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Pete Thamel
Source: FSU officials were also concerned about the messaging to their own players, both about health and safety and looking hypocritical. FSU has upheld stringent standards, including not letting players go home for break. FSU's last positive was coach Mike Norvell in Sept.
21 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
CFB Home
FBS Wins in 2020 Taggart 5 Norvell 1
21 Nov, 04:26 AM UTC
Ryan Nanni
Hearing from trusted sources* that Mike Norvell punched Dabo and that caused the cancelation *nobody at all
21 Nov, 03:36 PM UTC
TJ Pittinger
Mullen and Dabo both ducked Mike Norvell this year? Those are the facts.
21 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC
Make Miami Football Great Again
Mike Norvell really said: ‘and for my best trick to date, I will make the Clemson ass whooping disappear!’
21 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Tomahawk Nation
Reports have said Clemson had a player exhibiting symptoms throughout the week while still practicing and then received a positive result today:
21 Nov, 03:38 PM UTC
Dyme Lyfe 👀
THIS JUST IN. Our elite team of informants have just uncovered Mike Norvell’s playlist for today’s game 😂 What other songs should be add?
21 Nov, 03:37 PM UTC
Collin Sherwin
Canceling games to keep players safe is fine. Canceling games 3 hrs before kickoff with no explanation isn’t. Stadium staff and fans are now en route for no reason. And if they don’t check their cell phones, they’re in for a surprise when they get to Doak.
21 Nov, 01:59 PM UTC
Mike Norvell driving past Clemson getting back on their team buses..
21 Nov, 03:49 PM UTC
Shannon R
@firenorveLLLLLL @6e1iev3r @TribeLawyerJ @clemsonjacob_16 @ClemsonTom Keep in mind... FSU head coach Mike Norvell tested positive on a Friday and his team played Saturday in a road game at Miami. So now they are concerned about Friday tests? Facts bro lol
21 Nov, 03:35 PM UTC
FSU's Mike Norvell: "We woke up this morning ready to play the game." Says decision was made through discussions by team medical advisors.
21 Nov, 04:01 PM UTC
Jeff or Jeffrey Fann
So florida state plays a game with a covid positive coach norvell against miami within 14 days of test but avoids Clemson with 1 postive test. Something is missing here with Florida State.
21 Nov, 03:33 PM UTC
Kenny 🐊
Mike Norvell commenting about the Clemson game like
21 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
If I'm Norvell or the Admin, the reason I cancel this game is the threat of having players not available for the next 2 weeks which are winnable games. And also the message it sends to the team after having strict rules about protocols.🍢
21 Nov, 03:56 PM UTC
FDE LaFlare 🥶
Mike Norvell on national television lying his ass off lol
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Mike Norvell comments on FSU-Clemson postponement @Noles247 on Norvell"> via @Noles247
21 Nov, 04:07 PM UTC
Young Wavy
But this is hypocritical. Norvell tested positive and their team still played a game. How is that situation different ?
21 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
If you were #FSU would you wanna play this game? No. #COVID is a real thing and I don’t blame the Noles for not wanting to get embarrassed on the field and then have a possible outbreak. Good for Norvell! #Clemson
21 Nov, 03:19 PM UTC
Lightskin Jimmy Butler
Dabo Swinney and the team bus pulling up by Norvell on Stadium Drive:
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Fleet Fettish 👀
Norvell trying to convince Dabo all his players got COVID when its time to run it byke
21 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
AP Top 25
No. 4 Clemson at Florida State postponed hours before kickoff when medical personnel from both schools could not agree it was safe to play amid the pandemic. by @piacobelli_AP
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Chris Solari
Son of former MSU AD Merritt Norvell, who died in October, is the head coach at Nevada. Merritt’s wife, Cynthia, died last year.
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Joshua Needelman
FSU coach Mike Norvell on College GameDay: “We woke up today ready to play this game. ... We’re all about building the trust and the understanding to keep our players safe.”
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Mike Norvell when game time was close.
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Bryan Fischer
Mike Norvell on GameDay: “We were ready to play the game."
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
🪓🍢Clemsoned It🍢🪓
Norvell lookin sharp on Gameday! Called out Clemson on their protocol too. #MikeGotUs
21 Nov, 04:01 PM UTC
Mike Norvell can kiss my ass!!!!! What a dick!
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
The Original Weezy
@Noles247 Support you 100% @Coach_Norvell. Keep our players safe and healthy 🍢🍢
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Proud of @FSUFootball and @Coach_Norvell for keeping player safety first!!! Go ‘Noles!
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Mike Norvell on postponement of FSU-Clemson: @247Sports's photo on Norvell
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC

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