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Mike Stelter
This week, Ben got a special package in the mail! The very inspirational Laila Anderson sent Ben her signed hockey card along with a really nice letter! We’re sending some back your way, Laila! We’re hoping the #Oilers have the same outcome that the #blues did with you! @nhl https://t.co/8gzztIG99a
19 May, 10:01 PM UTC
B/R Open Ice
Blues superfan Laila Anderson sent Oilers superfan Ben a letter of support and a signed hockey card of her and the #StanleyCup "from one fighter to another" 💙🥲 (📸 @m_dan25) https://t.co/D7WDFqdjnH
19 May, 11:45 PM UTC
no longer referring to the oilers vs flames series as “Battle Of Alberta” for this years playoffs this is strictly “Keeping Up With the Tkachuks” this is their series now
20 May, 05:27 PM UTC
Matthew Tkachuk has a special message for the Oilers number one fan, Ben. ❤️ (🎥: @NHLFlames) @TSN_Sports's photo on Oilers
20 May, 05:48 AM UTC
Kuno the Servicerottie🇨🇦🐕‍🦺🦽
Tonight. 8:30 MDT. 🏒Game 2 in the #BattleofAlberta. Are you ready? The @NHLFlames are up by 1 but my @EdmontonOilers are expected to win. After all that rain yesterday I expect the #Flames have been doused. And don't forget, every time the #Oilers score, have a Goaltreat! 🐾 https://t.co/FGtv6wTIBB
20 May, 05:47 PM UTC
Spittin' Chiclets
Not much confidence from the Whit Dog right now about his Oilers. 📺: https://t.co/Mu0AEk1pF2 @spittinchiclets's photo on Oilers
20 May, 06:38 PM UTC
So 8:30pm start time means puck drop will probably be at 9pm 🥲 Hopefully the older players get enough naps in lol #letsgooilers #oilers #oildoodles https://t.co/6pfUfUNY6A
20 May, 08:32 PM UTC
The Degenerates
Friday Night Freebie 🏒🏒🏒 Oilers/Flames o6.5 Expecting a repeat of what happened in Game 1. These are 2 teams that can skate up and down the ice, and neither gives a ton of resistance. LET’S ROOT FOR GOALSSSSS.
20 May, 08:27 PM UTC
Melissa Cunningham
NHL: 🏒Canes O 5.5 -105 🏒Oilers ML +145 1/2u Time to heat up again
20 May, 08:52 PM UTC
Edmonton Oilers
LIVE | #Oilers TV's morning skate coverage from the Saddledome ahead of Game 2 with comments from Kane, Keith & Coach Woodcroft #BattleOfAlberta | #LetsGoOilers https://t.co/589DCGdTwW
20 May, 06:23 PM UTC
Friday action: ⚾️ Rays -135 ⚾️ Phillies +120 ⚾️ Mariners F5 -105 🏒 Parlay (+200): Hurricanes ML/Oilers/Flames OV 6.5 (Odds @YahooSportsbook)
20 May, 08:10 PM UTC
x - OILERSLIVE Show Tuesdays
My little Merlin has been unable to go out and run for 3 weeks today after stepping on some glass on a hike in PEI. Poor guy has a few more days of healing left. All he wants is an Oilers win and maybe some belly rubs. #LetsGoOilers https://t.co/Ix1DN3mSFr
20 May, 07:38 PM UTC
Gambling Assassin
Parlayed Canes -1.5 and Oilers ML tonight +537. Just some fun small action until we can hopefully get a live play in.
20 May, 08:59 PM UTC
NHL Watcher
We're not getting another 9-6 game, I think... But I'm going big on the Oilers/Flames over, idgaf.
20 May, 08:54 PM UTC
🏒🇺🇸 NHL ⭐️Oilers 💪🏻 Rangers J’insiste à nouveau sur les deux équipes visiteuses! Je pense que les Oilers sont nuls en défense mais Markstrom peut faire le match.. Pour les Rangers faut que Ziba et Pana scorent #TeamParieur
20 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Here are 3 Keys for when the Flames host the Oilers in Game 2 of the Western Conference Second Round on Friday (10:30 p.m. ET; ESPN, CBC, TVAS, SN). Calgary leads the best-of-7 series 1-0. https://t.co/GWZkER6dUt
20 May, 08:40 PM UTC
Action Network
$30K to win $153K 👀 A bettor @CaesarsSports has placed an NHL parlay on the Rangers and Oilers to win tonight 🏒 @ActionNetworkHQ's photo on Oilers
20 May, 08:55 PM UTC
John McClain
Art Horridge - the Houston Oilers mascot 'Roughneck' - dead at 86 https://t.co/SSr3i1LMsD via @chron
20 May, 08:34 PM UTC
Vincent Noël
Tout le monde est dans son équipe, y compris Matthew Tkachuk. Ben Stelter, la source d’inspiration des Oilers. 🏒👊 via @ballecourbe @RDSca (Crédit : @m_dan25 / @EdmontonOilers) https://t.co/PoQZqtKADA
20 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Bobby Bankroll 🏦
PARLAY 🏀 Mavs +8 -150 ⚾️ Dodgers +1.5 -300 ⚾️ Guardians +2.5 -300 ⚾️ Angels +1.5 -320 ⚾️ Padres/Giants Under 11.5 -500 🏒 Oilers +1.5 -165 +650
20 May, 08:58 PM UTC
05/20 MLB: Rays ML Twins ML Astros -1.5 Brewers -1.5 Giants ML NHL: Hurricanes ML Oilers O6.5
20 May, 08:58 PM UTC
Matt Reilly
Who was at the Edmonton show last night? I had a complete blast being an honorary Oilers fan! Actually, who has been to ANY show on the Bite Me Tour? We’re having so much fun on the road and hope you’ve been able to experience it!! 💜💜💜Tweet tweet https://t.co/GG5EZxxPJN
20 May, 08:54 PM UTC
@EPC_NFT Mavs Oilers Hurricanes Padres Angels
20 May, 08:56 PM UTC
🧡💙 Background Brenda🧡💙
@Norma_J_ I'll be in jammies on the couch, gonna have chili dogs n Lucky tonight for this game....Go Oilers....it must be nice to have an option to go get loud with Oiler fans....don't think there are many around here.
20 May, 08:55 PM UTC
Texans México 🇲🇽
Los dueños de los Oilers se llevaron al equipo porque querían un nuevo estadio. Este es el estadio porque que el que eligieron ir a Tennessee en lugar de Houston 🤷🏾🤷🏾 https://t.co/uonLImMQfc
20 May, 08:02 PM UTC
Benedict Rhodes
Asked @Akoch about the @EdmontonOilers playoff run and if he hopes a positive sports momentum will help @FCEdmontonNow /their crowds at all: "Being in a city in Canada that's in the NHL playoffs is awesome. You see orange, blue and Oilers jerseys everywhere you go."(1/2) #CanPL
20 May, 08:49 PM UTC
🇨🇦 Putting On The Foil 🏒
@GlenMah Yah as much as I'd love to see an all out brawl, perhaps, staying out of the box is essential. And if the Oilers get their PP going, that may help them beat Calgary too.
20 May, 08:48 PM UTC