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Michael Sheetz
An emotional William Shatner, moments after returning from space, tells Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos about his experience: "Everybody in the world needs to see this." #NS18 @thesheetztweetz's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC
Blue Origin
Capsule touchdown! Welcome home to the crew of #NS18!
13 Oct, 03:00 PM UTC
Blue Origin
Congratulations to the entire Blue Origin team on today’s mission and stay tuned for more from Launch Site One! #NS18
13 Oct, 03:15 PM UTC
Boeing Space
Welcome back to the crew of @blueorigin's #NS18! May your bold ventures to where few have gone before inspire everyone to reach for the stars. 🖖 📸: Blue Origin @BoeingSpace's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 03:00 PM UTC
Blue Origin
The #NewShepard hatch is closed. Final checks are underway. #NS18
13 Oct, 02:15 PM UTC
Blue Origin
17th consecutive booster landing for #NewShepard and fourth consecutive landing for this particular booster. #NS18 @blueorigin's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 06:05 PM UTC
Glen de Vries
Well, the crew of #ns18 — the “snake bites” have graduated from @blueorigin training! @WilliamShatner @DrChrispyMusic @AudreyKPowers @CaptainClinical's photo on #NS18
12 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
Blue Origin
Liftoff! #NewShepard has cleared the tower with astronauts on board for the second time. #NS18
13 Oct, 02:50 PM UTC
Blue Origin
#NewShepard and the #NS18 crew headed to space this morning from Launch Site One. @blueorigin's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 05:11 PM UTC
TJ Cooney 🚀
TONS of New Glenn hardware FINALLY revealed in today's #NS18 live stream #shatnerinspace https://t.co/kJoDTgHVif
13 Oct, 01:10 PM UTC
Latest in space
Welcome back to Earth, William Shatner and #NS18 crew! 🌎 https://t.co/o8Ng3G32oc
13 Oct, 04:03 PM UTC
And here we've got some live footage of @WilliamShatner as he's launched into space- wait what is that #BlueOrigin #NS18 @MeTV's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 02:54 PM UTC
Laura Seward Forczyk 🌙💫🚀
Woohoo! Congratulations @blueorigin astronauts of #NS18! 🚀 Live long and prosper. 🖖
13 Oct, 02:55 PM UTC
George Lentini
Today, my team had the absolute honor of sending @WilliamShatner to space. 10 year old me never could have dreamed of this day. Live long and prosper! #NS18 https://t.co/QbkjBT9usP
13 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
State Farm
.@JakeStateFarm you do know how to do the moonwalk, right? #NS18 @StateFarm's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 02:57 PM UTC
Andrea Leinfelder
William Shatner's space career is no longer fictional. The "Star Trek" actor traveled more than 66 miles above the Earth — in real life — on Wednesday. He was part of Blue Origin’s four-person crew that launched from West Texas at 9:50 a.m. #NS18 https://t.co/O3D2Ozypbp
13 Oct, 03:15 PM UTC
Manuel Mazzanti
Buena y exitosa segunda misión suborbital tripulada para @blueorigin, con un @WilliamShatner emocionado por la experiencia. #NS18 @manumazzanti's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 03:21 PM UTC
Dustin Pari
Here’s to you @WilliamShatner and the crew of @blueorigin #NS18. Still making history. 🚀
13 Oct, 01:24 PM UTC
Cosmic Perspective
Thank you @WilliamShatner for your words today. We too hope you “never recover” from this experience and we have an opportunity to hear more of your thoughts, in only the way you can describe them. 🖖♥️ #overvieweffect #NS18
13 Oct, 05:42 PM UTC
Alien Boyle
"I hope I never recover from this": @WilliamShatner is overcome with emotion after flying to final frontier on @blueorigin's suborbital spaceship: https://t.co/Oohmuq52qK H/T @cboshuizen @AudreyKPowers @CaptainClinical @JeffBezos #NewShepard #NS18 @b0yle's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 03:44 PM UTC
Michael Sheetz
As much as Bezos seemed to want to join today's spaceflight, he exits the capsule after helping strap in the crew and closes the hatch #NS18 @thesheetztweetz's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 02:15 PM UTC
Michael Sheetz
The crew are now climbing the launch tower #NS18 @thesheetztweetz's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 01:58 PM UTC
Michael Sheetz
Cornell: "To all the Trekkies out there who are joining us, thank you so much. It is a pleasure and an honor to be sending Captain Kirk to space today." #NS18 @thesheetztweetz's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 02:01 PM UTC
Michael Sheetz
#NS18 launchpad photo op @thesheetztweetz's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 01:55 PM UTC
UPDATED: Watch William Shatner Launch Into Space… And His Emotional Return #NS18 #BlueOrigin #WilliamShatner Return https://t.co/fE1k9GeWcz
13 Oct, 06:04 PM UTC
Classic Movie Hub
Really excited about this! @WilliamShatner space flight! You can tune in now for the @blueorigin live stream rocket launch scheduled for 10am ET today on YouTube. Coverage starts 8:30am ET, Rocket lift off 10am... #WilliamShatner #StarTrek #otd #NS18 https://t.co/TCWzGmzy6V https://t.co/c5TPiNTsrW
13 Oct, 12:30 PM UTC
CAPITÁN KIRK ALCANZA LA FRONTERA FINAL El Capitán Kirk original de la franquicia #StarTrek, el actor William Shatner de 90 años, viajó "a las estrellas" a bordo de la cápsula #NS18 de @BlueOrigin,en su segundo lanzamiento y se convierte en la persona más longeva en ir al espacio https://t.co/5tNxhK3S7i
13 Oct, 06:23 PM UTC
Jeff Foust
At T-5 mins: “Things are getting real.” “Things are getting really real.” #NS18
13 Oct, 02:46 PM UTC
WATCH! William Shatner launches on #BlueOrigin space flight #NS18 https://t.co/oIGuhZt1l2 @WVTM13's photo on #NS18
13 Oct, 02:55 PM UTC