE Charts
'NO PROBLEM' by @JYPETWICE's NAYEON & FELIX has now surpassed 1,000 likes on MelOn.
24 Jun, 04:14 AM UTC

twice's nayeon said at her solo album press conference that her favorite b-side track right now is 'no problem' and said that "the song style is really my taste, and personally i love #felix's voice so singing together was a great opportunity" https://t.co/2e3otOtGN0
24 Jun, 03:06 AM UTC
Jeff Benjamin
.@JYPETWICE's NAYEON is the hottest release in #Kpop today with "POP!" and "No Problem" feat. @Stray_Kids' FELIX with the No. 1 and 2 spots on @TIDAL's Certified: Hot & New in K-Pop playlist Listen here: https://t.co/uvB231Q6mr @Jeff__Benjamin's photo on No Problem
24 Jun, 04:42 AM UTC
nayeon has not stopped praising felix since no problem was announced she's so sweet and im so glad they got to work together on this 😭❤️‍🩹
24 Jun, 04:26 AM UTC
felix's part in no problem! #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/b6i8lO9Jvx
24 Jun, 04:08 AM UTC
David Hundeyin
"bUt hE neVeR ClAiMEd hE wAS a lAwYeR" OK bro, he just had no problem being introduced and presented as a lawyer MULTIPLE TIMES on national TV without ever pushing back once. Just sat there with his rat smile, fidgeting and basking in the size of his own scam.🤡 @DavidHundeyin's photo on No Problem
24 Jun, 05:26 AM UTC
B-sides debut from <IM NAYEON> by #NAYEON on Bugs: #3 NO PROBLEM (Feat. #FELIX of #StrayKids) #4 LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. #Wonstein) #7 CANDYFLOSS #9 ALL OR NOTHING #10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU #12 SUNSET
24 Jun, 05:05 AM UTC
Stray Kids Chart Data 🎪
"NO PROBLEM" (#NAYEON feat. Felix of @Stray_Kids) — 14:00 KST #3 Bugs (NEW) #195 Genie (NEW)
24 Jun, 05:13 AM UTC
elise 🎪
there’s so many people praising Felix’s vocals on No Problem in the QQMusic comment section and so many people saying it’s such a good song ahhh so proud of Felix
24 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
twice_trans 💙🎈
[LYRICS] NO PROBLEM - #TWICE #NAYEON feat. #StrayKids #FELIX English Lyrics Please refer to this graphic while streaming, don't watch Lyric Videos! #나연팝_솔로데뷔 #Coming_up_NAYEON #POP #NAYEON_POP #IM_NAYEON https://t.co/GeUjM2YrON https://t.co/KtXYsKsH3K
24 Jun, 04:18 AM UTC
댕꾸 ◡̈
Felix’s part in No Problem 😍😍😍 @Stray_Kids https://t.co/6b9LAa16ft
24 Jun, 04:07 AM UTC
Now felix has his own Spotify artist profile, don't forget to follow him and stream No Problem https://t.co/LmwuFuw6yU
24 Jun, 04:36 AM UTC
Mark Langham
Hi @Dom_Perrottet. So, the civil servant who interviewed and reported to Barilaro and who told recruiters it was now “an internal matter” the day before Porkilaro resigned, got a pay rise. Specifically from you. Still no problem, Dom?
23 Jun, 09:04 PM UTC
felix loops
FELIX’S RAP IN NO PROBLEM 🫶 #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/dB3hIFFwpv
24 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
felix rap on no problem, the lyrics got me kicking, giggling, and combusting https://t.co/YhRJOwiJ7k
24 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
mandy is oddinary
“No Problem” by Nayeon ft. Felix of @Stray_Kids is currently the most liked b-side for “IM NAYEON” album on Melon
24 Jun, 05:10 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
NO PROBLEM FEAT. #필릭스 SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS by. FLXCentral 💛 Tips: -Don't shuffle -Don't pause 'NO PROBLEM' -Interact with the playlist (turn up the volume, pause, skip occasionally) FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/N4wC0JrlOM
24 Jun, 04:50 AM UTC
Stray Kids Chart Data 🎪
🇯🇵 Line Music JP Songs Top 100 real-time (14:00) #4 NO PROBLEM (#NAYEON  feat. Felix of @Stray_Kids) [NEW]
24 Jun, 05:41 AM UTC
Q. 今回のアルバムの収録曲で一番好きなのは? 🐰「Stray KidsのFelixがフィーチャリングしてくれたNo Problemです。個人的に彼の声が好きで一緒に歌を歌うことができて良い機会でした。」 🥹🫶 🔗https://t.co/WeqXHMGlfS https://t.co/IoRQ2XvJGX
24 Jun, 03:07 AM UTC
한토리 💭
no problem is such a feel-good song 🫶
24 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
뽀리💫 강쥐짱! 쪽젭짱! 볼빵짱!
พินายอนบอกเพลง No Problem ได้ฟิลิกซ์มาฟีท ส่วนตัวชอบเสียงลิกซ์มากๆอยู่แล้ว คิดว่าเสียงเค้าเป็นเหมือนสมบัติล้ำค่า ขอบคุณมากๆๆที่มาร้องเพลงร่วมกัน ถ้าจะให้เล่าเกี่ยวกับฟิลิกซ์เพิ่มเติม ก็คือ... https://t.co/A1f8ATfYP6
24 Jun, 04:28 AM UTC
🇯🇵 AWA Realtime Chart — The Hot 100: #1. POP! (=) 🔥 #2. LOVE COUNTDOWN (feat. Wonstein) #3. NO PROBLEM (feat. Felix of SKZ) #5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU #6. CANDYFLOSS #9. ALL OR NOTHING #15. SUNSET @JYPETWICE #NAYEON #IM_NAYEON https://t.co/iO3R7Y9cJn
24 Jun, 06:18 AM UTC
all i know is bangchan is going to be smiling and giggling like a school girl while listening to no problem in the next chan’s room
24 Jun, 05:58 AM UTC
🇨🇳 QQ Music Realtime Chart — 2 PM CST: #4. POP! (+1) *NP* #7. NO PROBLEM (feat. Felix of SKZ) (+2) *NP* #9. LOVE COUNTDOWN (feat. Wonstein) (+7) *NP* #16. CANDYFLOSS (+23) *NP* #22. ALL OR NOTHING (+25) *NP* #29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (+31) *NP* @JYPETWICE #NAYEON  #IM_NAYEON https://t.co/tmDaDp9Rr7
24 Jun, 06:12 AM UTC
댕꾸 ◡̈
no problem is soo good 🤩🫶
24 Jun, 04:08 AM UTC