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Rep. Matt Gaetz
Where is the Democrat plan for border security? They say border security is important, but if that is true why don't they have a plan that would secure the border? If the wall is offensive to them then what is the idea that will give some sense of security to American families? Rep. Matt Gaetz's photo on offensive
11 Jan, 04:01 PM UTC
Casey Cott
Is telling someone their bitmoji looks nothing like them offensive or informative?
12 Jan, 02:38 AM UTC
LOL why is @LoganPaul getting hate for saying he would go GAY for a month ? Whoever is complaining about this needs a life... literally the dumbest thing to get offended by. ITS NOT OFFENSIVE AT ALL!
12 Jan, 02:50 AM UTC
Adam Schefter
Assistant shocker: Gary Kubiak will not be Denver’s offensive coordinator, league sources tell ESPN. After lengthy discussions, Denver and Kubiak had different ideas on staffing and offensive philosophies. Both sides going in different directions.
11 Jan, 09:10 PM UTC
Minnesota Vikings
.@athielen19 was voted the NFC North's Offensive MVP by ESPN writers. 📰: Minnesota Vikings's photo on offensive
11 Jan, 06:31 PM UTC
Jeff Zrebiec
The Ravens are making a change at offensive coordinator. Greg Roman will be the offensive coordinator going forward as part of a potential re-organization of the Ravens' offensive coaching staff. John Harbaugh confirmed the change.
11 Jan, 01:49 PM UTC
Jay Sekulow
References to #God in public life have been under attack for years. “In God We Trust” is our #NationalMotto and is not “offensive” or “bigotry” as a vocal minority states. Enough is enough. We are ready to fight for our National Motto again. Join us today.
12 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
John Pence
This is what social media bias looks like—@facebook automatically placing an “inappropriate or offensive” box over a @TeamTrump message, implying that this video on #BorderSecurity by @realDonaldTrump should be reported as the same. Such censorship is intentional. #StopTheBias John Pence's photo on offensive
11 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
Karlee Fay
Logan Paul saying he’s going to try being gay for the month of March is bullshit and extremely offensive, and feeds into the narrative that it’s a choice. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s disrespectful.
11 Jan, 08:40 PM UTC
Salihu Abdulmumini
I am from Katsina state, the home state of @MBuhari. I support @atiku & @OfficialPDPNig. I offer no apology for what I am tweeting, this is truly how I feel. This is my opinion, not a debate. If you disagree, or find my position offensive, I'm perfectly fine with that. #LGNWA2019 Salihu Abdulmumini's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 06:52 AM UTC
Matthew Wolff 🏳️‍🌈
“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?” ~Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to the NYT. When we agreed the idea that whites were superior was racist, you pompous troglodyte. Expel King from Congress.
11 Jan, 12:32 PM UTC
Elias Alkhoury
Israeli Police attacking Christians protesting against an Israeli exhibition of arts that is considered to be offensive to Christianity in Haifa. الشرطة الاسرائيلية تعتدي على مسيحيين متظاهرين امام معرض فني اسرائيلي مسيىء للمسيحية في حيفا. Elias Alkhoury's photo on offensive
11 Jan, 02:44 PM UTC
chris murphy
“It was the most spiteful act of bullying I have ever seen and NSW Police Force should be absolutely ashamed of themselves." The violent attack on peace loving Danny Lim. Arrested for trivia. via @smh
11 Jan, 09:21 PM UTC
chris murphy
Last time we defended Danny Lim same behaviour deemed lawful. Now this gentle smiling man knocked around & handcuffed on the ground. Sadly bruised and hurt for no reason. #PoliceViolence. "Tony Abbott You C*nt" Ruled Not Offensive Under Australian Law
11 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Trump's faux concern for human trafficking and the safety of women is almost as offensive as the not-so-subtle optics of this ginormous cowboy hat being used in the shot to appeal to his followers. Amee Vanderpool's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC
An Israeli exhibition of arts in Haifa accused of being offensive to Christians after hosting many abusive contents for Jesus and Mary. Many Christians protested and asked to removed them, but the exhibition turned a blind eye. Imagine if it was the other way round ??!!
11 Jan, 02:01 PM UTC
Love, Beats & HappyBass feat. MC #Kantholz
Rassistischer Terroranschlag an Silvester "Hackerangriff" eines Rechtsextremen Neugründung einer rechtsextremen Partei Bombendrohung von der "Nationalsozialistischen Offensive" Aber wir reden allen Ernstes über ein verschissenes unsichtbares #Kantholz #Bottrop #Magnitz #FCKNZS
11 Jan, 02:38 PM UTC
Minnesota Vikings
🎥: Watch live as Kevin Stefanski is introduced as the #Vikings Offensive Coordinator. #Skol
11 Jan, 04:33 PM UTC
Rimmel Mohydin
Still in shock that Pakistan is going to hang a schizophrenic man. If that isn't an offensive disregard for mental illness and its devastating consequences, I don't know what is. All the strides made will be undone by this cruel and heinous act. #SaveKhizarHayat
12 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
If you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans then you're implying being trans is a choice, which is really offensive to those who have gender dysphoria
12 Jan, 12:16 AM UTC
WWII Pictures
On the Eastern Front, answering Churchill’s call from January 6, Stalin launches the Vistula-Oder Offensive earlier than originally planned. Soviet forces attack with over 2,000,000 men, 4,500 tanks, 2,500 assault guns and 5,000 aircraft. #WW2 WWII Pictures's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 10:04 AM UTC
@HawaiiDelilah Look at this outwardly blatant racism against @HARRISFAULKNER how dare these Democrat liberal operatives criticize a strong black conservative woman even if she is wrong. This is offensive. Please take your harsh tone and criticize white men even if they are stating actual facts.
12 Jan, 07:27 AM UTC
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
We've released 🇺🇸 offensive lineman Ryker Mathews (@ryker_mathews) so he can pursue opportunities in the @NFL. DETAILS > Hamilton Tiger-Cats's photo on offensive
11 Jan, 07:36 PM UTC
Martina Renner
#Bombendrohungen werden mit ‚nationalsozialistische Offensive‘ unterschrieben und Behörden/Innenministerium stellen rechtsextremen Hintergrund in Frage. Ist die fortgesetzte Bagatellisierung rechter Straftaten/Gewalt eigentlich Strategie oder Dummheit? #Bottrop #Datenklau
12 Jan, 10:58 AM UTC
WV Illustrated
.@WVUfootball's Coach Brown announced the newest addition to his staff on Friday. After spending the last four season with Brown at Troy, Matt Moore joins him in Morgantown as the offensive line coach. Details on Moore:
11 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC
YSU Men's Basketball
With 14 rebounds at UIC, Naz Bohannon (@NextUp440) has 397 career rebounds. He also now ranks 2nd nationally with 4.2 offensive rebounds per game.
11 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Home Office
The Offensive Weapons Bill will make it harder for young people to buy knives and acid online. The Bill will also ban private possession of weapons such as zombie knives and knuckle dusters. Find out more: Home Office's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
James Barr 🌸
I find #KissAGingerDay offensive because we should be kissed EVERYDAY of the year, not just on ONE stupid day where society can pity us 😏... but I’ve decided to own it- we gingers are beautiful so let’s do this 😍 James Barr 🌸's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 11:04 AM UTC
Logan Paul you're real a fucking disgusting person im sorry but this "going gay" for a month is highly offensive to me because I have a brother who is gay and you're making a joke out of this. You're a shitty person and have been canceled for a while thank u, next
11 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
David Buik
@iainmartin1 WEF DAVOS - a gathering of the 'good and great' in their eyes - cost of $19k for admission - an insult to ordinary businessmen in times of falling growth and economic hardship! - offensive!
12 Jan, 10:32 AM UTC
Priyamvada Gopal
It's not. It's a descriptive term. It's white people who get offended by the term.
12 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Kate Emerson
Police all over this country have been let off the leash by RW politicians and this is the result:
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Pompeo's Cairo speech panned as 'tone-deaf,' 'hyper-partisan,' 'offensive' || via: AlMonitor
12 Jan, 11:30 AM UTC
GIRLS 🏀 A very good team play from the K-GEE side. Very sharp offensive side 15 - 4, SHASS trailing #SpriteBall18 @SpriteBall
12 Jan, 11:48 AM UTC
M.C. Revolution
L' @MCRevoluti0n_ è lieto di annunciare un nuovo grande acquisto: @alexdelpiero109 Un player dalle caratteristiche offensive molto bravo sia tecnicamente che in fase realizzativa e di costruzione, essendo soprattutto una persona molto simpatica e cordiale. Benvenuto!! M.C. Revolution's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 11:16 AM UTC
Nguyen #fbpe #fbr #ifb
Democrats consider censure, punishment for GOP congressman Steve King who questioned why ‘white supremacy’ was offensive
12 Jan, 11:27 AM UTC
The Lions Wire
Updating the Lions search for Offensive and Special Teams Coordinators
12 Jan, 11:30 AM UTC
Sandra Lee
An aggressive abuse of @NSWPolice power. He’s an old man, and the District Court overturned a magistrate’s ruling. Any politician who gets upset with naughty language & free speech, should get out of politics. > Danny Lim charged for offensive behaviour
12 Jan, 09:33 AM UTC
Knowhere News
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) faced a new wave of backlash from Republican colleagues after questioning why terms like "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" were considered offensive
12 Jan, 06:21 AM UTC
Kenneth Taylor
WW2 HEADLINES AFTER 2YRS & 7MTHS; (Bexit timeline) HMS Dorsetshire & HMS Cornwall sunk! Bataan lost to Japs! Hitler plans summer offensive on Russia! 1st battle of El Alamein ! Backs to the wall we prevailed. We will again! W T O = WAY TO GO ! #WTOWTG
12 Jan, 11:45 AM UTC
It is offensive what Logan Paul is doing, but that's exactly what wants... so people tweet about him and he stays relevant.
12 Jan, 11:54 AM UTC
Ravens Promoted Greg Roman To Offensive Coordinator #Ravens's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC
Jennifer Cope
@annadewelles Appreciate your research. I'd give my last $ to someone who needs it, specifically women. Organisations who solicit donations in order to maintain their income whilst trickling down the odd $ is offensive to me
12 Jan, 11:57 AM UTC
@Megpoid_TangoTF Die Waffe ist mega gut, habe selbst vor eine extrem offensive Schwerteinheit zu bauen, schwanke aber noch zwischen Soleil und Lon'qu.
12 Jan, 11:55 AM UTC
Piyush and 102 others
@KEEMSTAR @LoganPaul When @RiceGum became a girl for a day, it wasn’t a big dea, it was fun. Now when LP treats gays the same way, equally, and becomes one for a time period it’s a problem? What’s the possible reason that’s wrong and offensive? Just cause it’s LP ?
12 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC
Streams Español
¡Vamos con @iMissLaia que juega Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! Streams Español's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC
@DOLANSTARSS @mypaleskinblog @LoganPaul Oh for fucks sake🙄 how stupid is he that he doesn’t understand how offensive that is to actual gay people
12 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC
@chicagobulls Dunn is a backup, lauri doesnt know he is a 7 ft power forward, zach is complementary scorer, Carter is undersized to play center with little offensive skill and boylen is a high school coach from the early 90s. Garpax couldn't manage a driving school. This whole thing is a mess.
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
damien Lindsay
@KilclooneyJohn @JamieBrysonCPNI According to google it’s only moderately offensive.. not vulgar damien Lindsay's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
@TheView @donlemon I agree with Don re: the tone of Hart’s apology. Screaming “I HAVE APOLOGIZED! I’M DONE WITH IT!!!” doesn’t sound contrite. KH is focusing on himself rather than his offensive comedy routine.
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
@drippidre @TTfue I liked this...but its kinda offensive
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
Hanan Alsarraf
How? This is offensive to all women who wear the hijab. How you choose to dress is irrelevant when it comes to education.
12 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
kali what u mean i take it offensive cause im the hottest flower boy to pop up on the scene — patulugin nyo na nga tong si nina kanina pa yan
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
Al Norman
WALMART CANADA IGNORED TARGET’S “TOY BOMB” FIASCO IN OCT., says it won’t reorder the toy. But the “bomb” game is being sold today on as a Google-sponsored product. Last July pulled offensive hockey T shirts: Al Norman's photo on offensive
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
Report: Broncos try to win Mike Munchak as their offensive line coach
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
𝓳𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓰𝓻𝓲𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓷 ॐⓋ⌛️
@kathygriffin The ignorance that spews out of your vulgar mouth is painstakingly offensive to us well-informed people. Even more shocking is that your followers actually think you have a clue of what you are talking about. Yikes!
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
Joel Williams
@MZHemingway The corruption is insidious and deep. The Muller investigation is an offensive move hoping to run out the clock to prevent an investigation into Obama, Hillary and the JD. They hope Trump loses in 2020.
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
I don’t always put #controversial, #offensive, #rude or socially unacceptable stuff on #Facebook. But when I do I make sure it’s #funny enough my friends will get it and #crude enough that those who don’t, are #offended.
12 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC
India Kiely🧜🏻‍♂️
@oleevirr This is one of those times were talking to older members of our community and learning our history is so important. And if younger people want to claim that too then good for them. Words change and evolve - it might be offensive to most of us now but it was the opposite once.
12 Jan, 11:57 AM UTC
@sassie_boom that's fuckin offensive 😂
12 Jan, 11:57 AM UTC

@wozthegooner arsenal trying to frustrate the offensive firepower of west fucking ham. what a world this is
12 Jan, 11:57 AM UTC
CNN RSS: Explained: Celebrities' bad internet behavior via cnnbrk cnn Retweet
12 Jan, 11:57 AM UTC
rory 🧜🏻‍♂️
@Sisyphusa ‘spunk pocket’ might be the most offensive thing ive seen (today)
12 Jan, 11:56 AM UTC
@borcejolo_ nay offensive na masyado hahahahahaha tama ba yon???
12 Jan, 11:56 AM UTC
Abdullah Tawfik
@KEEMSTAR Why am I born in such a sensitive time I remember only when people got offended by extreme racism now anything that’s joke or not is offensive
12 Jan, 11:56 AM UTC
this is offensive to ALL us gays out here...
12 Jan, 11:56 AM UTC
Libertarian Ray
@AriFleischer The issue appears overblown. And although I do not agree with all of what he said some of which could be taken differently, he has a right to say it and I find the tact of annihilating one's characters to silence them far more offensive and dangerous. He does not represent me.
12 Jan, 11:55 AM UTC
Sunday Sports Voice
@Coacher6269 No doubt! They’ll shore up the offensive line and get him some weapons for sure. Receivers that can get YAC and hopefully an explosive back that can occasionally take it to the house from way out.
12 Jan, 11:54 AM UTC

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