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𝑩𝑻𝑺 𝑽 𝑼𝑺𝑨 🇺🇸 #FirstSoloistV
Taehyung was watching his Vday ad by the V Fan Union, one of the most expensive and successful Vday projects ever made 1. Billboard ads in Time Square are expensive af 2. A bb ad in Time Square during New Year celebration even more 3. A bb ad in front of the stage during NYRE 🤯 https://t.co/LQBsPAn3FI
01 Aug, 12:18 PM UTC
s⁷ ♡ hyyh
the way bts said "this is our first and last superstar moment" at the nyre just for them to take over 2020 even more they keep growing and growing
01 Aug, 11:26 AM UTC
Rafranz ⁷
Did anyone else just realize that there probably won’t be a NYRE this year? I also teared up at the fanchants. Oh man, I miss life before this pandemic so much
01 Aug, 11:27 AM UTC
when jimin accidentally did this at NYRE 🤣🤣 @BTS_twt #BTS https://t.co/fK2lqRZbKc
01 Aug, 01:25 PM UTC
hourly jimin •᷄ɞ•᷅
nyre jimin was truly a Moment in history https://t.co/UlJRk4RkzH
01 Aug, 12:13 PM UTC
chaotic jin stan ⁷
it's so crazy seeing nyre footage because it was like "damn this is gonna be bts' year for sure" and then everything changed and everything's different except for one thing and that's the fact it's STILL gonna be bts' year. every year is their year. insanity.
01 Aug, 01:29 PM UTC
NYRE 비하인드 태형 컷 모음 🔍 (1) 늦었지만...ㅎㅎ https://t.co/mNHzniPCuN
01 Aug, 01:11 PM UTC
Bits that stuck out in the nyre bangtan b0mb: - the boys being surprised so many were there n thinking it was for other artists - them being so thrilled by their billboards (esp tae for his bday ones) - them being so excited and happy - them cracking up at jm's jacket
01 Aug, 11:25 AM UTC
chile wtf do namjoon mean NYRE was their first and last superstar moment... y’all are BTS...WHEEEEEN IS THAT EVER GONNA CLICK FOR THEMDMDKFF
01 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
nora⁷ • . * .
i am so happy bts ditched mbc and went to NYRE .... they genuinely looked so happy <3
01 Aug, 11:29 AM UTC
Aishu ⁷ ⟭⟬ x ⟬⟭
How could he be more cuter... Uwu that jacket mistake was the cutest of all 💜. Watch the NYRE episode on their YouTube channel if you haven't already. #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/gOOwQBhyWe
01 Aug, 12:06 PM UTC
thinking about bts at nyre makes me emotional cause we were all ready to spend the new year with the boys and they were so excited and so happy too, but rona had to ruin everything ugh
01 Aug, 11:39 AM UTC
The saddest part of NYRE is that they want to comeback next year. How?🥺😭 #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt
01 Aug, 11:53 AM UTC
𝐌𝐈𝐋𖧵⁷ listening to folklore
when will shippers stop cropping out other members😀 yesterday (or was it the other day?) t4e was cropped out from the baskin robbins thingy and now j!min from NYRE im so tired😀
01 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
we were all so happy during nyre bts was so happy they were glowing why did 2020 have to turn out like this Why WHYY
01 Aug, 01:37 PM UTC
NEW BTS 8.21 enthusiast⁷
:( travel to the US will almost surely be banned at that time bc of the foolishness in this country, can't be trusted during the holidays ): I'm sure BTS would be asked to send in a remote performance though! I mean, LA wasn't originally part of NYRE, so why not? https://t.co/NXElrZiCiH
01 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC
Roxsy Roxs - SupremePdMom
@bts_bighit Aawww this was the best NYRE and my best celebration for a New Year with my 7 beautiful boys. Thank you for this gift. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 @BTS_twt
01 Aug, 01:44 PM UTC
#문아제작 방탄밤 NYRE Make it right 안무 슈가 컷 #윤기 #슈가 #SUGA @BTS_twt https://t.co/CRglSVy8Il
01 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC

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