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Ari Berman
Breaking: North Carolina GOP passes voter ID law in lame duck session before they lose supermajority & Dem gov can veto Law targets voter impersonation, which is practically non-existent, while doing little to stop massive election fraud committed by GOP in NC09
06 Dec, 03:37 PM UTC
GOP: VOTER FRAUD! trump: VOTER FRAUD! Kris Kobach: VOTER FRAUD! Narrator: In reality, the biggest issue in elections is voter SUPPRESSION, gerrymandering, and election fraud committed by Republicans, who can't win fair & square. #ElectionReformNOW
06 Dec, 01:28 PM UTC
Bill Prady
You know what's weird? The GOP, which is *so concerned* about "voter fraud," can't seem to find its tongue when it comes to what appears to be a blatantly and fraudulently stolen Congressional election in North Carolina. So weird.
06 Dec, 05:13 AM UTC
Rachel Maddow Shreds GOP For Ignoring Massive Election Rigging Operation In North Carolina via @politicususa #ctl #p2 #maddow
06 Dec, 03:02 AM UTC
Marc E. Elias
If the North Carolina GOP is saying the election fraud warrants a new election, it means its much worse than we know.
06 Dec, 06:32 PM UTC
Ari Berman
This is very important NC's last voter ID law exempted mail-in ballots, where massive election fraud in NC9 committed, while targeting voter impersonation, which is basically non-existent That's b/c Dems vote more in person while GOP votes more absentee
06 Dec, 04:56 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Republican officials had early warnings of NC-09 voting irregularities, WaPo reports. The GOP incumbent's aides told the state party's director and a regional NRCC director they believed fraud occurred. GOP officials did little to scrutinize the results.
06 Dec, 08:00 PM UTC
In my opinion new elections need to be ordered in quite a few places. Voter suppression and vote tampering seems to be the @GOP specialty Amid North Carolina Election Probe, Voters Are Scared, Confused And Angry
06 Dec, 01:32 PM UTC
Judd Legum
Wow. Yesterday, Woodhouse and the North Carolina GOP was calling for the results to be certified. Related: The NC GOP paid 17K to the consulting group that employed McCrae Dowless, the convicted felon at the center of the controversy
06 Dec, 07:21 PM UTC
Eric Levitz
Republicans are no longer bothering to disguise their contempt for democracy. Will the mainstream media keep disguising it for them?
06 Dec, 04:43 PM UTC
I disagree. The greatest threat to liberty in America is an anti-democracy GOP party hellbent on holding onto political power at all costs. See Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina.
06 Dec, 01:02 AM UTC
andrew kaczynski
The Washington Post reports that Republicans received warnings about fraud from Harris' campaign from the campaign of the GOP congressman he ousted in the primary, but ignored it to focus on his general election campaign.
06 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
Judd Legum
1. This is a thread on the shameless duplicity of North Carolina GOP Executive Director @DallasWoodhouse. He's telling CNN that allegations of election fraud by a GOP operative have "shaken us to the core" and that when he learned the details watching CNN last night he threw up Judd Legum's photo on North Carolina GOP
06 Dec, 08:18 PM UTC
Michael Del Moro
NEW from WaPo: The GOP had early warning of potential irregularities in North Carolina. A GOP incumbent's aides reportedly told the state party's executive director and a regional NRCC director they believed fraud occurred after the primary...
06 Dec, 07:33 PM UTC
Jamil Smith
Republicans are presently defecating on democracy in Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina. I wrote for @RollingStone about why this is all is not merely the GOP making a power grab, but as part of its overall plan to disenfranchise voters of color.
06 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
GOP legislators in North Carolina think they're clever. A new bill would require election boards to be chaired by the party with the most registered voters (read: a Democrat) in odd-numbered years. That leaves the GOP in charge of election years.
06 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
The New York Times
After fraud allegations cast doubt on the fairness and accuracy of the vote count for North Carolina Republican Mark Harris in the 9th District race, a state GOP official says they're open to a new election
06 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Cyrus Toulabi
#MEANWHILE: North Carolina GOP introduce bill to TAKE CONTROL of every county's ELECTION BOARDS in election years. The bill would require a member of the GOP to chair each election board in even-numbered years (aka election years)...and Dems in odd-years.
06 Dec, 05:19 PM UTC
Jamie Carter ❄ 🌊 🌊 🌊
Let me get this straight @GOP Voter fraud is such an issue that you try to stop people from voting, unless they are voting Repulican. Then it's OK. Is that right? Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina
06 Dec, 07:33 PM UTC
Beth Reinhard
Funky absentee ballot results in Bladen County, NC flagged MONTHS AGO to state and federal GOP leaders. But their complaints were ignored, sources say. W/ @amyegardner
06 Dec, 07:31 PM UTC
Patrick Cant
@GroverNorquist Election fraud is what they did in North Carolina. Not voter fraud. Fun fact: This time it was paid for by the county GOP.
06 Dec, 04:16 PM UTC
The executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party said Thursday that the GOP would support a new election in North Carolina's 9th District if alleged fraud in the district was shown to have "changed the race"
06 Dec, 06:47 PM UTC
Private Joker, USMC
New news out of #NC09 and North Carolina regarding Election Fraud. The @GOP paid $428,000 to rig the election and defeat @McCreadyForNC. #NCPOL #ElectionFraud #NorthCarolina #NC #MarkHarris
06 Dec, 07:43 PM UTC
HuffPost Politics
The state’s election board has declined to certify the results because of allegations of fraud and irregularities involving mail-in ballots.
06 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
Brandon McAdory🇺🇸
The @GOP primary will begin in 2020 and the @GOP convention will be located in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the @GOP primary, if President @realDonaldTrump and @JeffFlake squared against each other, President @realDonaldTrump will likely win by a landslide. Retweet if you agree.
06 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Pam Woodard
The literal state of politics in 2018, @GOP has been howling about voter fraud against the people. The @GOP is caught in a vote fraud scheme in North Carolina, not by the people but their party. They now say only a do over if it can be proven that THEIR cheating changed outcome😳
06 Dec, 06:29 PM UTC
North Carolina GOP ‘fully’ supports new election if inquiry shows fraud via @Politico The_News_DIVA🎀's photo on North Carolina GOP
06 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
Kate M. Jackson
Call a lie a lie and a coup a coup FFS: The GOP Is Making Its Contempt for Democracy Clear. Will the Mainstream Media? via @intelligencer
06 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
JP Swayze
New story on NPR: N.C. GOP Leader Open To New Election As Fraud Investigation Continues The head of North Carolina's Republican Party says he would "not oppose" a new election in the state's 9th Congressional District if allegations of fraud by a GOP op… JP Swayze's photo on North Carolina GOP
06 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
Sarah D. Wire
GOP hit with election fraud claims after using issue as rallying cry
06 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
Michael Barbarino
GOP officials had warning of election fraud, but as in 2016, chose to ignore it to pursue beating a Democratic opponent. The GOP is committing election fraud.
06 Dec, 08:44 PM UTC
The Randomness Daily
The only thing Republicans have to fear is democracy itself.
06 Dec, 08:44 PM UTC
@DonCheadle I'm just saying the shenanigans going on with the GOP right now possible election fraud, Wisconsin, North Carolina, there's no way Trump if still around, will accept any election results that don't show him winning. He'd rather burn this country down didn't give up any power.
06 Dec, 08:43 PM UTC

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