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SNY Mets
Rhys Hoskins tallies his 4th RBI of the evening with this 2-run homer off Jake Odorizzi. The Phillies currently lead the Braves 7-0 in the bottom of the 4th. @SNY_Mets's photo on Odorizzi
24 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
me and my wife watching yet another Jake Odorizzi start https://t.co/Nba3pOE8sx
23 Sep, 11:58 PM UTC
Odorizzi is ASSSSSS We traded Will Smith for Will Smith
24 Sep, 12:46 AM UTC
David O'Brien
Odorizzi has given up 5 hits and 4 runs. And recorded 5 outs.
24 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC
Odorizzi is ass idc what y'all say
24 Sep, 12:46 AM UTC
David O'Brien
#Braves' Odorizzi: 4 IP, 10 H, 8 R (all earned), 3 walks, 6 K. Threw 60 strikes in 95 pitches.
24 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
Justin Toscano
Rhys Hoskins hit a two-out double to left field. Two more Phillies scored. Jake Odorizzi has allowed four runs in the second inning. 4-0, Phillies
23 Sep, 11:57 PM UTC
Addy Son
I dont get why we're giving Odorizzi September starts. But what do I know
23 Sep, 11:56 PM UTC
Justin Toscano
Asked if he feels like he has options if he wants to start somebody other than Jake Odorizzi next time around: "Not really. ...Ian (Anderson) going down, (Mike) Soroka going down, that's kind of the options that you'd be looking at."
24 Sep, 03:10 AM UTC
Bally Sports: Braves
"It's frustrating when you're going through it." Jake Odorizzi discusses his outing in Philadelphia 🔊 @BravesOnBally's photo on Odorizzi
24 Sep, 03:28 AM UTC
680 The Fan
Jake Odorizzi gives up a two run homer to Rhys Hoskins and it's 6-0 Phillies in the fourth
24 Sep, 12:45 AM UTC
David O'Brien
#Braves and Odorizzi got thrashed 9-1 at Philly, which drops ATL to 2 games behind the Mets, pending outcome of New York's game at Oakland. Braves had 1 double tonight, have 4 extra-base hits & 6 runs in their past 4 games. They've got a 3-game skid and 3-game homerless drought.
24 Sep, 02:28 AM UTC
@JustinCToscano I’d be fine with Arcia pitching over Odorizzi
24 Sep, 03:10 AM UTC
deMarte Parte
Underrated offseason signing, Jake Odorizzi, is single handledly willing the Mets to the Division title
24 Sep, 03:10 AM UTC
Home Run Tracker
#Braves 0 @ #Phillies 6 [B4-1o]: Rhys Hoskins homers (29): fly ball to LF (2-run) Hit: 382ft, 103.8mph, 38°🚀 Pitch: 79.4mph Slider (RHP Jake Odorizzi, 13)
24 Sep, 12:45 AM UTC
The Issues of My Time
@JustinCToscano Bryce is already taking spot starts. Stick him in the rotation and sit Odorizzi. Kyle Muller also exists. You did tell him these things, right Justin? 👀
24 Sep, 03:12 AM UTC
Battery Power
Tough matchup plays out as expected as Braves lose 9-1 to Phillies https://t.co/reKn0sDGjT
24 Sep, 02:48 AM UTC
Beaneater Buzz🍦(The Bean King)
So you’re saying Schuster could be lined up to pitch Odorizzi’s next start? https://t.co/ccYqu30kzT
24 Sep, 02:52 AM UTC
I’d be fine with Arcia pitching over Odorizzi https://t.co/vav19QyQxM
24 Sep, 03:10 AM UTC
Jonathon Brown
@intellectatl @BravesMaddie Odorizzi won’t be a factor come postseason and Snit already knows that. It’s not stubbornness it’s literally just no other choice.
24 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
Odds and Picks
Today’s #MLB Pitching Matchups Assad CHC vs. Wilson PIT Lauer MIL vs. Minor CIN Hill BOS vs. Cole NYY Urquidy HOU vs. Kremer BAL Odorizzi ATL vs. Nola PHI White TOR vs. Springs TB Morris CLE vs. Gray TEX Manaea SD vs. Feltner COL Bassitt NYM vs. Irvin OAK ⬇️ https://t.co/SmnRJ1EDHZ
23 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Elder and Muller are literally RIGHT THERE. I also trust Anderson more than Odorizzi. Or my brother who has never played baseball on any level ever in his life. https://t.co/tpsSQvnRKs
24 Sep, 03:11 AM UTC
@BravesOnBally Gotta hand it to Arcia, he did well with no earned runs & looked a little better than Odorizzi. Definitely not the best game but tomorrow’s a new day! 🙏🏼
24 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
Ryan Veneman
@TreIindor20 That’s it. Mets win division. Braves are willing to run out Odorizzi in a division race.
24 Sep, 02:54 AM UTC
I’m drunk rn buttttt Riley H ✅ Odorizzi O 2.5 HA ✅ Nola O 2.5 HA ✅✅✅ LETS GOOOO! Hope ppl saw this parlay, that’s an ez $200 #MLB #GamblingTwitter #DraftKings #PlayerProps #DFS #FanDuel https://t.co/WCFCW4NHqg
24 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC
Max Able
Me when Odorizzi gets DFA’d tomorrow https://t.co/8imaugDlYh
24 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
Lance Sauls
@JFagansTrumpet @cmmcguire Snit said we didn't have anyone else and Odorizzi will make his next start and he just had an off night. That he threw 7 no hit innings last time out
24 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
Beat the Clock: Sports Talk
@BravesAmerica Arica out pitching Odorizzi by far 🤣🤣
24 Sep, 03:15 AM UTC
ShieldWall Defence
One can be a soldier without dying and a lover without sighing ~ Edwin Arnold #quicksink #spaceforce #military #Odorizzi #RForever #Afghanistan https://t.co/AjX1ZCGYVT
24 Sep, 03:07 AM UTC