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Newcastle United FC
TEAM-NEWS 🚨 HWTL! ⚫️⚪️ #ARSNEW | #NUFC @NUFC's photo on #nufc
16 Feb, 03:30 PM UTC
Newcastle United FC
⚡️ @asaintmaximin ⚡️ #NUFC @NUFC's photo on #nufc
16 Feb, 11:11 AM UTC
Sancho just posted this on Instagram 👀⚫⚪ #NUFC @nufcflynn's photo on #nufc
16 Feb, 12:20 PM UTC
Joe Halliday
Fuck Bruce. Fuck Charnley. Fuck Ashley. Fuck Sports Direct. Fuck 5 at the back. Fuck all the happy clippers thinking it's all okay. Just fuck this football club, man. These 13 years have been fucking horrible. Put us out our misery and sell up. We are going nowhere. #NUFC
16 Feb, 06:23 PM UTC
NUFC 360
This club is DESPERATE for a takeover #NUFC
16 Feb, 07:04 PM UTC
Leon Bell
After the hammering today, bentaleb, atsu, maximin and rose for the train up, with newcastle fans. From what i’ve been told they refused to take pictures with a 10 year old fan and apparently danny rose has squared up with a fan! #nufc https://t.co/JsZy8GAyAn
16 Feb, 10:02 PM UTC
Newcastle United FC
A first #NUFC start for both Danny Rose and Valentino Lazaro at the Emirates this afternoon! 👊 #ARSNEW https://t.co/Gcf9nD01Bk
16 Feb, 03:32 PM UTC
steve wraith
Dropping Ritchie is crazy for me...work rate second to none..born leader on the pitch, for me should be captain...will be a big miss today..#NUFC
16 Feb, 03:38 PM UTC
mark nicols
If you are going back as a season ticket holder next year with no owner ship change you deserve the football you get to see, and shit the club produces This isn’t Newcastle United and hasn’t been for years, you don’t need to ‘support the team’ #ashleyout #nufc
16 Feb, 06:42 PM UTC
Evgeny Kolobrodov
Manager of the season!👌 #nufc https://t.co/2woD3Kggh2
16 Feb, 06:57 PM UTC
Adam Widdrington
Steve Bruce’s Mathematically Improbable Mags #NUFC https://t.co/z1tjRbjB47
16 Feb, 04:23 PM UTC
Deka Petrie
That second half is up there with the worst I have ever seen. Utterly disgusting. #NUFC
16 Feb, 06:22 PM UTC
Dear #SWFC fans. As a fan and representative of #NUFC, I would like to propose we swap managers. I don’t even know who yours is. One of your fans will do. Anyone. Please. BUT you get Bruce back. Deal?
16 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
Today in 2005 SC Heerenveen 1 Newcastle United 2 UEFA Cup Round 2 - 1st Leg Alan Shearer ‘69 Lee Bowyer ‘82 (Klaas-Jan Huntelaar ‘24) #NUFC https://t.co/UHEQhidZJ8
17 Feb, 02:37 AM UTC
Chris Waugh
"I hope my journey with Newcastle is not over. It feels like home now" @TheAthleticUK met up with Jetro Willems when he returned to Tyneside on Friday. He discusses his injury, rehab, #NUFC loan, Wijnaldhm, Saint-Maximin & what happens next for him https://t.co/qpOPrh1HFe
17 Feb, 07:18 AM UTC
steve wraith
We have to keep reminding him to get in the box. What an epitaph for someone you spent £40m on Lee Charnley #nufc https://t.co/t532ZAM82O
16 Feb, 11:58 PM UTC
steve wraith
I called this in August and was trolled incessantly by anonymous accounts. The fact is Lee Charnley spent £40m of Ashleys money on a player who cannot score goals and gave him the number 9 shirt. #nufc https://t.co/PnGrOG8CJh
17 Feb, 08:18 AM UTC
NUFC 360
A topic of controversy it seems. All I can say is the second half was abysmal from everyone bar maybe ASM. Also, Joelinton is not in any shape or form a striker, simply put he doesn't have that movement. As a no. 10 he MIGHT do well. #NUFC https://t.co/DoH8jq0iYc
17 Feb, 08:55 AM UTC
Who's your messiah?
Daily reminder that .SportsDirectUK Paid back £1m in stolen wages Had 76 ambulances to warehouse in 2 years Zero hour contracts Labelled 'most unethical' company in FTSE350 Staff worked unpaid to get shifts the following week #sportsdirectshame #ASHLEYOUT #ifrafagoeswego #NUFC
16 Feb, 11:30 AM UTC
Markansas Mag
Whenever the camera is on Steve Bruce he’s licking his lips and burping. Every time. Anyone else noticed this? #nufc
16 Feb, 05:58 PM UTC
Andrew Simpson
Ready to go onto the pitches @NU_Foundation v Arsenal in the first league game of the #championship #EAFA @amputeefootball #comeonyoumags #NUFC #legoffgameon #amputeefootball @robwelch1989 @steveno121291 with HE @NCDOfficial #sportsresearch student supporting data analysis ⚽⚽ https://t.co/qdHGfNzRYG
16 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
Topatha Gorths at law
#NUFC fans picking a fight with Rose, Bentaleb, Maximong and Bentaleb. The fact all four of them are black is merely coincidence - they’re not racist at all. https://t.co/uSkFuo9IqO
17 Feb, 08:30 AM UTC
The Chronicle
On this day in 2002: @nobbysolanouk4 fired #NUFC into the quarter-finals of the FA Cup as the Magpies beat Manchester City 1-0. Former NUFC boss Kevin Keegan made an emotional return to St James' Park that day as manager of #MCFC https://t.co/zD02Al3G7n
17 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Me, waking up in the knowledge that both Sunderland and Newcastle are doing their very best to be playing against each other in the Championship next season. #safc #nufc https://t.co/igPzt0ft63
17 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Stuart Latimer Esq.
@FactsRafa Its a misunderstanding how football works as Bruce has 6 more points than Rafa had at this stage last season & 7 more already this season against the Top 6 than Rafa last season winning once vs @ManCity & losing all the other 11. Those +7 Pts are more valuable than any GD. #NUFC https://t.co/qVh5ECepex
16 Feb, 09:27 PM UTC
Chris Waugh
If you want to read this interview with Jetro Willems & to gain access to all the #NUFC & PL content you can get 40% off an @TheAthleticUK subscription by visiting https://t.co/naRAfRpw7E today https://t.co/qpOPrh1HFe
17 Feb, 08:02 AM UTC
Stuart Latimer Esq.
Knew I’d forgotten something - cheers for the reminder @RafaFacts by unblocking me for the 5th time! Tonight’s @PremierLeague comparison to last year - @SuperBrucie ‘s Mags have 31 Pts from 26 games & are 13th. @rafabenitezweb had 25 Pts from 26 last season & lay 16th #NUFC https://t.co/s5uK6QUxMR https://t.co/UqdrqoJCos
16 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
@raisbeck10 @MsiDouglas @lee_ryder @GeorgeCaulkin @PeteGravesSky @CraigHope_DM Gents, what on earth is going on with 4 players - including our two new loanees - getting the train back to Newcastle yesterday, amid rumours of a rift with Bruce? #nufc
17 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
Pasty Guy
What a knobhead. The very last thing people should be doing is taking their anger out on the players especially when they have got us out of a lot of tight spots this season #NUFC https://t.co/96wRdrCurp
17 Feb, 09:11 AM UTC
Wow! Few players had a massive bust up with Steve Bruce after yesterday’s game & fans & players squaring up to each other on the train. Mackem boy Danny Rose was close to battering one I hear #NUFC
17 Feb, 09:05 AM UTC