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FPL Focal
The Arsenal lads are on a mad one: 🔺 Elneny took a -56 hit 🔺 Nketiah sold Son for Ward-Prowse 🔺 Holding took a -4 for Welbeck and Saint-Maximin 🔺 Odegaard captained himself
13 Aug, 10:58 AM UTC
Sash ~
That bit of play by Odegaard OMG, absolutely unreal. Ozilesque
13 Aug, 03:28 PM UTC
Full Time....4-2 Gabriel Jesus.... Phenomenal Martinelli...... Superstar Xhaka.....Baller Zinchenko....Super Solid Saliba....Rock Solid Odegaard....Always keep it moving Partey.....Midfield Marshall Saka..... Starboy White.... Solid Gabriel..... Immense Arsenal.... Gargantuan https://t.co/WIHrMm97rd
13 Aug, 04:05 PM UTC
Previsões do Futebol
O Arsenal vai encontrar muitas dificuldades diante do time do Leicester, que será muito perigoso no jogo. O horóscopo mostra vitória dos Gunners em casa. Os jogadores Gabriel Jesus e Odegaard serão os heróis da partida.
13 Aug, 12:23 PM UTC
Ozil I'm so sorry. Watching this odegaard standing were you stood makes me sick
13 Aug, 02:15 PM UTC
Like I said on @kobobid's space yesterday, Arsenal need Tielemans to give Odegaard a bit of competition in the middle of the park. #BiggerBetterFootball
13 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
Simon Collings
In the 37-degree heat, and with Martinelli and Jesus flying, it felt more like Rio than north London. Live piece on the growing partnership between Arsenal’s Brazilian pair: https://t.co/feRUNLjdsW
13 Aug, 04:24 PM UTC
6 goals in 2 games without anything major from Odegaard & Saka is a good sign.
13 Aug, 04:22 PM UTC
Xhaka looks more dangerous going forward than Odegaard, that should be a call for grave, grave concern. Make excuses though.
13 Aug, 02:23 PM UTC
Odegaard is such a useless player when do we stop pretending he’s good
13 Aug, 02:31 PM UTC
Mirror Football
🎯 The Arsenal captain is hoping for more "combinations" with the club's new No. 9 https://t.co/lYwGyz5FSz
13 Aug, 01:58 PM UTC
Get Jesus a proper creative baller behind him. Odegaard is NOT levels.
13 Aug, 02:28 PM UTC
Excited Arsenal Fan
What’s so encouraging to me about this Arsenal team is that neither Odegaard or Saka were particularly good today and we still scored 4 goals
13 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Positive is that Odegaard, Saka and Partey have all been dogshit so far, yet we still kill teams, Fabio Vieira to come in and hopefully two more signings to follow, and we're good to go
13 Aug, 04:01 PM UTC
Buchi Laba
LETS GO BOYS! - Jesus to start his goal scoring reign. - Saliba another masterclass. - I have one good feeling that Odegaard is going to have a great GAME!! UP THE ARSENAL 🔴 https://t.co/N0Jk6DdxDa
13 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
Mirror Football
Mikel Arteta's captaincy decision already looks to be justified after Martin Odegaard's reaction to Arsenal's opener 🧐 https://t.co/mcRqRG3fYR
13 Aug, 04:39 PM UTC
Ozil's distance covered vs Odegaard's distance covered https://t.co/FaMrOkB57S
13 Aug, 03:54 PM UTC
Solace Chukwu
When Martin Odegaard and Bukayo Saka clock in for the season, Arsenal should be singing on a whole other level. Latter seems tired to me.
13 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
FPL Melina
🎞️ Jesus's wonder goal MOTM performance! I reviewed @Arsenal 4-2 Leicester match on my YT Channel. #COYG #AFC RT's Appreciated! 🔴⚪️ 💭Saka & Odegaard quiet ✅ Martinelli held Fofana on ropes 🤑 Xhaka, Saliba, Zinny & Martinelli 👏 Xhaka ⬇️ Watch: https://t.co/zp8opRDQLc https://t.co/mQqpzTa8KF
13 Aug, 04:35 PM UTC
Aaron Catterson-Reid
Pretty crazy that #afc have been this good without Saka or Odegaard playing well
13 Aug, 03:06 PM UTC
People going over the top cos Saka or Odegaard not currently on top form. It's normal this is why you need a quality squad so others can make the difference instead. As they say form is temporary but class is permanent I have no doubt they will be important this season.
13 Aug, 04:32 PM UTC
P.S #NotConvinced
Jesus doing what Jesus does, our best Number 9 since RvP Martinelli balling as usual. Imagine being one of the melts trying to make him their next scapegoat LOL Defence solid Odegaard - absolutely shocking. Needs replacing, utterly appalled we’ve given him the armband
13 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
Michael Olanrewaju◽
Gabriel Jesus: “Sometimes players want to play & I’m the same. Here I come, train everyday, me & Eddie, finishing - he has a lot of quality, a lot of confidence to play as well. I think #Arsenal have two good strikers! Follow me, I'll follow back Zinchenko Arteta Odegaard Saka https://t.co/c2KlIt2WLf
13 Aug, 04:58 PM UTC
Odegaard stealing a place whilst we have Pepe wasting on the right(mostly bench). Pepe is a much better option at #10. Pepe is better at heading, shooting, stronger, better with his right,bigger goal threat, better dribbler. He might lose more possession but we'll gain more
13 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Bad man.
Full Time....4-2 Gabriel Jesus.... Phenomenal Martinelli...... Superstar Xhaka.....Baller Zinchenko....Super Solid Saliba....Rock Solid Odegaard....Always keep it moving Partey....Midfield Marshall Saka..... Starboy White...Solid Gabriel..... Immense from 🇰🇪 with love @Arsenal https://t.co/oDU5kWdeu5
13 Aug, 04:44 PM UTC
Jesus of Sao Paulo
@tacticsgooner When we slow down the game a bit Odegaard immediately shines. Look at the last 4-5 minutes. Quite the conundrum, you have Jesus and Martinelli operating at 150% and you have Saka and Odegaard suited to a bit more controlled game.
13 Aug, 04:07 PM UTC
I'd rather Xhaka captain at least he is vocal. What does Odegaard do apart from play with his hair?
13 Aug, 04:43 PM UTC
Ayibiowu Segun
Martin Odegaard wasn't quite though https://t.co/qUvLpCZUoi
13 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
Il faut saluer l'intégration de Gabril Jesus à Arsenal. Bien que les succès sportifs n'aient pas suivi ces dernières années, Arsenal est une des équipes qui fait les recrutements les plus intelligents : G.Jesus, Partey, Odegaard, Lacazette, Aubameyang...
13 Aug, 04:22 PM UTC