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Penrith Panthers 🏆
FULL-TIME. The Panthers leave the nation's capital with a memorable victory over Canberra 🙌🏽 #pantherpride #NRLRaidersPanthers @PenrithPanthers's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:17 AM UTC
Penrith Panthers 🏆
Welcome to the @NRL, Sunia Turuva 🖤❤️💛💚 Stats ➡️ https://t.co/OJIOqp2tH7 #pantherpride #NRLRaidersPanthers @PenrithPanthers's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:05 AM UTC
Sadley Scorse
Lol fuck they're quick #weakgutteddog #nrlraiderspanthers https://t.co/eTSYSAutCE
06 Aug, 10:33 AM UTC
Jaemon Salmon looks like he’s asked his barber for the “Gunston” ? #NRLRaidersPanthers https://t.co/b1EKicFCNn
06 Aug, 09:28 AM UTC
POWER 🐾 #NRLRaidersPanthers @NRL's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:17 AM UTC
Adam Page
It's a solid field, but I'm declaring Michael Ennis as the worst commentator in the NRL. The bias he has towards teams he's either played/coached at, it is cringe #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 08:07 AM UTC
Michael Ennis is already at volume 11/10 and the game hasn't even kicked off yet. #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 07:28 AM UTC
Badly Drawn Rugby League
DING 🛎 #BadlyDrawnRugbyLeague #NRL #NRLRaidersPanthers #CanberraRaiders #SalmonKick #Starling https://t.co/ijrZcJerag
06 Aug, 11:54 PM UTC
Brad Allen
When we have such a focus in the #nrl on the mental health of players, to have a respected coach refer to a player as Stuart did (and as a kid!) is beyond reproach. It’s pathetic, it’s beyond acceptable and the @NRL MUST ban him. A fine isn’t enough. #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC
Bogues Ⓥ 🌱
If you want to holiday in Batemans Bay in September you have 12 minutes to book your accommodation before @RaidersCanberra players and family book everything out… #NRL #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:05 AM UTC
Mike Meehall Wood
"He was a weak gutter dog as a kid and he hasn’t changed now. He’s a weak gutter dog person now." Eeesh, either Sticky really hates Jaeman Salmon or that's the most obvious deflection tactic of all time from a Canberra coach whose team just chucked finals. #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 10:27 AM UTC
Badly Drawn Rugby League
When you get up in the morning and read 45 texas informing you of all the apologies you will need doll out after last night. #Woof #BadlyDrawnRugbyLeague #NRLRaidersPanthers #NRL #RickyStuart https://t.co/qF5SwIu501
07 Aug, 12:23 AM UTC
Andrew Ferguson
Curious how this whole Stuart/Salmon saga will unfold in the media. My guess is the NRL journo's in mainstream media will attempt to verify Stuart's claim by revealing anything negative Salmon has done since birth. Ricky went full Leilua in the presser. #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 10:03 PM UTC
Crichton is BACK! 🐾 #NRLRaidersPanthers @NRL's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:29 AM UTC
Don’t get me wrong, it’s fair to say Jaemon Salmon deserves to at the very least be fined for lashing out with the feet; but if we have suspensions for that Michael Hancock would’ve spent five years of his career on the sidelines #NRLRaidersPanthers
07 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Philip Greenwood
Ricky Stuart with the ‘look over there, don’t look over here.’ #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 10:27 AM UTC
#NRLRaidersPanthers Match Highlights 🎥 Premiers downed Canberra 26-6 at GIO Stadium on Saturday night. @NRL's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 09:41 AM UTC
Aus Sports Guy
That’s unlike Ricky Stuart to take attention away from his dogshit coaching record. His team were flogged by an under strength opposition at home. Weak coach and a weaker person #nrlraiderspanthers #raiderspanthers
06 Aug, 10:33 AM UTC
Fox League
Raiders even it up at 12 on 12 right off the kick off. Was this worthy of a send-off? 📺 Watch #NRLRaidersPanthers LIVE on CH 502 or stream on Kayo: https://t.co/jqwfa2nJau ✍️ BLOG https://t.co/cF4tjz1kAn 🔢 MATCH CENTRE https://t.co/BWiL7kzdrE @FOXNRL's photo on #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 08:38 AM UTC
NichToe Hynes Appeciation Society
#NRLRaidersPanthers https://t.co/qIawExh1Yf
06 Aug, 09:23 AM UTC
Weak gutted dog or not… Why doesn’t Ivan EVER condemn shit behavior from his playing group? Just fuckin own it dude #NRLRaidersPanthers #WeakGuttedDog
06 Aug, 08:51 PM UTC
So, how come everyone has an opinion on what Ricky Stuart said but no opinion on what Jaemon Salmon did? It’s very weird… #NRLRaidersPanthers
06 Aug, 11:18 PM UTC
Sandy Lanceley
Seriously, though, Ricky Stuart is the master of misdirection. Has everyone talking about his temper meanwhile the Raiders are about to the miss the finals for the third year in a row. And they gave him an extension 😂 #NRLRaidersPanthers
07 Aug, 02:10 AM UTC
Warriors Nrl Fanatics
That Ricky Stuart Press Conference was Disgraceful. Their is no need to call out an opposition player in my opinion #NRLRaidersPanthers
07 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
Daniel Watson Hayes™
The game comes down hard when players and coaches question the integrity of officials. Will @NRL do the same, acting on a disgraceful character assassination of a player by Raiders Coach Ricky Stuart? It was defamatory and vicious https://t.co/vzN3hBa9Ps #NRLRaidersPanthers #NRL
06 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
Ashley Gonsalves 🇵🇰🇦🇺
Canberra Raiders should probably just put away the #VikingClap when they play the Panthers… it doesn’t go well for them when the Panthers play in front of it #NRLRaidersPanthers #NRL #PantherPride #Premiers🏆 https://t.co/lyWjyU7vTT
06 Aug, 10:21 AM UTC
Nathan Brookes
I hope ya get the lot. Weak gutted dog #NRLRaidersPanthers https://t.co/tqKLp5Ibl3
07 Aug, 12:30 AM UTC
So Ricky Stuart held a 10yr grudge against a 12yr old boy who made his son cry hahaha fuck off you twat #NRLRaidersPanthers
07 Aug, 04:10 AM UTC
The Raven’s Rock
Ricky Stuart has potentially defamed a player, brought his club and everyone in the game into a position of disrepute because…Salmon may have made his kid cry when they were 11. That’s his excuse. He’s holding a 12 year grudge against an 11 year old. #NRLRaidersPanthers https://t.co/LCSjPbAuJR
07 Aug, 01:52 AM UTC
Post Game Press conferences are proving to be a dangerous place for coaches- Adam O’Brien- I’ve won Four Grand Finals Ricky Stuart-Hold my beer! #NRLRaidersPanthers #NRLTigersKnights
06 Aug, 11:34 PM UTC