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Jasmin 🇨🇴🇨🇴
I cannot stand Scott LOOOL @Jxparisxo's photo on Flores
19 Oct, 11:45 PM UTC


billboard charts
The Global Excl. U.S. top 10 (chart dated Oct. 24, 2020)
19 Oct, 08:47 PM UTC

60 Minutes

Donald J. Trump
I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about...
20 Oct, 10:09 PM UTC


billboard charts
The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated Oct. 24, 2020) @billboardcharts's photo on jimins
19 Oct, 05:34 PM UTC


liz w(erewolf) 🧸🕸🎃
ppl protesting for disneyland to open so they can walk around in the blazing sun for 7 hours to go on 3 rides then have the worst family fight in years and silently drive home
19 Oct, 10:49 PM UTC


Joe Biden
I will be a president who pushes towards the future. Not one who clings to the past.
20 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC


愛の方程式 @tyomateee's photo on Rush
19 Oct, 11:15 AM UTC


top dolly.
Your birthday shows you your real friends idccc 😭
19 Oct, 04:14 PM UTC


Bop Daddy
Our movement started peacefully and has remained peaceful. The difference between our protesters and the hoodlums we saw today is very clear. #EndSARS
19 Oct, 10:37 PM UTC


ᴮᴱSoo Choi⁷ 💜
Jin will be teacher 👨‍🏫 on tonight Run BTS!! @BTS_twt @choi_bts2's photo on Run BTS
20 Oct, 05:12 AM UTC


Joe Biden
For once, Donald Trump is correct: I will listen to scientists. @JoeBiden's photo on McCarthy
20 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC

Among Us

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Not me, Among Us 😉
20 Oct, 02:33 AM UTC


The Lincoln Project
This election, former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican, @MichaelSteele, is voting to restore the soul of our nation. He's voting for Joe Biden. @ProjectLincoln's photo on Turner
20 Oct, 12:00 PM UTC


Megan THEE Stallion is a gift. @KirkWrites79's photo on Megan
20 Oct, 04:27 AM UTC


Los Angeles Dodgers
We already know who @BTS_twt is rooting for. Who’s your bias? Ours is Yoongi. #WorldSeries @Dodgers's photo on Dodgers
20 Oct, 10:35 PM UTC


Neymar Jr
Que Deus nos abençoe e nos proteja 🙏🏽⚽️❤️ #ChampionsLeague20_21 @neymarjr's photo on maia
20 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC


Burna Boy
24 hour curfew, ok but WE GO AGAIN! Never settle, never fold #EndSARS
20 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC


SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 'HOME;RUN' 응원법 ▶ #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #Semicolon #세미콜론 #HOME_RUN #세븐틴의_청춘_홈런_또_홈런 @pledis_17's photo on hanbin
20 Oct, 08:00 AM UTC


Donald Trump Jr.
China bought the Bidens and now @realDonaldTrump is the only thing that stands between the American worker and Joe’s inevitable surrender to China.
20 Oct, 12:30 PM UTC


Bobby Lewis
this is joe biden's house. a senator only makes $174,000 a year 🤔 @revrrlewis's photo on Senator
19 Oct, 02:38 PM UTC


Here to watch the ̶M̶i̶c̶ Bat Drop. 🔥 #WorldSeries
20 Oct, 09:25 PM UTC


You’ll get tested the most when you’re actually trying to do the right thing. Don’t fold tho.
20 Oct, 01:15 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
It’s Tua Time. Dolphins are naming the rookie QB their new starter, per @AdamSchefter @BleacherReport's photo on Dolphins
20 Oct, 03:32 PM UTC

Sam Elliott

Johnny Verhovek
Biden campaign just debuted this new ad "Go From There," during Game 1 of the World Series, narrated by Sam Elliott @JTHVerhovek's photo on Sam Elliott
21 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC


เพิ่งรู้ เกาหลีเหนือเอาต้นแบบการ propaganda ของกษัตริย์ไทยไปทำ ในขณะที่เกาหลีใต้เอาการชุมนุม 14 ตุลาในไทยเป็นต้นแบบการขับไล่เผด็จการจนได้ประชาธิปไตย แล้วดูทิศทางความเจริญเทียบกันของสองประเทศนี้ดิ 😨
20 Oct, 02:32 PM UTC


The Lincoln Project
Let the country know you're on the right side of history. Let's see if we can get 5000 patriots to respond to this tweet with #IChooseAmerica.
20 Oct, 05:06 PM UTC


Andy Burnham
Anywhere could end up in Tier 3 this winter. That’s why our fight was always everyone’s fight. We’re so grateful for the messages of support from across the country. Thank you. 🙏 This is now rightly going before Parliament tomorrow. Please ask your MP to vote for fairness. 👇
20 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC


Ryan 'Follow @SecretBase' Simmons
the new game is to replace every new yorker cartoon caption with "Jeffrey Toobin took his dick out on a Zoom call." @rysimmons's photo on Zoom
19 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC

Kyler Murray

Barstool Sports
Kyler Murray scrambling @barstoolsports's photo on Kyler Murray
20 Oct, 12:58 AM UTC

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