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Watching the NXT 2.0 set come to life like 🤯🤩🤯🤩 The new era of #WWENXT continues TONIGHT at 8/7c on @USA_Network! @WWE's photo on NXT 2.0
21 Sep, 04:00 PM UTC
Ryan Satin
NXT 2.0 reminds me of the Hulu/early WWE Network era of the brand where there was more of a focus on character building, which I was always a fan of. Gave us Bayley, Sasha Banks, The Wyatt Family, the rebirth of Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn, Bo Dallas and more.
22 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
Ryan Satin
I like NXT 2.0 so far 🤷🏽‍♂️
22 Sep, 01:01 AM UTC
Watching the NXT 2.0 set come to life like 🤯🤩🤯🤩 The new era of #WWENXT continues TONIGHT at 8/7c on @USA_Network! @WWENXT's photo on NXT 2.0
21 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com
NXT 2.0 Likely Heading Towards Edgier Product At Encouragement Of Vince McMahon Full story, details on Fightful Select! https://t.co/AKF5VbFQiU @SeanRossSapp's photo on NXT 2.0
21 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
Man isn’t wrestling just in a great place right now ? - RAW apparently had their best episode of the year last night. - NXT 2.0 continues to be amazing. - We have the two AEW Grand Slam shows coming up - And SmackDown and Extreme Rules as well 🔥 #WWENXT
22 Sep, 02:11 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
A pretty solid episode of NXT 2.0. A lot of debuts, though. #WWENXT
22 Sep, 02:04 AM UTC
NXT 2.0 wrestler I have never seen before in my life: My name is Biscuit Rosenheim Me: https://t.co/KoNBGCXIU5
22 Sep, 01:03 AM UTC
“With Tommaso Ciampa holding the NXT Championship, dammit NXT 2.0 just became the A Show.” What an opening promo by Ciampa, putting over all the young talent in the ring, and putting over NXT in general. Ciampa as Champion just feels so damn right. #WWENXT
22 Sep, 12:11 AM UTC
TRAFON(s Backup Account)
Watching NXT 2.0 is like watching that Rick and Morty episode with the Parasites that show up as zany characters and infect everyone's memories to think they've ALWAYS been there and in their lives. Just... like 50 new people showing up with no warning and "Care about them". https://t.co/sLxT0W6KhH
22 Sep, 01:48 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Week 2 of NXT 2.0. Let's see how it does. #WWENXT
22 Sep, 12:01 AM UTC
Will Mahoney
Second week of NXT 2.0 and I'm digging the format of a focused main event for the night surrounded by fresh new faces being put over through vignettes & quick matches. One thing about this show, it MOVES. #WWENXT
22 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC
Ringside News
#TommasoCiampa declares that NXT 2.0 is the A-Show! #WWENXT @ringsidenews_'s photo on NXT 2.0
22 Sep, 12:10 AM UTC
Several New Superstars Debut On #WWE NXT 2.0 This Week, New “Safe Space” Character, More https://t.co/gtlvlDWKNJ
22 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
🗺Karen先生 👩🏼‍🏫 華蓮でござる。
Girls' Night at NXT 2.0 didn't disappoint! https://t.co/0e8t3xqlCC
22 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
Nationally Published Troll
Everyone who posted positive reviews of NXT 2.0 last week probably has until Friday to delete until I get bored and start screen shotting. https://t.co/AdwrCdFqfk
22 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
tell me why 2 weeks of NXT 2.0 already outsold anything NXT tried to accomplish?? we got the same people in a repetitive weekly cycle and now?? we got multiple women on tv tonight that we’ve hardly gotten to see! yeah bless vince for this, it’s true https://t.co/4gdZ3dYkZI
22 Sep, 01:45 AM UTC
Nathan Bernhardt
not going to put the guy on blast with a quote-tweet but in the replies to some NXT 2.0 thing I saw someone respond to "crowd is very quiet" in the Joe Gacy match with "huh? they're being polite and watching the match" and that's just next-level pivoting. respect
22 Sep, 03:20 AM UTC
NXT 2.0 needs a dog wrestler who runs a blog
22 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
Me and @WWENXT always had a very close relationship. They even named themselves after me, or vice versa, it doesn't really matter. The point is, NXT 2.0 worried me a little bit but I'm worried no more. Like @TheBethPhoenix said, #WeAreStillNXT. And she was right. I still love it.
22 Sep, 02:15 AM UTC
Would Not Have Cut Off Kaze Ni Nare On Dynamite
NXT 2.0 is so dumb. It might be dumb fun. So bad it’s good? Hate watch? LOL watch?
22 Sep, 03:22 AM UTC
Ame-Resh-can Dragon 🐲🐉☝️
Now, then, forever fuck the fed but I love seeing everyone on the TL livetweeting whatever the fuck is going on over at NXT 2.0
22 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
NXT 2.0: Tommaso Ciampa y Bron Breakker vencedores https://t.co/RnaFMCfQcX
22 Sep, 03:35 AM UTC
Jack Cassidy 
@BLACKXMASS_ NXT 2.0 is amazing?
22 Sep, 03:13 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling Torch
Championship changes hands on tonight’s episode of NXT 2.0: https://t.co/0YuL5AxM7U
22 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
#BronBreakker será una mega super estrella en #WWE habla como su tío #ScottSteiner y tiene carisma y psicología en el ring, se mezcla muy bien con #TomassoCiampa y derrotan a #PeteDunne y #RidgeHolland porque #KyleOreilly llega a atacar a este último #wwe #nxt 2.0 https://t.co/5hncznPskw
22 Sep, 03:52 AM UTC
Three Title Matches Confirmed For Next Week’s Episode Of WWE NXT 2.0 https://t.co/CYYU653GDE https://t.co/kdXVG3ayPg
22 Sep, 03:47 AM UTC
THE WWE NXT 2.0 POST GAME SHOW IS NOW ONLINE Elite Only: https://t.co/nfEu4OYA97
22 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC