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Greg Jericho
Bugger. Had our chances, just didn’t take them. #opals. Great game
30 Sep, 11:16 AM UTC
Tracey Holmes
Rose-gold (bronze) medal for the @BasketballAus #Opals at the @FIBAWWC is a beautiful moment in the history of this remarkable team. #fibawwc https://t.co/GRkUEHicug
01 Oct, 04:57 AM UTC
jean-François.T 🐍🏀
30 pts pour Lauren Jackson unbelievable merci LJ 🙄🔥😊😇😍 #Opals #FIBAWWC #NBAextra https://t.co/1e7sGZtDn8
01 Oct, 04:43 AM UTC
Matt Webber
Lauren Jackson you brilliant, complete, and wonderfully humble superstar. What an ornament to sport you are. And what a swansong. #FIBA #Opals 🏀
01 Oct, 04:52 AM UTC
Minerva Network
That was special. What a moment for Australian Sport. #fibawwc #opals https://t.co/5fjCqIGtqM
01 Oct, 04:48 AM UTC
Lily pea
31 days til the @WNBL season kicks off. Just a reminder 😉 #FIBAWWC #Opals #rosegold #bronze #wnbl
01 Oct, 05:08 AM UTC
Steven Wright
GOAT 🐐 is a word thrown around a lot in Australia sport but when it comes to womens 🏀 there is only one. No one else comes close. Congrats to Lauren Jackson on an amazing career for Australia. She is without doubt the GOAT. #FIBAWCC #Opals
01 Oct, 04:57 AM UTC
Paul Kneeshaw
With transmission cut I’m gonna just dream Lauren Jackson finished her career with a Tomahawk Slam. Well done on a magnificent career legend. Bronzed Aussies 👏👏👏 Awesome 💚💛 #Opals #FIBAWCC #FIBA_Womens_Basketball_World_Cup_2022
01 Oct, 04:51 AM UTC
Dr Vanessa S
Lauren Jackson you are an absolute legend. #opals #FIBA_Womens_Basketball_World_Cup_2022
01 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
Brett Keeble
The ripple effect of that performance by the @BasketballAus #Opals & @laurenej15 in her final game for her country can’t be measured. Witnessing that will inspire countless girls (& boys) to play basketball. Congratulations all involved. Phenomenal on so many levels. #FIBAWWC 🥉
01 Oct, 05:14 AM UTC
Tim Morrissey
@laurenej15 winds back the clock and drops a game high 30pts to help deliver the #FIBAWCC bronze medal to #Opals awesome performance from the GOAT
01 Oct, 04:51 AM UTC
WHAT THE ACTUAL WITH THE COVERAGE!???! @Foxtel @BasketballAus @PickandRollAU #opals #FIBA_Womens_Basketball_World_Cup_2022
01 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
Yeah the girls #opals #FIBAWWC https://t.co/U17dLislcq
01 Oct, 05:35 AM UTC
Jade Culph
Lauren Jackson what a special special athlete/player incredible inspiration for what you can do with DESIRE and TALENT…. Take a now young lady @RealTrentBall #world #AustraliaCup #Opals
01 Oct, 04:51 AM UTC
Stirling Hinchliffe
Congratulations to the ⁦@BasketballAus⁩ #Opals on placing third 🥉in the ⁦@FIBAWWC⁩ #WeAreBasketball @StirlHinchliffe's photo on #Opals
01 Oct, 08:55 AM UTC
Josh Barnett 🇦🇺
Maybe Lauren Jackson will be sweet for Brisbane 2032? #GOAT #Opals #FIBAWWC
01 Oct, 04:23 AM UTC
Norman Hermant
Again, not an ideal #Canada - #Australia result. But the #Opals were just too good today. Congrats for their bronze at #FIBAWWC - 3rd in the world! Now, let’s talk about my @ESPNAusNZ feed for game end and post-game. If it looks like a black screen, it’s because it is. 👎🙁 https://t.co/SKVmRpw17i @NormanHermant's photo on #Opals
01 Oct, 06:46 AM UTC
Lauren Jackson, take a bow. Retired, starts a family, makes a comeback at 41yo for the @FIBAWC scores 30 points and takes 7 rebounds in her final game. Simply amazing! Australian salutes you ! #FIFA23 #Opals https://t.co/zc7YXwUyhV
01 Oct, 05:51 AM UTC
Easily the greatest female basketballer this country has ever produced. And you could easily mount a case she is our greatest basketballer male OR female. Complete Gun. Especially at 41 yrs old! #laurenjackson #Opals #FIBAWWC https://t.co/zHWvipASm8
01 Oct, 08:18 AM UTC
Steve Bastoni
Actual photo of #laurenjackson #Opals #FIFA23 @stevebastoni's photo on #Opals
01 Oct, 07:02 AM UTC
Neil Gray
That game had everything including the right result! Well done @SBrondello & all the girls! Every single one of them is a fantastic role mode for young basketballers & @laurenej15 is, well words fail me. She got to go out on the stage an athlete of her calibre deserves! 🥉#opals https://t.co/hXsj2sTwrZ
01 Oct, 05:22 AM UTC
What a joy to watch @laurenej15 in her final @FIBAWWC on Australia 🇦🇺 home soil. Her and the #Opals had a very strong finish - great to see. Cheers to you, Lauren!
01 Oct, 04:55 AM UTC
Gavin Ingham
A beautiful basketball story today. 🐐 ❤️ #laurenjackson #lj #opals #FIBA #FIBAWCC https://t.co/dCN1bgh3fN
01 Oct, 04:53 AM UTC
Ag Giramondo
Very very special @BasketballAus #FIBA_Womens_Basketball_World_Cup_2022 #Opals https://t.co/uwyKuTGLWJ
01 Oct, 04:50 AM UTC
Baloncesto femenino
En su último partido vistiendo la camiseta de las #Opals ha hecho 30 puntos, 7 rebotes y 35 de valoración en...¡21 minutos en pista! https://t.co/rHo1sGj3bv
01 Oct, 08:42 AM UTC
jean-François.T 🐍🏀
Lauren Elizabeth Jackson qui reçoit sa médaille 🥉🙄😍❤ #FIBAWWC #NBAextra #Opals https://t.co/F3k0hZ8XBl
01 Oct, 08:02 AM UTC
tom Michael
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01 Oct, 07:26 AM UTC
Sam 🦋🚨🥽🐶🚙⚡️🔋
@BasketballAus Awesome work #Opals and #GOAT𓃵 LJ. - what a player and sportsperson 💚💛
01 Oct, 06:38 AM UTC
The Greatest! So proud of our girls 🇦🇺 ⁦@FIBAWWC⁩ ⁦@BasketballAus⁩ #opals https://t.co/RgtAQpL7eB
01 Oct, 06:35 AM UTC
Paul Kneeshaw
Rose gold for the #Opals in Sydney and #Boomers at Tokyo Olympics… good times for Aussie basketball #FIBAWCC #FIBAWWC #FIBAWorldCup
01 Oct, 06:26 AM UTC