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Jordan Schachtel
The governor of Ohio using COVID relief funds to set up a million dollar weekly vaccine lottery is the peak form of degeneracy. In a sane country, that clown would be thrown out of office tomorrow.
13 May, 01:24 AM UTC
E n i
*clears throat* 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣TWITTER FAMILY, I PASSED THE BAR! https://t.co/Nbq05OXGsb
13 May, 04:33 PM UTC
Ohio is giving away 5 x $1 million in a lottery for people who get the injection. If it is truly in everybody's best interest to get it, then why do they have to push it THIS HARD? This whole thing is weird man. Something ain't right. https://t.co/CxCgQFqYAP
13 May, 11:52 AM UTC
Dave Wasserman
If you think the last ten years' 12R-4D GOP gerrymander of Ohio (left) is lopsided, just wait for Rs to propose a new 13R-2D map (example, right) that technically *complies* w/ the state's new reform criteria. Easily one of the highest-stakes states of 2022. https://t.co/BtNnzLJwm1
13 May, 01:45 PM UTC
Shontel Brown for Congress
I'm honored I have earned the support of over 100 Ohio Elected Officials, who are excited to endorse my candidacy, for the OH-11th Congressional District! As a supporter we need your help to spread the word. Please watch, like and share! ~Shontel https://t.co/eWZBmY9v5s https://t.co/KaSILvoKTW
13 May, 06:15 PM UTC
I'm sick and tired of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Pick a lane people. Let's pick off the Senate seats of the GOP Senators retiring in 2022: Pat Toomey Pa Ron Johnson Wi Richard Burr NC Rob Portman Ohio Roy Blunt Mo Then we won't need Manchin & Sinema. #FreshVoicesRise
13 May, 03:32 PM UTC
ABC News Ohio will give 5 people $1 million each in COVID-19 vaccine lottery What do you think?
13 May, 03:34 PM UTC
Philip Klein
What if, instead of Ohio giving a way five $1 million prizes, Ohio gave away 5,000 prizes valued at $1,000? Most Ohioans would likely either know somebody who has won the lottery, or know somebody who knows somebody. https://t.co/U8t0PHtSex
13 May, 05:45 PM UTC
Ron Paul
As vaccine demand declines, it looks like "free beer" is not enough. A crazy and shameful scheme is hatched in Ohio... @RonPaul's photo on Ohio
13 May, 08:02 PM UTC
Nearly 2 million jobless Americans are set to lose their pandemic unemployment benefits early, with Georgia, Arizona and Ohio becoming the latest Republican-led states to announce they would cease providing enhanced federal jobless payments https://t.co/fDL0hjHDvI
13 May, 08:08 PM UTC
Breakaway Festival
We are proud to present your Breakaway Ohio 2021 lineup! ⚡️ Tag a friend you’ll be bringing! Tickets: https://t.co/bRBLRPrH3s https://t.co/AdNZ5sgWsB
13 May, 05:03 PM UTC
Steve Deace
Dude, Ohio is offering me a million dollars to be a subject in their human trial, and you're offering soggy fries? New York really has gone down hill. https://t.co/CSEyfm9iwc
13 May, 06:37 PM UTC
Phil Kerpen
Wow, per WaPo we are up to 16 states ending unemployment bonuses. Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming.
13 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Ohio to give 5 vaccinated residents $1 million each 🚨 This should set off the RED ALARM as they BRIBE you 😳 The state of Ohio will award five vaccinated residents $1 million each in an effort to raise vaccination percentages, https://t.co/gy035eAQv5
13 May, 06:53 PM UTC
Pat Forde
Oregon-Ohio State has been slotted for "Big Noon Kickoff" on Fox Sept. 11. That certainly makes sense, but it's also a 9 a.m. body clock kickoff for the visiting Ducks. (Good to get to the "body clock" portion of the offseason as schedules firm up.)
13 May, 08:10 PM UTC
CBS This Morning
The state of Ohio will award five vaccinated residents $1 million each in an effort to raise vaccination percentages. https://t.co/VrMT5QvOr9
13 May, 10:39 AM UTC
Q&A: The Suburban Women Problem, A New Podcast Out Of Northeast Ohio https://t.co/LG2ROABpMl
12 May, 09:34 PM UTC
Daniel Lippman
SCOOP: The Office of Special Counsel has concluded that HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge violated the Hatch Act earlier this year when she opined on the 2022 Ohio Senate election, according to a letter I obtained. https://t.co/MlofNEo5v9
13 May, 08:09 PM UTC
Stewart Mandel
Crazy story out of Ohio State today. An investigation found that an independent massage therapist "targeted members of the football team in an attempt to initiate consensual sexual relationships with them." @BillLandis25 with the details. https://t.co/P90Qlec1sd
13 May, 08:11 PM UTC
This may actually be just as disgusting as the Ohio lottery. Get vaccinated and you can get a free burger and fries. Isn't everyone tired of this by now, and can we go ahead to the third act now? https://t.co/QDvB6gPUKe https://t.co/qRIORjFKON
13 May, 07:26 PM UTC
Ohio is offering up a chance to win $1 million as an incentive to get vaccinated https://t.co/c36ffdY7eq
13 May, 08:14 PM UTC
John Corlett
I will be moderating a May 19th Organize Ohio panel on Ohio's 2-year budget w/ panelists from @COHHIO @GreaterOhio @OhioPPC @PolicyMattersOH, you can sign up here https://t.co/Kxv43MAj5i https://t.co/PlQ4UU8kZp
13 May, 04:25 PM UTC
#Ohio Un manipolo di persone schifose venute direttamente dall'inferno stanno facendo di noi quello che vogliono quanti interessi ci sono sotto, e loro hanno denaro infinito https://t.co/3zbOdfQsy4
13 May, 08:08 PM UTC
Colin Hass-Hill
Ohio State's Big Ten opponents... • Home + Away: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, Wisconsin • Home only: Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern • Away only: Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers Jamari Wheeler & Joey Brunk will play on the road vs. former teams. https://t.co/eR6oxZeodB
13 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Greenacres Rescue
Chopper, 8 in/out of shelters since Dec 2018, through no fault of his own. Now with @GuardiansFTAOh #Ohio On meds for low thyroid. On low cal food. A character. In foster, needs foster to adopt, dog/cat free home with a fenced in yard https://t.co/h2PC95B1mU #forgottensoulshour https://t.co/hX4OtEHzh3
13 May, 08:07 PM UTC
As we wrap up #EDW2021, we recognize the groups across #Ohio that continue to help bring economic development and growth to the state: @JobsOhio @TeamNEO @CBUSRegion @GrowCincyUSA @daytonregion @Ohio_SE https://t.co/UWe4vanoTe
13 May, 06:30 PM UTC
Ricardo Dinero
@Breaking911 Give Ohio State a bowl ban for firing her.
13 May, 08:12 PM UTC
Darrel Rowland
BREAKING: Gov. Mike DeWine’s decides Ohio will eliminate the $300 weekly federal unemployment bonus June 26 https://t.co/7JIGwr7jQt via @DispatchAlerts
13 May, 06:33 PM UTC
Renee🗣 Svensson
Well, Ohio isn't giving the $ away, the tax payers are. https://t.co/iERZHUepRp
13 May, 08:13 PM UTC