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明日のフジテレビ系・土曜プレミアム「那田蜘蛛山編」は 今回の放送のための新規映像が入った特別編集版❗️ufotableによる描き下ろし新規提供イラスト、メイキング映像を使用したスペシャルエンドロール、新作映像&アイキャッチイラストなど。お楽しみください❗️番組最後の”予告”までお見逃しなく❗️ @kimetsu_off's photo on Okada
16 Oct, 09:00 AM UTC
頼っていいですよ! @uji_c_m's photo on Okada
16 Oct, 06:09 AM UTC
Tweety Bird
Everytime these guys say “this thing can’t happen over night” I want to remind them that okada’s are banned literally with immediate effect. That the bridge is closed with immediate effect as well. So 🙃
15 Oct, 03:27 PM UTC
Wahala for who get drip
Subtle reminder that your President’s & VP’s Youth empowerment scheme is still sharing Okada, Pepper grinding equipments & Sharwarma stands. The same scheme items of 20 years ago. #EndSWAT #ENDSARS #EmpowerYouths #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
15 Oct, 03:20 PM UTC
NJPW Global
12 HOURS AWAY! A Block FINALS, LIVE and in English! 🔥Yujiro (0-8) vs Cobb (5-3)! 🔥Shingo (3-5) vs Suzuki (3-5)! 🔥Okada (6-2) vs Ospreay (5-3)! 🔥Ibushi (6-2) vs Taichi (4-4)! 🔥White (6-2) vs Ishii (3-5)! All on @njpwworld! https://t.co/KB1zz5Y6dm #njpw https://t.co/fze7j6Jd2H
15 Oct, 09:30 PM UTC
Omo, make una see laff o! 😂😂😂 Army chance police man say make him return bribe money wey him collect from Okada riders o! 😂😂. Small small, 9ja don dey get Factory settings... #TwitterDown Ezra Olubi ASUU #EndSARS #LazyNigerianYouthSpeaks https://t.co/SMEu8xMxty
16 Oct, 07:47 AM UTC
A Block FINALS, LIVE and in English! 🔥Yujiro (0-8)🆚Cobb (5-3) 🔥Shingo (3-5)🆚Suzuki (3-5) 🔥Okada (6-2)🆚Ospreay (5-3) 🔥Ibushi (6-2)🆚Taichi (4-4) 🔥White (6-2)🆚Ishii (3-5) In #G1CLIMAX30, who will Be the One? Find out live and on demand on https://t.co/CcdQ1XrpWA @njpwworld's photo on Okada
16 Oct, 12:07 AM UTC
炎ホ 炎「俺も楽しみにしていたんだが?(怒)」 愛されている自覚の無いホくんが好きです https://t.co/JZVMeJNNZK
16 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
vitti ➐
Please as we are chanting and protesting let's try as much as possible to not affect the ordinary Nigerians we are actually protesting to protect. The Okada men, taxi drivers, truck drivers traders, hawkers etc. #EndSARS #LazyNigerianYouthUnite #reconstructnigeria https://t.co/QjbeBT8bl7
16 Oct, 10:26 AM UTC
NJPW Global
Tonight! 'We've faced each other in friendlies before. This one might not be so friendly' Kazuchika Okada needs to beat Ospreay to make it to the #G1CLIMAX30 final. Ospreay needs to beat Okada for even greater reasons. Watch: https://t.co/IBWDHaR34l #njpw @njpwglobal's photo on Okada
15 Oct, 11:30 PM UTC
Italo Santana
Oh my goodness, Will Ospreay hits Hidden Blade on Okada and afterwards shouts: "Fuck you, fuck you! You held me back." #G1CLIMAX30 #NJPW https://t.co/d63mH2znnl https://t.co/hsAVf5EUvd
16 Oct, 10:55 AM UTC
NJPW Global
Back from break, Kazuchika Okada(6-2) takes on Will Ospreay(5-3)!! Can Ospreay beat 'big brother' Okada for the first time? Watch LIVE: https://t.co/eJY3eh4jlc #njpw #G1CLIMAX30 @njpwglobal's photo on Okada
16 Oct, 10:31 AM UTC
Ospreay has just attacked Okada after the match!!!!!! https://t.co/YCKTFJJeYE #njpw #G1CLIMAX30 https://t.co/bUPJ5Aen1I
16 Oct, 10:54 AM UTC
Italo Santana
STORMBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Will Ospreay has done it!!!! Ospreay finally beats Kazuchika Okada for the first time, and Okada is eliminated from the G1. Ospreay is one step closer of making the G1 Finals. #G1CLIMAX30 #NJPW https://t.co/d63mH2znnl https://t.co/s8iOQGivrw
16 Oct, 10:53 AM UTC
Italo Santana
Holy shit, Oka has returned to NJPW and just attacked Okada!!!! #G1CLIMAX30 #NJPW https://t.co/d63mH2znnl https://t.co/GuDx7IIukO
16 Oct, 10:52 AM UTC
Ospreay beats Okada and turns heel!!!! What an interesting turn of events!!!!🤯🤯🤯 #G1CILMAX30 #njpwworld https://t.co/bUFtAdYDLP
16 Oct, 10:55 AM UTC
Gran Akuma
Taichi: "Man, Ospreay and Okada did all those crazy moves and counters. What are we gonna do?" Ibushi: "Fuck it, we'll just have a kickboxing match."
16 Oct, 11:14 AM UTC
GIFSkull IV - Anti-DMCA #G1CLIMAX30 #G130 A-Block
Great O-Kharn (Oka), Bea Priestley and Will Ospreay... and Ospreay turned on Okada. Wow. #G1CLIMAX30 https://t.co/s8leMWHz0t
16 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
Will Ospreay turns on Kazuchika Okada at NJPW G1 Climax 30 https://t.co/xU7Xeyg0aO https://t.co/Ln8z6H1Mow
16 Oct, 11:24 AM UTC
Ross W Berman IV (but make it spooky)
Ospreay: *betrays Okada and turns heel for a shot at the finals only to get mathematically eliminated in the very next match.* #G1CLIMAX30
16 Oct, 11:19 AM UTC
新着カバー動画UPしました☺︎ 人気恋愛リアリティーショー 「オオカミ」シリーズの最新作 『オオカミくんには騙されない』の主題歌! そっけない / RADWIMPS (Re:Complex cover.) #Re_Complex https://t.co/8e55cVXWSg https://t.co/WsCbMQshaH
16 Oct, 09:07 AM UTC
Trevor Dame
One thing English G1 coverage was missing was live block math from Dave Meltzer. "So uh, if Ibushi wins...but Ospreay loses. Wait, no. If Ospreay wins, but Ibushi loses, but then if Okada draws...and that gets him to 14 and...let me find my notes." *Dog barking in background*
16 Oct, 11:22 AM UTC
初めてのアウトプット型動画を 公開しました😊 危険物乙4、衛生管理者第一種 などの取得で苦労している方に 見て欲しい動画になってます👍 私自身は機械保全技能士1級の 取得を目指して、明日から 週一回投稿するシリーズです〜🔥 寺小屋そよ風シリーズ始動します https://t.co/BlfmpcrLml https://t.co/2ZpKVHtDLN
16 Oct, 10:45 AM UTC
🌰🐿 岡田ユータ ㌠ ™ 🦁1979🦁
坂本犠牲フライキタ━━━━( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)━━━━!!キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!キタ━━━(*゚∀゚*)━━━━!!キタ━━━━(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)━━━━!!キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!キタ━━━━✌︎('ω'✌︎ )━━━━!!
16 Oct, 11:23 AM UTC
keenan fisher
@THENJPWGUY That was honestly my favourite Taichi match bro, Taichi has been growing into a star especially having classic matches with Okada Naito and now Ibushi
16 Oct, 11:24 AM UTC
Stagger Lee
Ospreay vs Okada at the Dome is gonna be incredible
16 Oct, 10:56 AM UTC
" 선 멘션으로 찾아가고는 싶지만.. " " 저는 조오금.. 바빠서.. " " 새로 오신 분들이 ❤를 여기에 꾹 찍어주시면 갈게요..? " https://t.co/16RWc6KK58
16 Oct, 11:21 AM UTC
フードロス削減、観光地応援に沢山のご支援ありがとうございます。 北海道産 真ほっけ 3枚セット https://t.co/2dMzy6gpdZ #元気いただきますプロジェクト 対象商品の為、1980円❗️さらに送料無料❗️で販売されています。 調理しやすいフライパンで焼けるサイズです。
16 Oct, 11:11 AM UTC
🌰🐿 岡田ユータ ㌠ ™ 🦁1979🦁
16 Oct, 11:25 AM UTC
🌰🐿 岡田ユータ ㌠ ™ 🦁1979🦁
巨人先制!!! 巨人①-0横浜 ⭐︎坂本犠牲フライ
16 Oct, 11:23 AM UTC

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