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On Air/Ryan Seacrest
Tickets for the Citi Field show go on sale August 17 #BTSArmy https://t.co/6g9IU2N1ha
09 Aug, 05:00 PM UTC
I interrupt today's daily political stream to advise that I tried on six new (beautiful, sexy) bras today at Nordstrom and every single one of them fit perfectly. On top of that, every single one was on sale. I am taking this as a sign that this apocalypse is coming to an end.
09 Aug, 10:49 PM UTC
History of Painting
#HistoryofPainting Stanhope Alexander Forbes RA (18 Nov 1857 – 2 Mar 1947), was an artist and a founding member of the influential Newlyn schoolof painters. He was often called 'the father of the Newlyn School'. A Fish Sale on a Cornish Beach, 1885 😉? 😻“I want the white one” History of Painting's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 09:52 AM UTC
Amit Bhawani
We have been seeing the amazing #IKEAIndia opening photos, videos but this is the harsh reality. Sad that it is not managed like how we expected. Also, Dear Hyderabad, the store is going to stay here, let's not run as if there's a Black Friday sale going on.
09 Aug, 02:28 PM UTC
🦁 #WorldLionDay 🦁 ART AUCTION TO RAISE FUNDS FOR @LIONAID This STUNNING canvas of #CecilTheLion was painted by @Paulaw_art just after he was MURDERED by Walter Palmer. It ends on #WorldLionDay! For more details go to https://t.co/biNIabAgj7 PLEASE HELP #SAVELIONS ❤ https://t.co/rIyLJ6zvjc
09 Aug, 07:58 PM UTC
第ニ弾情報解禁 ◾️9/19(水)On Sale‼️ ◾️タイトル『Today』&ジャケ3種公開‼️ 9/23他「8月〜9月にかけインストア&特典会」開催‼️ ◾️購入サイト https://t.co/GgK8RLssfa ◾️レーベルHP https://t.co/a7kE4cs8fH ◾️HMVイベント https://t.co/ajWVUxmBJo #ROU #ヘタミュ #オーストリア ROU's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 09:01 AM UTC
Republic Records
.@ArianaGrande's Sweetener Sessions w @AmericanExpress are ON SALE TODAY at 10am local ☽ → https://t.co/JAPvVJjufR Republic Records's photo on ON SALE
09 Aug, 02:42 PM UTC
LIVE DVD / Blu-ray「フェアリーズ LIVE TOUR 2018~JUKEBOX~」ティザー公開! フェアリーズ(Fairies) / 2018.9.19 on sale LIVE DVD / Blu-ray TEASER https://t.co/k1OhGvGZyy @YouTubeさんから
10 Aug, 10:12 AM UTC
GEMERA, transforming the emerald industry for the better. Meet one of the biggest Colombian emerald mines and get ready for our token sale on September 10th. https://t.co/JQiX44qeUc #cryptocurrency #blockchain #cryptotrading #trading
09 Aug, 08:08 PM UTC
BanG Dream! GBP
[AUSTRALIA] If you haven't caught the news, Madman​ is bringing a delayed viewing of the BanG Dream! 5th Live to Sydney & Melbourne on August 18-19! Tickets are already on sale, so don't miss your chance to see them on the big screen~ https://t.co/xU1KmBXAvp BanG Dream! GBP's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 06:54 AM UTC
🌺新作EP情報🌺 2018.10.10 On Sale MINAMI NiNE SUPER EP LINKS 初回限定盤 : CD+DVD ¥2,037(税抜) 通常盤 : CD ¥1,556(税抜) 全6曲収録🌴🌴🌴 LINKS special site▷https://t.co/l0juRj5hwP https://t.co/Q3JC9crMYr #MINAMINiNE #LINKS https://t.co/JK3vcKwCK2
10 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC
Sad you can't attend Comiket? Well, we're having a sale to help you get a hold of the lewdness you need in your life. #C94 Get 5x points on selected items during our sale at https://t.co/MCA9LMqZon J-LIST's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 05:14 AM UTC
GIRLS' GENERATION's 11TH ANNIVERSARY Goods - Medal Badge Kit on sale starting tomorrow August 11th https://t.co/mV2akmYNAn https://t.co/YTIP9ZXEZF
10 Aug, 11:27 AM UTC
Looking for TWICELAND in Bangkok ticket S1 section with a good queue number. Do DM @ediblemomo if you have one for sale 🙂 Her seller backed off on her so she is looking for one #TWICELANDinBangkok
10 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
Ronan Le Flécher ❤️
Ici, on déconne pas avec ça 😉 RT pour le beurre salé FAV pour le beurre doux #teambeurresalé #teambeurredoux Ronan Le Flécher ❤️'s photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 06:56 AM UTC
Rate3 Network ($RTE)
Matrix Partners China "believes Jake has the tenacity💪🏻 & foresight👀 to rally his team to execute Rate3's vision of a tokenized world". 🙌🏻We sure do!!!🙌🏻 CoinRoundup on how Rate 3 is raising expectations in the blockchain industry💬 https://t.co/FJcWKMXLtS
10 Aug, 10:52 AM UTC
Michael Dickson
Now on Sale for all @JeremyCorbyn fans! Michael Dickson's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 07:28 AM UTC
The Pre Token Sale in on! Our Score on https://t.co/xONGDiWrCQ just reached 4.5/ 5
10 Aug, 11:22 AM UTC
Classic Pop magazine
Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day! #DDAD18 Don't forget our latest Classic Pop Presents is on sale now! Includes interviews, classic albums, rare photos, their decade-by-decade story, Top 40 tracks and much more. Full details on how to buy here: https://t.co/adlenovxp3 https://t.co/PD6FIjuH6Y
10 Aug, 11:42 AM UTC
ASUS India
Trade your phone for a Zenfone 5Z for an extra Rs 3000 off. Also get Rs 2000* off on select cards & Complete Mobile Protection at Rs 999. Get the 6GB & 8GB variants starting at Rs 29,999 & Rs 36,999 at the Big Freedom Sale on @Flipkart https://t.co/m9bBjfb7Ih #FlagshipRedefined ASUS India's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 NEW SINGLE "kick in the world" ¥1000(+tax) 2018.08.29(水) on sale 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 ブツが届いた☺️ジャケも盤面も超かわいいしセルフライナーノーツがよく書けてると自負❣️仕掛けもあるうふふ 予約👉🏻 https://t.co/zQeysoKWdm https://t.co/l1yclB7rJG
10 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Hello Ladyboy
Peach1 on Hello Ladyboy - 25yo #sexy #Thailadyboy blows white guy and #masturbates! 💥 THE LAST DAY OF The “Mid-Summer Madness” Sale! 50% off - Save NOW at the #Helloladyboy! ➡ https://t.co/WcwA4AP9rj Hello Ladyboy's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 10:30 AM UTC
Hello Ladyboy
Peach on Hello Ladyboy - She is a Peach of a #Thailadyboy that gives a great #blowjob! 💥 THE LAST DAY OF The “Mid-Summer Madness” Sale! 50% off - Save NOW at the #Helloladyboy! ➡ https://t.co/WcwA4AP9rj Hello Ladyboy's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
The Classic Observer
Fairly used Lexus RX 300 for sale. Price: 1.85M (Negotiable) Please help RT for a buyer on your TL. Thanks. https://t.co/SFydPIINdo
10 Aug, 10:11 AM UTC
Girls on Tops
GoT HQ is moving soon 🏠 To commemorate the occasion (& make the process a whole lot easier with fewer t-shirts to transport!) we're running a 20% sale for the next couple of weeks on ALL TEES. Help a girl out! https://t.co/igTPXEugF5 … #femalefilmakerfriday Girls on Tops's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:25 AM UTC
Manchester Lit Fest
#MLF18 IS LIVE! You can see all of our 80+ events here: https://t.co/40IyrUfdzQ and download our new brochure here: https://t.co/YZT1zA0lxg MEMBERS TICKETS ON SALE NOW! General sale starts Wed 15 August Manchester Lit Fest's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 10:43 AM UTC
Saint Etienne
Second British Library show added. Tickets on sale from 1pm on Monday 13th August: https://t.co/8qZEsGL7P9 Saint Etienne's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
OnePlus Support
@harsh_bhartia We appreciate your interest for Bullets wireless. We would like to inform you that Bullets wireless will be back on sale shortly. Request you to stay tuned on our social media channels for more information.
10 Aug, 10:37 AM UTC
ooh la la! whats this? our vité flatlay pouches will be on sale on august 30! but do stay tuned for more updates😉 💕 Commodité's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:01 PM UTC
Lindsay Currie
Holy cow! Just discovered that the Kindle version of THE PECULIAR INCIDENT ON SHADY STREET is one sale for $1.99! Go forth, ebook readers! https://t.co/52r7t0NxEC
10 Aug, 11:35 AM UTC
[Info] #RunningMan to hold a fan meeting "Keep On Running" Live in Taipei on 6 October 2018 at 7pm in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Tickets will go on sale starting 19 August. All members will be attending the fan meeting. https://t.co/7wmidrrLDE #런닝맨 #이굉수 #LeeKwangSoo 여치👼's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
Rohit Parakh
1/4 @fssaiindia @ceo_fssai Your comment in media on no -ve health impact of GM food is incorrect, below is negative health impact of Bt cotton/Bt brinjal on animals from Supreme Court Technical Expert Committee https://t.co/8QJN12tPyJ https://t.co/uc0aHQdonY @Devinder_Sharma https://t.co/GgRzBBoKOB
10 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
Goddess Valora
New #clip sale! My Booby Trap #Mesmerize Get yours on #iWantClips! https://t.co/Tqsbwl7qvK Goddess Valora's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
follow my brand page @musestudios_ on instagram 5 follows away from 300 & we’re doing a 30% off sale today with code FLASH30!! Monaé's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
The Ogilvie
In advance of @edbookfest's kickoff tomorrow, @Gutter_Magazine #18 & The Freedom Papers are on sale here in Edinburgh! For writing by the incredible likes of @carmenmmachado, @JacquesTsiantar, and @a_pirmohamed, look no further!! https://t.co/uHO1QowWzy
10 Aug, 12:41 PM UTC
💥JUST ANNOUNCED💥 Support for @sofitukker at KOKO on Monday 17 September is confirmed as @thatKahLo 🙌 Tickets on sale here: https://t.co/iuen0Mab47 KOKO's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Ollie Bartlett
This is excellent news, and not a moment too soon. UK should definitely follow suit. https://t.co/wofLGTKCAl
10 Aug, 12:20 PM UTC
Harvest USA
"Alive" is the perfect and necessary resource to help teenagers, parents, and the church evaluate critical issues through the framework of God’s good design of marriage and sex. – @Hattonkb // Buy your copy on sale today @wtsbooks! https://t.co/HxMTV64D7c https://t.co/npymI4FLz8
09 Aug, 05:54 PM UTC
Tina Edwards
CHICAGOxLONDON Round 2 with @LondonJazzFest TICKETS JUST GONE ON SALE https://t.co/21DURzO8In
10 Aug, 09:10 AM UTC
Rodney Lacroix
I think I've been ripped off. This Japanese Rosetta Stone CD I got at a yard sale is just the "Mr. Roboto" song on a loop.
10 Aug, 12:42 PM UTC
SteamPunk by Ben
#Steampunk Industrial Style Textured Pendant Dogtag On sale now, with lots of other #handmade items, in my #etsy emporium! 😀 #flockbn #atsocialmedia #SNRTG #87RT #craftbuzz #eshopsuk https://t.co/USDUc2oa0a SteamPunk by Ben's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:20 PM UTC
Daniel Elkeles
Thank you to everyone who came to our Board meeting to talk about the potential sale of surplus land at Epsom. If you couldn’t make it, why not come for a guided tour and briefing around the site on the 6th Sept from 10am-11am. Email https://t.co/dzBZFsnim2 to reserve a place.
10 Aug, 12:13 PM UTC
Cupcake Tshutsha🎱
VW Citi Rox in good condition FOR SALE DM if you interested. Please RT the buyer might be on your TL. #cars https://t.co/u6q802zWCC
10 Aug, 12:29 PM UTC
Andrew Teacher
READ my thoughts on #houseoffraser: questions around why these failing retailers have such expensive, long leases https://t.co/6iqPwLRDgD @ES_JoBourke @olivershah
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Tickets are on sale!!! #fashionistas #runwaylit #strugglingmodel #plussizefashion #plushbeauty #modelbehavior #fashionshowchronicles #darkorchid #houstonmodel #houstontx #pearls https://t.co/aJ4SJAoEIR
10 Aug, 12:46 PM UTC
Harris Wilcox Inc
569 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst 14226. 4 bedroom split level home on .18 acres. Auction on site Friday, August 17th at 10AM. List price could be high or low. No offer before the sale. Open house Wednesday,... https://t.co/G49H1aXWnE
10 Aug, 12:46 PM UTC
OnePlus Support
@Nagar0077 We appreciate your interest for Bullets wireless. We would like to inform you that Bullets wireless will be back on sale shortly. Request you to stay tuned on our social media channels for more information.
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Ronald Paxton
#Thriller #Mystery #SouthernVoices Tears at Sunrise is on sale for 99 cents! "Great characters, great story line...I loved this one!" https://t.co/06szid4GT7 Ronald Paxton's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Get “caught “in our liberty London Pennie smokk- on sale today! . . . #easydressing #onlineboutique #onlineshopping #sale #libertylondon #thesimplelife #travelwear #alwaysgo… https://t.co/hIqTwrY3io
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Macy’s got some mixers on sale too😭 I’ll prolly buy a new one for Christmas lol
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Sigrid Wharam
Please help me get Facebook's attention: Facebook: I ordered a Generator that was on sal... https://t.co/QkuaMO9kOB
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Susan Spaulding
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/BCRCuncrrR Jay Flight Weekend Flash Sale at Haylett RV August 10th and 11th Only $18,335!!
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
That’s a really good deal! Beware the Batman, Young Justice, and Justice League Unlimited are on sale too! AndrewBatReview's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
American Topnotch
The Freedom Sale! Now get amazing offer on your favorite American Topnotch pulses on Amazon India. Hurry! Offers valid till 12th August '18 only.* To order on Amazon follow https://t.co/uZ8meR3f0p #blackeyebeans #redkidneybeans #greenpeas #yellowlentiles #grocery #premium #pulses American Topnotch's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
@thebme @Tim_Burgess @thecharlatans @dicefm How many tickets went on sale?
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Does this means crocs are going on sale before school starts https://t.co/5QRtR7v6lH
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
ADP Surfaces
Set Up An Appointment to View Our In Stock Granite Remnants! Appointments Available on Wednesdays from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Contact us to set up an appointment or call 407-299-9394! https://t.co/F2DyI7wxxW
10 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
@haleshannon You get a book deal and immediately notice your friend got a three-book deal. The people who haven’t yet received that first elusive offer think you must be dancing on starlight, but it isn’t like that. The next sale looms high above you and rejections start coming in...
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Laurna Hunter
Rice dream on sale in Asda for 70p!! #bargain Laurna Hunter's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
SR Promo Team
@BanknoteMitch Great job on the project boss!! check https://t.co/ITT3uHhgKG for a solid promo sale! Thanks!
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
LB #Truth ❌
@JohnGuandolo @paulsperry_ @jetrotter No more evidence is needed. It's clear. Di-Fi's Chi-Spy, Awan spy ring in Congress. McCabe + Russian crime figures. It's a mess. ((They)) ALLOWED USA to be an easy target to make profits on weapons, uranium, oil, gas, human trafficking, tech data transfers. America was for sale.
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Digital Terminal
Paytm Mall Offers Heavy Discounts on its ‘Freedom Cashback Sale’ @PaytmMall https://t.co/PyYPrsGwhd This Independence Week, Paytm Mall – owned by Paytm E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. – has announced its ‘Freedom Cashback Sale’ from 8th to 15th August, 2018. Digital Terminal's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Don Reed Simmons
#Visionary! Join me for this Conference on the beautiful sands of #Sarasota. Tickets on sale at https://t.co/eHCT4XKHhR https://t.co/CL255Wkye4
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Tickets are on sale!!! #fashionistas #runwaylit #strugglingmodel #plussizefashion #plushbeauty #modelbehavior #fashionshowchronicles #charlottenc #rockthecurvesfashionshow https://t.co/KCCvF5dJLk
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
fan du Standard de Liège
mais putain sale GROSSE PUTE tu postes ta photo sur un hashtag à propos de CHEVEUX et tu te plains qu'on te parle de TES CHEVEUX https://t.co/kqyPIziP3p
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Laura Werrell
Waterfront Property for Sale in Desirable Hawkestone! #Realestate Watch the virtual tour for 93-95 Robinson St. Contact Matthew Mulrooney from Sutton Group at 705-725-6765 or mmulrooney@sutton.com for more details on this beautiful Waterfront Property https://t.co/tgBWwRs3b1 Laura Werrell's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Cards By Louise
This is the MDF I have left...anyone interested? Let me know and I'll hold another sale if you're local 😁 Prices on photos.
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Tickets on sale now for Fly Fishing Club annual banquet https://t.co/zIZ9KFxx3m FlyFishing's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
World Of Food
Williams Sonoma Just Announced a Sale on Two Major KitchenAid Appliances — Shopping https://t.co/BBisNDy4VL World Of Food's photo on ON SALE
10 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Dropped some new beats for sale on my website 🦇👾💉 $25 MP3 Leases https://t.co/nDDUMr5ns7
10 Aug, 12:43 PM UTC

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