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Chris Mason
How to win #NSHvsCOL 1. Skate really, really fast & do lots of quick turns to get away from bad guys. 2. Tell your goalie that if he doesn’t get scored on you’ll be his BFF. It helps. 3. Shoot the puck like sooo hard & super accurate every time but sometimes do a trick shot. @cmace30's photo on #NSHvsCOL
07 Nov, 04:09 PM UTC
Conor McGahey
Twelve different @Avalanche players had a point in that PERIOD. Six goals in 8 minutes is a new Avs record and the second most in the @NHL since 2005-06. #HolyMoly #NSHvsCOL #GoAvsGo
08 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
ELLIS 🚨 That's your @gohermitage First Goal of the Game, tied 1-1. #Preds | #NSHvsCOL @PredsNHL's photo on #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 02:32 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
8-3, Colorado 😢 #Preds | #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 03:32 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
Well, that could've gone better. #Preds | #NSHvsCOL @PredsNHL's photo on #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 03:45 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
Prince Filip 👑 #Preds | #NSHvsCOL @PredsNHL's photo on #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 03:15 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
SMITH 🚨 Road Frosty ✅ #Preds | #NSHvsCOL @PredsNHL's photo on #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:27 AM UTC
Nashville Predators
Avs goal, 9-4 😔 #Preds | #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
Music City Gold - 🎙😼🏒🥅🚨
Uh. What just happened? Is the hockey game broke? Have we tried turning it off and on again? #Preds #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
615 Maverick
#Avs selling the HELL out of these penalties and these refs are buying 😑 #NSHvsCOL https://t.co/oZS4C56CRs
08 Nov, 02:49 AM UTC
Thomas Willis
The Preds have scored 9 several times over the years, but for the first time in franchise history, they’ve allowed 9 goals. 9-4 #Avs. #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC
08 Nov, 04:39 AM UTC
Jeffrey Middleton (9-5-2)
That legal weed in Colorado is getting to the refs... #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 02:53 AM UTC
Raj - Altitude Sports Radio
And the cherry on top of a BIG night for the #Avs is the 9th of the night, and the hat trick for Donskoi. #GoAvsGo #NSHvsCOL https://t.co/D3v4sByb8L
08 Nov, 04:38 AM UTC
Nancy Lambert
What a great game!! 💪💪💪#NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
Gregg Stone
Where has this team been the last 5 games? What an ass whippin’! @Avalanche #NSHVSCOL
08 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
No one: Absolutely No one: Colorado commentator: “The Avs score! I’m rock solid! What a sick shit by Nathan “Have My Kids” Mackinnon!” #GoAvsGo #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
No @cmace30 they don’t need to put it past them- they need to remember this awfu failure and truly learn from it- not forget that it ever happened #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
Josh Conway
Donskoi with 8 goals on the season! His career high is 14! #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:38 AM UTC
Gary Thurner
#NSHvsCOL Any more questions about Graves earning a spot as an authentic NHL D man?
08 Nov, 05:21 AM UTC
Papa Riggles
"the predators have never allowed 9 goals in a game" BET. #NSHvsCOL #GoAvsGo #goasshailsatan
08 Nov, 04:05 AM UTC
Mary O'Neil
Meanwhile at the Pepsie Center . . . #NSHvsCOL https://t.co/29hPrqJYq5
08 Nov, 04:37 AM UTC
Landry Agnes
Shameful #NSHvsCOL
08 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Blake Tourangeau Blood
Predators at Avalanche #NSHvsCOL https://t.co/EB4He4mXl3 #GoAvsGo #Preds
08 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
Lance Salyers
08 Nov, 04:39 AM UTC
ESPN 102.5 The Game
GOAL: Donskoi picks up the hat trick as he drives to the net. 9-4 Avs. #NSHvsCOL #Preds
08 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
#GoAvsGo #NSHvsCOL damn rip to all of Nashville
08 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Gerald L #Preds #Yotes #BoringHockeySzn
08 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC
Gary Thurner
#NSHvsCOL Francouz has been pretty sketchy
08 Nov, 05:22 AM UTC

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