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Րաֆֆի Raffi رافي
Zion Williamson after one offseason with that good food down there in NOLA @DragonflyJonez Րաֆֆի Raffi رافي's photo on NOLA
15 May, 02:07 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Now AD doesn't need LBJ and LA. He's got Zion in Nola.
15 May, 12:54 AM UTC
Hoop Central
Zion Williamson was “quickly whisked out of the room” when it was announced that NOLA had won the Draft Lottery, per @MarcJSpearsESPN. 😬😬😬
15 May, 01:54 AM UTC
Jennifer Hale
This is going to be an entirely different @PelicansNBA franchise next season: #1 pick (Zion), whatever Nola trades AD for, new GM, Jrue Holiday as the locker room leader & an incredibly large chip on the shoulders of the team and city.... Can we start playing now? #nola #DoItBig
15 May, 01:15 AM UTC
Rapper Widner ‘Flow’ Degruy sentenced to life in prison for double murder
14 May, 06:30 PM UTC
SI Extra Mustard
Zion is going to pay this man to play in NOLA so he doesn’t have to SI Extra Mustard's photo on NOLA
15 May, 02:47 AM UTC
Jennifer Hale
I swear.... last tweet for tonight... In case anyone missed it: the @PelicansNBA won the #1 pick in the lottery tonight. Zion- see ya June 20th!!! You’re gonna ❤️ #Nola ! #Pelicans #DoItBig Jennifer Hale's photo on NOLA
15 May, 03:36 AM UTC
Adam Silver like “here NOLA y’all can have Zion. Trade AD to the Lakers”
15 May, 01:11 AM UTC
Shamit Dua
For everyone wondering how the NBA could have rigged this for NOLA - easy. Back in February NOLA had a choice. To bench AD for eternity or to comply to Adam Silver's "stern" suggestions to play Davis. Because the Pelicans didn't cause a scene, they were reward the #1 pick.
15 May, 05:38 AM UTC
Antony Curti
Fontes reportam que Anthony Davis ainda quer ser trocado e sair de NOLA. Boston e NY seriam duas possibilidades, a meu ver
15 May, 01:24 AM UTC
Fletcher Mackel
The timeline for Jrue Holiday (28 years old) and Zion Williamson (18 years old) doesn't work. So can they both be happy in NOLA? @wdsu Fletcher Mackel's photo on NOLA
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
💙On the easel today outside in the sunshine 🌞 Work in progress #pleinair #acrylicpainting #bluebells #purple #garden #flowers #nature #art Grace's photo on NOLA
15 May, 09:39 AM UTC
Podemos Euskadi
"Gizarte politikei dagokionez ez dugu uste aurrekontu kontua denik baizik eta aurrekontu horren birbanaketa nola egiten den dago gakoa" @AitzoleAraneta "Berdintasun alorrean zehar-lerroko politiken aldeko apustua egiten dugu" Podemos Euskadi's photo on NOLA
14 May, 10:00 PM UTC
Melanie Dione
If you see a piece of a wrapper and someone has to go through the trash, y’all got bigger problems than that wrapper.
15 May, 10:52 AM UTC
America Magazine
Meet the women leaders who are transforming Jesuit higher education ( @LeMuraLinda @LeMoyne @loynoprez @Loyola_NOLA Jo Ann Rooney @LoyolaChicago ) 👏👏👏
15 May, 12:17 AM UTC
Sergio Ochoa
Veo que os estáis haciendo muchas pajas con el draft lottery. Ahora traigo la mía no se preocupen. Y si AD va a Knicks y Holiday a Bulls y a Nola con el 3 llega Barrett y con el 7 Reddish?. Los NOLA Blue Devils
15 May, 10:46 AM UTC
Thank you, Tony and Dane, HDMS, for joining us for Specialty Tuesday..Knowledge is Power!!!@nola_HD0963 @Tino_Longobardi @LourdesPerry
14 May, 10:07 PM UTC
Brandon Pope TV
Women with NOLA accents should be No.1 This list is obsolete
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Celtic Wisdom
@MFarrell8662480 @katy_fit SRV we literally stumbled into, in a bar in NOLA at 3 in the morning he just played and played.
15 May, 10:51 AM UTC
walker pro
The Energy Industry’s Secret Campaign to Get Us to Build More Power Plants -> paid actors!! #WeAreTheMedia #grassroots #progressive
15 May, 10:46 AM UTC
Nuestro South
Year: 1930. The boy in the middle with the dark tie is Robert Canedo—a Mexican immigrant. While Mexicans in California were being deported, Robert attended a white school in Nola. Learn more about Robert’s story…
15 May, 02:30 AM UTC
Hey, hey, hey!!! On my way to ⁦@BookLoversCon⁩ . See you soon, NOLA!!! 🛫✈️ 💋LaQuette💋's photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:51 AM UTC
NOLA ーノラー
会社の下のファミマに福山潤さん似の店員さんいるんだ☺ 声もいいし、目元とくに似てて髪型もう福潤だし。ガン見したいけどキモいと思われるからチラ見で我慢してる。
15 May, 10:50 AM UTC
@__5ifty5ive Laisse la place aux gros marchés que sont Nola et Memphis 😠
15 May, 10:58 AM UTC
ISF Euskadi
Egoera askotan zientzia eta teknologia esparru neutral gisa agertzen dira, ideologiarik gabeak. Ze punturaino desberdintzen da Ipar eta Hegoalde Globaleko teknologiaren erabilera? Nola kontrolatzen eta erabiltzen dute teknologia gizonezkoek… ISF Euskadi's photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:51 AM UTC
Lakers ship the 4th pick and Lonzo for AD n sign Kyrie??? Kyrie Bron AD in LA??????? Lonzo and Zion in NOLA??????
15 May, 10:52 AM UTC
Nola Gifts UK
Created using only natural ingredients, this #personalised #candle blends sweet orange, ylang ylang, lavender, lavandin & geranium to create a relaxing scent. 40 hour burn time & recycled glass #vegan #scentedcandles #sleepwell Nola Gifts UK's photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:50 AM UTC
Pikara Magazine
Nola kontatu haur batek bizi dituen sexu abusuak, era sakonean eta gustu onez? Alaine Agirrek lortu du. Maria Unanuek biziki gomendatzen digu 'Kamisoi zuri zetazkoa' bere azken eleberria.
15 May, 10:47 AM UTC
Katsuki BLACKugo
If you think AD is staying in NOLA because of Zion you are delusional. They are going to package him for pieces to put around him.
15 May, 10:26 AM UTC
I still can’t believe Zion is in Nola I haven’t went to sleep yet , he will be a legend here if he wins a ring
15 May, 10:45 AM UTC
Nola is fun for getting trashed and taking your shirt off. Nobody goes there for basketball.
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Manu Herráez
@_davidgss Pues Lakers con ese pick 4 suma un grandísimo asset, si metemos a Tatum en la ecuación nosotros también tenemos un pack muy bueno, pero veo demasiado caro contando que Davis el año que viene puede hacer lo que le de la gana, por eso jugar con el tiempo y con NOLA. Con calma
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Mike Yuan
Had a blast in NOLA, now on our way to Houston after a quick stop at Baton Rouge. I'll miss the great food and friendly people here. Mike Yuan's photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Peter Pan
@RazLPL sad thing is, Zion was ready to go to the Knicks and help them build something. Now AD probably wont even stay in NOLA lol.
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Darren Howard
@PelicansNBA that's my city and my team and my people … probably will have a parade today … watch out NOLA
15 May, 10:59 AM UTC
Mark Gulbinsky
@GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 Why doesn’t he do like Kobe did and demand a bigger market than NOLA?
15 May, 10:58 AM UTC
tamamen kurayla belirlenen Draft lotaryası için haksızlık diyenler görüyorum hahshsh draft için tüm sezon yatan takımlar yerine Nola nın ilk sırayı almasıysa sevindirdi . Şanlı lakersımız da 4. sırayı alarak takas için değerli bir parça almış oldu
15 May, 10:58 AM UTC
luisa lanas: 🎗🎗️ #joacuso
Ni amb DNI, ni per ascendència, ni amb amenaces,, ni amb presó, mai, jamás, nunca, never, jamais, mai più, niemals, meer, mai de mai, em sentiré ñola i això ningú ho podrà evitar. Tinc molta paciència i molta resiliència, esteu avisats.
15 May, 10:58 AM UTC
Menashe Shapiro
@NYStrategist @mlitwack I had a dream that Zion announced he wasn’t gonna play for NOLA...
15 May, 10:57 AM UTC
When The Horn Blows
#VideoPremiere Artist and Producer twenty5 has paired up with singer/songwriter Nola on new track ‘Walk Away’. We are delighted to be able to give you an exclusive look at the visuals for the track.
15 May, 10:57 AM UTC
Travis Thomson
Or maybe because all the media has done was talk about him going to the god awful Knicks for the past 3 months, that’s all he was able to think about. He’s going to NOLA and will be just fine down there
15 May, 10:56 AM UTC
Terry M Lewis Jr
@NOLAJake @arffmedic911 Don't need AD he quit once he'll do it again. Plus ZION to Knicks makes a lot of sense lol..16-66 record isn't that a waste lol...Stop hating on NOLA people. Good city great people.
15 May, 10:56 AM UTC
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq
#NBADraftLottery RT @TheWoomiester: So you’re NOLA. You tell AD you’re going to draft Zion. AD still doesn’t want to stick around. LA offers: Ball, I…
15 May, 10:56 AM UTC
This what a real ass looks like
15 May, 10:56 AM UTC
Supporter du pire club d’Europe
@__benjb C’est pas le problème. Aux Knicks sportivement ça aurait pas été mieux. Mais il veut devenir le futur de la NBA et son visage. A NOLA c’est mort. CP3 a échoué, AD a échoué. Il échouera aussi et partira à 25 ans comme les deux autres
15 May, 10:56 AM UTC
Bon si AD arrête de faire ses caprices pour bouger de NOLA le duo avec Zion sera exceptionnel si l'alchimie prend
15 May, 10:55 AM UTC
Micah Woo, J.D.
So you’re NOLA. You tell AD you’re going to draft Zion. AD still doesn’t want to stick around. LA offers: Ball, Ingram, Kuzama, 4th overall 2019, 2020 first round unprotected, and 2021 protected 1st round for AD. Do you take it? #NBADraft #NBADraftLottery
15 May, 10:54 AM UTC
Mario Latilleon
@BradCarson @PelicansNBA Better argument: NOLA you don’t want Zion; he’s going to disrespect you like the brow!
15 May, 10:54 AM UTC
Brandon Andersen
@ShamsCharania @DraftDiamonds @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium That's fine. Guarantee the Knicks give up that pick and a lot more for him, and NOLA gets to build around Zion and Barrett. Win win for them
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
@Sareena_NOLA @T_Blevins @_AlexHirsch @SHANKK50 And I full heatedly agree with it happening
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Suns Portugal
Estive a pensar e parece óbvio que os Lakers com o pick 4 ficou com tudo para conseguir o AD. Tendo em conta que NOLA tem Holiday não ficaria surpendido se o nome do Lonzo voltasse aos rumores para os Suns. Veremos.
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
@HipHopDiehard Eso es relativo porque si estás en una temporada pelando X PO y por cualquier cosa pasa una mala racha o una lesión vas a ir a perder partidos porque tienes muchas opciones de subir mira NOLA
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Ryan Hunn
@davidjaca @eaamalyon Zion going to NOLA might have saved that franchise. There was a lot of chat about them being a contender for Seattle relocation if Davis went.
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Marlon Whistner
@Bulgarelli1971 @ZionW32 Tem muita gente fazendo esse tipo de comentário. Quero crer que é zueira da sua parte. Mas no fim das contas, acho que o Nola pode ser um excelente time para o garoto se desenvolver.
15 May, 10:52 AM UTC
Hervé M LRdR
#NowPlaying Nola - On Ira Nola LRdR Radio Hits découvertes
15 May, 10:52 AM UTC
@nola_1028 ちひろはりえりーのそっくりさんいる笑笑
15 May, 10:52 AM UTC
@MikeMeltser @GallantSays @SethCPayne Zion Williamson will be the perfect fit in NOLA. He already looks like a coonass. Does AD stay now?
15 May, 10:49 AM UTC
Manu Herráez
¿Y por qué para mi Boston es otro ganador? Porque tiene el pick de Memphis en 2020 sin restricciones, una franquicia que va a reconstruir este verano y que juega en el oeste al cual se suman NOLA Lakers Suns (deberían) y Mavs Aparte tienen todos estos picks para jugar Manu Herráez's photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:47 AM UTC
Buck HHead
Espero q NOLA tradee a Anthony Davis aunq se replantee la situación con Zion. Puede conseguir piezas importantes para reconstruir en torno a ese búfalo
15 May, 10:47 AM UTC
Mr. Williams
saw this happen in NOLA during Mardi Gras. intoxicated woman got smacked by an SUV. white lady driving was mortified. two men on the side of the road said “don’t worry, she’s a crackhead!” the lady drove off. the woman that got hit got up and walked away like it was nothin 😂
15 May, 10:46 AM UTC
🍻 Kev1 🍻
@JMonclar est Zion qui visiblement ne veux pas allez à NOLA, ça donne de l’intérêt à RJ barret en 1st pick ?
15 May, 10:46 AM UTC
Sergio Ochoa
@DiegoIchaso94 He llegado a pensar en que si tradean a AD a Knicks y a Holiday a Bulls, podrían juntar a Zion Barrett y Reddish en Nola
15 May, 10:45 AM UTC
Eric Turkewitz
If an energy company can’t find real supporters, it simply buys some:
15 May, 10:44 AM UTC
Floyd Carroll
Good morning Friends. What will NOLA do? Will they take Zion, keep Anthony Davis, build around the two and make folks lots if money? Or, will they trade both…
15 May, 10:44 AM UTC
Fred Shuttlesworth
Like NOLA has an issues with AD and pretty much if he doesn’t sign an max extension they’re force to trade him.
15 May, 10:43 AM UTC
صدقه لنورة موسى.
صدقة الفطر صاعا من شعير أو صاعا من تمر على الصغير والكبير والحر والمملوك #تويت_حديث #رمضان صدقه لنورة موسى.'s photo on NOLA
15 May, 10:43 AM UTC