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Karlyn Borysenko, most dangerous knitter alive 🧶
Keith Olbermann is a racist. https://t.co/MQYDn87dkL
13 Oct, 02:50 PM UTC
Angry Olbermann goes off on 'stupid' Rovell as all hell breaks loose over Schefter email leak drama: https://t.co/Jkpx9kBA8w
13 Oct, 03:36 PM UTC
40sReborn ~ Lars
@ZubyMusic You made a fan out of many except Keith Olbermann.
13 Oct, 04:52 PM UTC
I'd like to meet the person who was convinced to get vaccinated by Keith Olbermann calling them a "terrified snowflake" from his NYC penthouse https://t.co/VGLoQjm9T3
13 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC
connor martens
@KFCBarstool Keith Olbermann calling out a bad journalist https://t.co/mgm8iNd2OM
13 Oct, 04:15 PM UTC
Joker Soylord 𓆏🔮🧪🍁🔫🌚
Keith Olbermann not having an embarassing meltdown challenge (impossible)
13 Oct, 05:37 PM UTC
Even during the Bush years when I was a young lefty, I knew Keith Olbermann was fucking deranged and best ignored.
13 Oct, 10:51 AM UTC
Cory Foster
@darrenrovell We need a 3 way cage match between Rovell, Clay Travis and Olbermann.
13 Oct, 03:06 PM UTC
larry (Gary) Reed
@skrizPO Keith Olbermann quote tweeting one journalist talking about Adam, while Keith was getting quote tweeted by other journalist calling him on his hypocrisy. It's better than desperate housewives
13 Oct, 06:51 PM UTC
Rollo McFloogle
Yo I bet that the camera tough guy Olbermann is talking to is one of the people who are afraid of the vaccine. https://t.co/bLWWHqEDIA
13 Oct, 06:51 PM UTC
Gregory Belaieff
@Black_1 @michaelmalice Do you really think Olbermann is concerned about moral responsibilities?
13 Oct, 06:06 PM UTC
I ratio'd Olbermann with 60 followers it wasn't even that funny or witty. An interesting phenomenon. https://t.co/Ih6tGCePN7 https://t.co/n8RQr3hb01
13 Oct, 07:05 PM UTC
@TheRealDisco @joerogan When did #Olbermann become such a bitch?
13 Oct, 06:17 AM UTC
@ZR1Trader @KeithOlbermann @joerogan Olbermann lost his mind eons ago.. sad really
13 Oct, 06:04 PM UTC
Brandon Webb
A 16-year-old girl in Wyoming has bigger balls than Keith Olbermann. https://t.co/cknhqVSrXc
13 Oct, 05:59 PM UTC
Imagine being Keith Olbermann or worse yet, liking him. https://t.co/brMxNehYdP
13 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
@GuyVidya @conspiracymill @SisyphusGoals @KeithOlbermann @cenkuygur said Keith Olbermann is CRAZY & Cenk is crazy… 🤔.
13 Oct, 11:43 AM UTC
Keith Olbermann and Darren Rovell arguing about baseball cards isn’t where I thought my day would go. But here we are. *grabs popcorn* https://t.co/ed93ftCjzn
13 Oct, 07:10 PM UTC
Mark Wilson
@KeithOlbermann You ever notice that Old Man Olbermann never addresses the point of a tweet, he just calls people stupid?
13 Oct, 07:07 PM UTC
The Hamberdler*
If you google “unhinged,” Keith Olbermann’s face appears https://t.co/UWkaZomlzH
13 Oct, 07:06 PM UTC
Skippa Jenkins ⬣
@ZubyMusic Olbermann is a douche. Geez
13 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Aeronius D. McCoy
@JBoldsyNation @WhitlockJason Orators who have to fluctuate tone like this in an attempt to persuade are almost always charlatans of a sort. [see: Olbermann, Keith on vaccine hesitancy]
13 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
@michaelmalice they are paid to follow, not engage. Engagement costs extra and Herr Olbermann's coffers are running dry.
13 Oct, 06:41 PM UTC
A Phizer A
@LoveThePuck Keith Olbermann… @Aqua174's photo on olbermann
13 Oct, 06:38 PM UTC
Tim Deaner
@moneylinechad Olbermann ve Rovell 😂😂this is great stuff
13 Oct, 06:31 PM UTC
ベガス・ゴールデンナイツ ゴー!ゴー!ゴー!🇺🇸🇯🇵
@WatchRatio @KeithOlbermann Olbermann seems pretty nuts himself.
13 Oct, 06:26 PM UTC
Tay *redacted*
@PBSImpulse9 Keith Olbermann has zero chill and USUALLY that’s his issue. But this time I’ll allow it
13 Oct, 06:25 PM UTC
Tiffany M. Davis
Olbermann came off the top rope! 😂 https://t.co/USbQ5SsY7x
13 Oct, 06:23 PM UTC