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"The stuff of legends" Relive Ollie Hoare's golden moment, and the incredible reactions of @JaseRicho, @tamsynlewis and of course, Bruce 🥰 #B2022 @7Sport's photo on Ollie Hoare
07 Aug, 09:02 AM UTC
Graham Cornes
Absolutely love this. Ollie Hoare into the record books. Bruce at his best. @tamsynlewis @JaseRicho mirroring how exciting we all were back home https://t.co/BZ6bwCPUyc
07 Aug, 11:53 PM UTC
Australia Defence Association
Not since Herb Elliott in 1958 & against the current world champion. May not seem much to some. But former & current middle-distance runners understand the enormity of Ollie Hoare's feat. And the intellectual & physical discipline needed to achieve it. https://t.co/g2YTxsOOFu
07 Aug, 10:58 PM UTC
Graham Young
A guts effort by Ollie Hoare. Best since Herb Elliott, but what would Elliott have run today, with tartan tracks and improved nutrition, training and psychology. His time for 1500 3:35:06. Hoare's 3:30:13 - only 3% faster. https://t.co/gb1LvhHzPl
08 Aug, 01:25 AM UTC
Tim Davis
@Sputnik22 @ThePrenderCast We could do with a bit of Ollie Hoare. PB on the big stage with world class opposition. Would love that.
07 Aug, 11:33 PM UTC
Idiots at News Ltd, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail tell the world that Commonwealth games 1500m gold medal winner Ollie Hoare's father is dead. "Pop" is a reference to his grandfather, Fred Hoare. Just moronic. https://t.co/8MA8F6Sjn7
08 Aug, 12:32 AM UTC
Adam Shepard
If you missed the race, take 2 & a half minutes to watch this epic effort. A superb moment in Australian sporting history 👏👏 Ollie Hoare take a bow https://t.co/ZwGt2wsQER
08 Aug, 02:35 AM UTC
💧Nat ❤️💚
“It’s just magical” 💚💛 what a race this was from Ollie Hoare https://t.co/7IBVuxbqaO
08 Aug, 01:32 AM UTC
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Richard Monin 🇦🇺
@tabcomau Ollie Hoare's 1500m win. Played by Sam Worthington
08 Aug, 03:41 AM UTC
LISTEN | @craddock_cmail on... - Ollie Hoare's gold medal win - Bruce McAvaney's commentary - India's rise in women's cricket - Lance Franklin's future - Ricky Stuart's comments about Jaeman Salmon - And more! https://t.co/lAhkFnP7Gi
08 Aug, 02:15 AM UTC
Najam Ul Hasan
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08 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
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