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Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Oh look, here’s Politico writing another hit piece on a woman in politics. That hasn’t happened since...Warren announced. Keep going @AOC and freshman class women. Thank you for fighting for us - we got your back! https://t.co/3V6M0vbQM3
11 Jan, 01:44 PM UTC
Cristobal Alex
Let me try and save folks some time here. You cannot rein in Latinas. They rein you in. #YearOfTheLatina #FutureIsLatina “Exasperated Democrats try to rein in @AOChttps://t.co/30c02yjTpa @politico
11 Jan, 12:57 PM UTC
Exasperated Democrats are trying to rein in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez https://t.co/NrifqWoNDT
11 Jan, 10:48 AM UTC
Michael Whitney
Very helpful for Politico to get a primary shortlist going for us These comments are astounding. The country is collapsing and the world is on fire and Democratic members say on the record that @AOC "doesn’t understand how the place works yet.” https://t.co/is3TLboCJz
11 Jan, 12:56 PM UTC
Latino Victory
“Reining in” the youngest woman elected to Congress in history? A progressive Latina leader who dared to take on the establishment... and won? Good luck. We’re with @AOC. Byeeeee 👋🏼 https://t.co/i0OMoPKVqt
11 Jan, 01:46 PM UTC
Sarah Jones
House Democrats might ask themselves *why* AOC is a star https://t.co/yoCZrmx1Cx
11 Jan, 01:24 PM UTC
Matt Stoller
The Democratic Party insider culture is weird, creepy, and super out of touch. It's basically the annoying people in College Democrats from the 1980s and 1990s who look down on others for not obsessing over Roberts Rules of Order. https://t.co/kTQhAdqVOE
11 Jan, 02:19 PM UTC
Exasperated Dems try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez... https://t.co/S0tgpZIpyr
11 Jan, 01:33 PM UTC
Tom Watson
This is an interesting piece - the role of @NydiaVelazquez and tensions with Justice Dems worth noting. But I'd also add: Dems as a whole should adopt AOC's cheerful fearlessness. It's Pelosi-like. And yes, winning Twitter does matter, like it or not. https://t.co/LyfnUEl769
11 Jan, 01:09 PM UTC
David Dayen
"We have this new Congressmember who has galvanized millions of people and is really generating goodwill for the party!" "Well, we're going to have to put an end to that!" https://t.co/dmqav5hdyM
11 Jan, 02:46 PM UTC
ryan cooper
the only sensible conclusion here is AOC is basically on the right track https://t.co/SAAclsvTKp
11 Jan, 03:17 PM UTC
We can’t have Democrats criticizing one another, say Democrats criticizing AOC. https://t.co/Vj2LNZ2Oaa
11 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
Is this before or after they set up Instagram Live accounts https://t.co/Yh9MeWgRya
11 Jan, 02:03 PM UTC
David Sirota
Exasperated nobility inside Versailles palace try to rein in serfs’ envoy https://t.co/Y62Go74Jjl
11 Jan, 02:29 PM UTC
Chris Stamper
She has a nasty habit of actually saying out loud and in public the things Dems whisper about with each other in private. She’s showing the country how crazy they really are. Nancy and Chuck don’t like that. https://t.co/hiGHBGysru
11 Jan, 02:40 PM UTC
Lily Herman
Big thanks to Politico for publishing a story that inadvertently showcases why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and more women like her are needed. Best of luck to all the Dems who went on the record with their condescending remarks in this piece. https://t.co/3PRJSIALoH
11 Jan, 02:33 PM UTC
Matt Stoller
The Democratic #BigLaw, Hill, and nonprofit space is like a set of incredibly meek loser mafia families. There are a few key people that control all the money and the blacklists are ridiculous. Read the article and you'll see how insular this culture is. https://t.co/kTQhAdqVOE
11 Jan, 02:25 PM UTC
Jonathan "Boo and Vote" Cohn
Funny how Democrats never seem to get mad when their party is attacked by the right-wing of the caucus. https://t.co/1Zkb35IIoV
11 Jan, 01:07 PM UTC
Kyle Cheney
20 House Dems and staffers described growing angst about @AOC and her swipes at fellow Democrats. Great read by @heatherscope and @rachaelmbade https://t.co/RleNtKQ5ML
11 Jan, 12:13 PM UTC
David Sirota
I’m guessing you’ve read the Politico story on House Dems being mad at @AOC: https://t.co/Y62Go74Jjl To really understand the dynamic, you have to understand that this is a culture of fear & entitlement thats existed for 15+ yrs. See this story from 2005: https://t.co/3XTstt7yfn https://t.co/pO9L3ZHhee
11 Jan, 03:14 PM UTC
Gritty 2020🔥
Congressional Democrats say they’re “afraid of @AOC” supporting primary challenges. That really means Democrats are afraid working people will vote them out for siding with donors over voters. Good. They should be. https://t.co/IxEXEapA6n
11 Jan, 02:52 PM UTC
Jon Schwarz
A better headline for this story would be "Democratic Party Every Bit As Horrendous As You Imagined" https://t.co/BTuOnL30V4
11 Jan, 02:49 PM UTC
Mark Harris
A. Many of the Democrats quoted here sound like "You don't know how things are done around here" villains in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. B. If the Democrats are worried they should be boosting other telegenic, smart freshmen, not trying to "rein in" one. https://t.co/RcU3nXZmgF
11 Jan, 03:16 PM UTC
aída chávez
love seeing the brains of moderate democrats and Very Serious Journalists explode https://t.co/dD3tXogBbk
11 Jan, 01:54 PM UTC
Kate Aronoff
Update from the Get Off My Lawn Caucus: https://t.co/Xr7SC1aS7W
11 Jan, 03:16 PM UTC
we're going to pass AVR
this is a weird thing to grant anonymity for (and also suggests politico doesn’t know what ideology is) https://t.co/Xzc5GGsQ9c we're going to pass AVR's photo on Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO
11 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
Daniel Biss
Here's a fun exercise! Think about what you value more: (A) having one more Democrat in Congress who plays the inside game and delivers for their district, or (B) having a Democrat in Congress who's fundamentally trying to change the game. Then read this: https://t.co/dTPMzDzI6B
11 Jan, 02:43 PM UTC
Democrats pissed off the @AOC has GAUL 2 push primary challengers against them. GOOD. She shouldn't back down & be quiet & "learn the job." They need to UNLEARN corruption and spending 75% of their time dialing for special interest $...or lose their seats https://t.co/9dCSf1ljJT
11 Jan, 03:25 PM UTC
Jon Schwarz
Democrats Who Believe Its Terrible and Illegitimate for Democrats to Attack Each Other Attack Democrat https://t.co/BTuOnL30V4
11 Jan, 02:54 PM UTC
Dave Anthony - Creator of the Soy Awards
AOC is in Congress and has an enormous twitter following because a huge number of Americans see someone who finally represents their beliefs and tells the truth. House Dems are so furious they do a hit piece on her in the press. https://t.co/KVYlbU0lPV
11 Jan, 03:28 PM UTC
“I’m sure Ms. Cortez means well, but there’s almost an outstanding rule: Don’t attack your own people. We just don’t need sniping in our Democratic Caucus.” Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) https://t.co/5h6GyLEF1Z
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
Rachael Bade
NEW: House Dems are trying to rein in 29 yr old progressive super star @AOC, who they see as a potential asset but also worry will cause infighting in the caucus. Her past efforts to primary incumbents hasn't made her many friends yet Me& @heatherscope https://t.co/UqIuLrrK4L
11 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
Joanne Belknap
Sounds like mainstream elected Democrats (1) are jealous, & (2) still don’t get it that ⁦@AOC⁩ is what a groundswell of exasperated voting Democrats want! Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO https://t.co/CRJZrft6l4
11 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
Matt Karp 🌹🦏🇺🇸
PS if you believe there must be a major political struggle against this timid and donor-captured Democratic establishment, there is only one presidential candidate who they universally fear -- and it's not Warren or Gillibrand https://t.co/CIHQZWxNRU
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Justin Kanew
Every Democrat I know wants @AOC to keep going. Try again @politico. https://t.co/Jc37cTX864
11 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC
𝑅𝑒𝒹 𝑅𝒾𝑜𝓉 🇵🇷🌹
@AOC isn’t some wild animal that needs taming. She was elected because of her fiery demeanor. That’s the type of fighter many people were looking for after years of having their needs ignored and their rights trampled. https://t.co/gjnKinlbs0
11 Jan, 03:02 PM UTC
Susan Crabtree
Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez https://t.co/RwGfLeAdRN
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Lance Mason
I'm beginning to think that the D.C. press just doesn't like the fact that woman who are Democrats can be politicians too....( And I'd add. Good ones.) Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez https://t.co/YK9sMePnbg via @politico
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Dems Looking to Bring Ocasio-Cortez Under Control -https://t.co/mBETcaw1uo - Newsmax – Politics Democratic House members are trying to rein in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Politico is reporting. Some of the lawmakers want her to help unite Democrats and focus he... FullMagazine❌'s photo on Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
A rocket burns hot, high& fast, but eventually it crashes and burns. Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
kelly oubre apologist
Not shocking that Democrats can't wrap their minds around the concept of "having core beliefs/goals and organizing to achieve them" https://t.co/H8ESaKJcy2
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
Rich Molina Jr
@AOC they want you to play nice, because their worst fear is having to actually change things. If they don’t want to be primaried, they should lead and legislate with urgency on urgent issues like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. https://t.co/tWJa1i8k7D
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
Trump Train Army
Dems Looking to Bring Ocasio-Cortez Under Control Democratic House members are trying to rein in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Politico is reporting. Trump Train Army's photo on Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Anthony Davis
Hence why @AOC will be a future President of the United States... #AOC https://t.co/guxWRLZntG
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO. Oh, now we don’t want someone who can challenge the status quo? https://t.co/VJfgHmsrAO
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Joe Jurado
"We're annoyed that someone wants us to be better." https://t.co/57hCfPyV1l
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Bruce Wolman
@RepRaskin, does your new leadership role include reigning in @AOC? Don't even think about it. Exasperated Democrats want Ocasio-Cortez to reign in elite Dems & their corporate donors. Don't let them tame you, AOC. That's what they always do. https://t.co/zZo5FrCuSq
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Sean Noble
Fascinating quote from Progressive Caucus founder ⁦@RepRaulGrijalva⁩: “Maybe it’s the aunt or uncle you didn’t want to invite to the wedding, but Ocasio-Cortez is part of the family.” - Exasperated Democrats try to rein in ⁦@AOChttps://t.co/sNIDVCGoDd
11 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC

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