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Byron Kaye
The Optus hacker apparently wants $1 million, so basically the greatest data heist in history is worth less than a 2-bedroom apartment in Petersham.
24 Sep, 07:17 AM UTC
Jeremy Kirk
Someone is claiming to have the stolen Optus account data for 11.2 million users. They want $1 million in the Monero cryptocurrency from Optus to not sell the data to other people. Otherwise, they say they will sell it in parcels. #optus #auspol #infosec #OptusHack https://t.co/1eCINue2oZ
23 Sep, 08:21 PM UTC
Josh Taylor
After the Optus hack I went and looked at what Optus had said in submissions recently about strengthening privacy law re protections and actions for customers. And surprise! https://t.co/TQm6NmRBMq https://t.co/kwLI07r8hr
24 Sep, 02:01 AM UTC
Jeremy Kirk
UPDATE: I reached the person who claims to have hacked Optus. I've also been contacted by a second, separate source who says the hacker's version of events is approximately correct. Here's what they said. #OptusHack #infosec #auspol
24 Sep, 12:38 PM UTC
If I post anything good about Dan Andrews, you know I’ve been hacked via the Optus cyber attack.
23 Sep, 10:19 PM UTC
Steven Georgantis 🇦🇺
Optus has around 5.8 million active users, so the rest upto 10 million must be previous customers so why are they keeping the private details of 4.2 million previous users? Govt must legislate businesses destroy those records after 3 months.
24 Sep, 12:32 AM UTC
Stuart Tomlinson
Day 3 and our desktops and home phones are still offline and Optus still hasn't addressed the problem, should I send them a bill for failing to provide the service that they are charging me for?
23 Sep, 10:37 PM UTC
Jeremy Kirk
The Optus hacker says they accessed an unauthenticated API endpoint. This means they didn't have to login. The person says: "No authenticate needed. That is bad access control. All open to internet for any one to use." #infosec #auspol https://t.co/l89O8w1oCO
24 Sep, 12:38 PM UTC
Margaret Morgan ✒📚 🎬
If #Optus' breach had happened in the EU & thus were subject to the GDPR, it would be liable to a fine of €20M (AU$30M) or 4% of the firm's worldwide global revenue from the previous year, whichever is higher. The Australian govt needs to get its act together on privacy.
24 Sep, 03:49 PM UTC
David Marler
Very Qld LNP. Politicise anything that goes wrong & blame Labor. Peter Dutton seeking to capitalise on the #Optus hack. #auspol https://t.co/W2oe4BiC2M
23 Sep, 11:35 PM UTC
Buddy Eydtes
I received an email from Optus, stating that some of my personal information has been compromised. License numbers etc. I’m now at the mercy of criminals. Will various criminal identities be created using my name and data? I have no power over my personal identity thanks to Optus
24 Sep, 09:49 AM UTC
Jeremy Kirk
The API endpoint was api[dot]https://t.co/o7YSPiVStk. Yes, that looks weird, but the hacker says it worked otherwise a DNS error occurred. That API is now offline, so there is no more risk for Optus. It was used in part to let Optus customers access their own data. https://t.co/30mG1YQ0T5
24 Sep, 12:38 PM UTC
THE Russell - You don't like opinions? Here's mine
It turns out @Optus was being loose with the truth. Apparently, the live customer database was connected via an "unauthenticated" API on a "test network" to the actual Internet, facilitating the data loss. They weren't hacked, they hacked THEMSELVES! #OptusHack #Optus #auspol https://t.co/aLTVNQITLV
24 Sep, 07:21 AM UTC
Andy B
I am sick of businesses such as OPTUS telling people to be vigilant & protect themselves when the reasons they are at any threat is because of the negligence of that business. Businesses making huge money are responsible for their products.
24 Sep, 12:25 AM UTC
Stuart Tomlinson
AFP investigates $1m ransom demand posted online for allegedly hacked Optus data https://t.co/GkQNnNlI6P
24 Sep, 10:43 AM UTC
🕯️ Smush 🕯️
@Jeremy_Kirk So does this make Optus liable for allowing an unauthenticated API to begin with?
24 Sep, 02:51 PM UTC
Johnny Doe 🔻
@strangerous10 Optus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecom, who are 55% owned by the Singapore government... 'Team Australia response?' Don't all the profits go offshore?
23 Sep, 11:52 PM UTC
Australia's second largest telecommunications company, Optus, suffered a data breach that compromised the information of an unspecified number of their 10 million customers. #databreach #cybersecurity https://t.co/0QUBCttJvU
23 Sep, 07:45 PM UTC
South China Morning Post
Australia’s Optus cyberattack: ‘no passwords compromised’ as company contacts affected customers https://t.co/EU5I6Sabyh
24 Sep, 03:48 PM UTC
@stilgherrian Your email says "if customers receive an email claiming to be from optus, its not from Optus" ? Ummm...
24 Sep, 10:50 AM UTC
Nicolas Krassas
Data of millions of users exposed in Australia’s 2nd-largest telecom firm breach https://t.co/er9a2SjZCt
24 Sep, 04:53 PM UTC
Therase 🌼🇺🇦
A useful thread for Optus customers. This whole thing makes me so mad! https://t.co/F0bdyLiycZ
24 Sep, 03:20 PM UTC
@James_RP_Barnes @markc01 @Optus I had same problem sometime back, I reached out to support they did nothing until I got referred to https://t.co/NW6ylucwxp ogn Instagram who fixed it for me
24 Sep, 06:04 PM UTC
Anthony Perkins
AFP investigates $1m ransom demand posted online for allegedly hacked Optus data https://t.co/l07twz5PYk
24 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
Jethro Rose
@Smushster @ColdwaterQ @Jeremy_Kirk An unauthenticated public API being accessed isn’t even an exploit really. This is the equivalent of Optus storing customer data in a big unlocked filing cabinet in a public park with a sign on it saying “customer data”
24 Sep, 05:15 PM UTC
@Hovstilldagoat Streameast got like all the American sports I got Optus sport for soccer tho
24 Sep, 06:03 PM UTC
James Barnes
@markc01 @Optus My account was hacked. Don't worry they said, they only have my name, address, DOB, Licence number, email, phone number. But they didn't get my payment details. What a joke
24 Sep, 06:03 PM UTC
Cyber Security Daily News
Optus turns off online SIM swaps, account ownership changes after #hack - AFR https://t.co/or2EsGXqDr #Sec_Cyber
24 Sep, 05:31 PM UTC
♑️ Mark 👊🏻 🎶🍽👽🌋🏉
so @Optus as a longtime customer.. and privacy advocate give me a good reason why I shouldn’t sue with a class action? this data breach wasn’t inevitable, you’re responsible for destroying personal info after a short period of time you chose profit, over my rights #OptusHack https://t.co/6iVHRdZbXd
24 Sep, 05:30 PM UTC
🕯Sidor 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺 Did
@Monocotyledon @JFDough Listening to the language Optus is 'reinforcing', they're desperately couching it as a hacking event…& everyone is shouting data breach back at them.
24 Sep, 05:28 PM UTC