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Marc E. Elias
🚨BREAKING: Ohio Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN new congressional map. Big victory for the voters of Ohio and fair maps. Proud of the work that @EliasLawGroup and the National Redistricting Action Fund did to secure this victory for Ohioans! https://t.co/CaJlTZ5ZgJ
14 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
Ari Berman
Breaking: Ohio Supreme Court strikes down extreme gerrymandered Congressional map giving Republicans 80% of seats in state Trump won with 53% of vote
14 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Ohio Supreme Court rejects a new congressional map drawn by state Republican lawmakers as unconstitutional https://t.co/VUG680ycao
14 Jan, 05:58 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Breaking: The Ohio Supreme Court struck down the state's congressional district map, saying Republicans violated the Ohio Constitution by drawing districts that favored GOP candidates. https://t.co/76SgExwHGX
14 Jan, 06:30 PM UTC
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
BREAKING: In a major win for Democrats, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned the state GOP's proposed congressional redistricting map after finding it was gerrymandered in a way that defied constitutional requirements. Earlier this week, they overturned the state legislative maps.
14 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
MASSIVE NEWS: The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that the Ohio GOP’s new congressional gerrymander is unconstitutional and tossed it out. The map gave Democrats less than 25% of seats in Ohio despite Biden winning 46% of the vote in 2020.
14 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
The New York Times
Breaking News: The Ohio Supreme Court struck down a congressional map skewed to favor Republicans, ruling it was the equivalent of a dealer stacking the deck, and sent it back to state lawmakers to try again. https://t.co/QANVHZzPPI
14 Jan, 06:41 PM UTC
Ari Berman
4-3 opinion with Republican Chief Justice siding with Dem justices. Opinion notes Ohio Republicans usually win 55% of votes but would hold 75-80% of seats under GOP map “By any rational measure, that skewed result just does not add up” https://t.co/aP2xtKMUY0
14 Jan, 05:14 PM UTC
NBC News
Ohio Supreme Court tosses out the state’s new congressional map, with a blistering opinion condemning state Republicans for favoring their own party despite Constitutional reforms to curb partisan gerrymandering. https://t.co/STXPgwHI39
14 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
David Pepper
🚨 🚨 Here, the Ohio Supreme Court calls out the rigged GOP Statehouse for using two sets of books to falsely claim publicly the districts were more competitive than they were. @DavidPepper's photo on Ohio Supreme Court
14 Jan, 05:46 PM UTC
Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸
GREAT NEWS! The Ohio Supreme Court just rejected the OH GOP’s gerrymandered congressional map! Earlier this week they rejected the map for state legislative districts. This decision will help in the fight to keep the US House! #WeWantVotingRights https://t.co/rOJ164tVoO
14 Jan, 06:07 PM UTC
Pod Save America
The proposed Ohio congressional district map could have given Republicans as much as a 12-3 advantage. On Friday the Ohio Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional in a 4-3 decision. 👏 https://t.co/EHtuN13OKO
14 Jan, 07:29 PM UTC
Susan Tebben
BREAKING: Ohio Supreme Court strikes down congressional maps as well. Full story coming @OhioCapJournal
14 Jan, 05:02 PM UTC
Jake Zuckerman
Breaking: Ohio Supreme Court overturns Ohio GOP's proposed congressional redistricting map on a 4-3 vote. Majority opinion found the map defied Constitutional requirements and compared it to a dealer who "stacks the deck." Court overturned the legislative map earlier this week. https://t.co/HMomEQU5Gu
14 Jan, 05:09 PM UTC
From the majority opinion: "When the dealer stacks the deck in advance, the house usually wins." The GOP legislature has 30 days to draw a new map, tho of course they'll know the court looms again. https://t.co/cUhR0aWtzg
14 Jan, 05:15 PM UTC
dan campbell
Jim Jordan is getting scared: The OHIO Supreme Court, today, decided the gerrymandering Republican map is nonsense and threw it out. Worried Jimmy? You should be.
14 Jan, 08:07 PM UTC
Nathaniel Rakich
The Ohio Supreme Court decision specifically calls out the splitting of Hamilton, Cuyahoga, and Summit counties (though it does so *separately* from the finding that the map was unfair). https://t.co/fb0iLUiHvD https://t.co/TP8NweLj9H
14 Jan, 08:04 PM UTC
Mother Jones
GREAT news for democracy. https://t.co/HLzA4R0Bnn
14 Jan, 08:24 PM UTC
Jeremy Pelzer
Hmm...let's see what stories are in the Ohio Supreme Court Headlines Update today @jpelzer's photo on Ohio Supreme Court
14 Jan, 08:03 PM UTC
Jessie Balmert
The Ohio Supreme Court just rejected a GOP-drawn congressional map. What happens next? https://t.co/CVasTsxH63 via @enquirer
14 Jan, 07:43 PM UTC
Kybluegirl51 🍀🏀💙🌊🌊🌊
“When the dealer stacks the deck in advance, the house usually wins,” wrote Justice Michael Donnelly for the majority, adding that the Republicans’ plan was “infused with undue partisan bias.” Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Republican Gerrymander of Map https://t.co/0xNVc2dMzi
14 Jan, 07:03 PM UTC
Andrew Tobias
The Ohio Supreme Court opinions this week cite Marbury v. Madison and the Federalist Papers, etc. Not really a courts guy -- Is this normal?
14 Jan, 07:50 PM UTC
Angie Schmitt🚶‍♀️
Big win for democracy. Ohio’s egregiously GOP gerrymandered congressional AND statehouse maps struck down by Ohio Supreme Court as unconstitutional. https://t.co/XyQPQQ13zj
14 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
The ruling is a significant victory for democracy, but Ohio is just one of many states where voting rights advocates are attempting to hold off extreme Republican gerrymandering efforts. https://t.co/5S6GAoxcyD via @politicususa
14 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Danny O'Connor
BIG NEWS: The Ohio Supreme Court just struck down the GOP gerrymandered congressional maps. This is a big win for all Ohioans who voted for fair districts and I’m ready to keep fighting for Central Ohio. Like and retweet if you agree.
14 Jan, 08:29 PM UTC
United Steelworkers
Ohio Supreme Court’s GOP Chief Justice Challenges Party With Appeal To Voters On Redistricting https://t.co/UUBs6PQPz8 via @TPM
14 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
James A Clark Jr 🏳️‍🌈
More news out of Ohio -- following the recent decision to strike down the state’s legislative maps, the Ohio Supreme Court announced today that the congressional map is ALSO an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. The Court pointed to voters “demanding change” through a
14 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC
ZAQS Politics News
Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Gerrymandered Congressional Maps https://t.co/oqiYdQ3aNt
14 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Ohio Capital Journal
In a 4-3 decision, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down new congressional maps on Friday, saying three counties in particular were “unduly split” by the Ohio General Assembly. https://t.co/km45Y9DBlP
14 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC