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Fabrizio Romano
Bayern director Oliver Kahn: “As far as Lewandowski is concerned, not much has changed. He's still under contract until 2023”. 🔴 #FCBayern “Here at Bayern we are now looking forward to the first day of training with Robert”, says via @imiasanmia. @FabrizioRomano's photo on Oliver
22 Jun, 02:48 PM UTC
90s Football
Oliver Kahn and Lothar Matthaus. https://t.co/Lx1ZeYC3gq
22 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Best of Tom Hiddleston
NEW📸:Tom Hiddleston by Oliver Mayhall. https://t.co/1mtajyEVkP
22 Jun, 06:16 PM UTC
🪲Schreibers Naturarium🔬
Koalas sind immer so müde und schlafen so viel tagsüber (~20h pro Tag), weil sie sich von Eukalyptusblättern ernähren, die einen extrem niedrigen Kaloriengehalt haben und auch ein bisschen beschwippst machen. Deshalb müssen sie sich ihre Kraft einteilen. https://t.co/Q9OjPk3aEZ
23 Jun, 07:28 AM UTC
GB News
'Time and time again nobody is held to account... Chief Constables know what's going on' Former Detective Constable Maggie Oliver speaks about grooming gangs after a recent report said girls in Rotherham were failed by police. @GBNEWS's photo on Oliver
23 Jun, 06:56 AM UTC
Oliver Faure (@faureolivier): "J'ai le sentiment qu'Emmanuel Macron n'a rien compris à ce qu'il s'est passé" @BFMTV's photo on Oliver
22 Jun, 07:42 PM UTC
Tönnies und Co. täuschen Verbraucher offenbar mit "ekelhafter und minderwertiger" Billigwurst. Wenn dein ausbeuterisches Geschäftsmodell einzig aus industrieller Massentierhaltung und Tierleid besteht, sind dir eben auch Menschen vollkommen gleichgültig.
23 Jun, 06:50 AM UTC
Thank you Maggie Oliver for your appearance on GBNews this morning Refreshing to see & hear someone speaking out the truth that Oldham problems are within the Pakistani community who regard White girls as prey, its not racist its just fact! @MaggieOliverUK @GBNEWS @MartinDaubney https://t.co/rldXKUuzgH
23 Jun, 08:48 AM UTC
Stephen J. Nesbitt
“They never told me it was a fake base.” Meet Oliver Richard, the 6-year-old who enlisted #Astros Jose Altuve and Mauricio Dubón to help him pry second base from the dirt at Minute Maid Park last night. It was adorable, and this is his side of the story. https://t.co/98pqqLCW16 https://t.co/35dVLc6Azp
22 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Simon Dobson
EXCL - Manchester United have agreed a fee with Barcelona for Frenkie De Jong. Deal at just over €70m + €10m in add ons.
23 Jun, 01:13 PM UTC
Christine Cotton
C'est parti pour la vaccination des - de 5 ans en dépit de résultats d'efficacité minables et des risques. Puissent-ils éviter les souffrances des effets secondaires graves de ces pseudo-vaccins #scandalesanitaire https://t.co/zFkI7DL8xF
23 Jun, 01:04 PM UTC
rocky ⛓🖤 - 💗💛💙
Draco Theo Adrian Marcus Blaise Harry Oliver Dean That is all 🤫
22 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
@Katt2080 @swanage123 Many parents contacted the Police but were ignored. Then they were threatened with death or arson by the grooming gangs if they complained again, they did complain and were again ignored by the Police. Read Maggie Oliver's Book👍
23 Jun, 09:29 AM UTC
Jamie Oliver
EXCITING NEWS for anyone who would like a SIGNED copy of Jamie's new cookbook ONE! 💥 Pre-order yours from @Waterstones here >>> https://t.co/0qMDFtJSub @jamieoliver's photo on Oliver
23 Jun, 09:05 AM UTC
🚨C'est l'heure du prono 🚨 Qui de @SolaryTV ou de @GameWardTeam va prendre le dessus ce soir ? SLY Oliver a fait son choix ! 🐇 A-t-il raison a-t-il tort ? On le saura ce soir à 18h ! Taux de fiabilité : 100% ( 4-0 )🥇🏆 #LFL #SLYWIN #OliverLeParieur @OTP_LoL https://t.co/tLlVKaDGdi
23 Jun, 01:01 PM UTC
Marie Stærke
Kan I huske Oliver, der faldt i Aalborg havn og druknede i februar? Her er hans mor Bente, der har sat fokus på sikkerhed eller mangel på samme i danske havne. I dag til konference om netop dét! Tak til @Trinebramsen og @DanskeHavne for at invitere til debat om dette vigtige emne https://t.co/pqJtP0vsXn
23 Jun, 09:20 AM UTC
Rai Radio3
Tra le tracce della #maturita2022 spunta Musicofilia, la raccolta di racconti dello psichiatra Oliver Sacks. Quali effetti produce la musica su di noi? In che modo si incontrano note e cervello, arte e scienza? Il racconto di #Radio3Scienza, qui https://t.co/wS0pOn92q1 @Radio3tweet's photo on Oliver
23 Jun, 11:04 AM UTC
Lowenstein Sandler
LS partner Matt Oliver is quoted in @lawdotcom re: the city of #Newark’s repeal of the ordinance known as the “Needy Persons Ban” following LS & @LegalAidNYC's filing of a #ClassAction on behalf of would-be #tenants living in NYC homeless shelters. https://t.co/MlCJF0jNOt https://t.co/OZSYQs4jx2
22 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
The Inner Temple
Join us🏛️or💻on 19 July for a fireside chat as The Rt Hon Sir Konrad Schiemann and Sir Oliver Popplewell discuss his📔'Munich Why?', a fascinating cold-case review of the Munich agreement. @HonSocGraysInn @middletemple @lincolnsinn most welcome. 🎫Free! https://t.co/0kvIrCdJB9 https://t.co/5HDy39lJ5J
23 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
President Museveni rcvd a delegation from Germany led by Minister of State and Head of the State Chancellery, Mr. Oliver Schenk. He with his guests discussed possible business opportunities as well as cooperation in the areas of medicine from plants between Uganda and Germany. https://t.co/JTzMF7u6HT
22 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
Delingpole – back on the box and caustic as ever - Gary Oliver https://t.co/GbVUjknnRL
23 Jun, 12:15 PM UTC
�Leon Dorado Bs�
@atencia_oliver -Rework de Penny (y de las skins de oro y plata) -Regreso de los 2.5 modos de juego -Nuevas animaciones para los brawlers -Regreso del barco de Darryl
23 Jun, 01:11 PM UTC
HITECH F1 TEAM: In March 2022, Oliver Oakes (Director and TP of Hitech) registered a company in the UK called 'HITECH F1 TEAM LIMITED'. He is the sole director. 8 days later, 30th March, the name was changed to 'HITECH GP LIMITED'.
23 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
🚨 🆆🅰🆃🅲🅷🅴🆁🆂 🅸🅽🅵🅾🆁🅼🅰 🚨 🏟 RdP - NUEVO VIVERO @LuisDAmbrona Presidente del @CDBadajoz (A él se refería Oliver con que habría gente de Badajoz) José Luis Orantes Consejero delegado y máxima autoridad (Máximo accionista de Lanuspe) Leandro Casanova Director General
23 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC
Nynzi 💙 🏹
It’s been sold to a religious cult and Oliver is chasing up Jerry Hall’s email address. #TheArchers https://t.co/04tds0f8Lg
23 Jun, 01:11 PM UTC
𝚁𝟸𝟷𝟸 🔸 aNA
C'est vraiment le meilleur contenu pré-match SLY Oliver 🙏🏼 https://t.co/qJM5U8DDlm
23 Jun, 01:10 PM UTC