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Katie Nolan
orange cassidy ELECTRIC on the mic
19 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
😷Chris Sinister😷 #ImwithAEW🧨
In this episode we got: MJF being the crowd Brandi announcing Orange Cassidy commentating Holy Shida winning Lance Archer murdering Brodie Lee exalting Jericho Goating Sammy Guevara singing Inner Circle winning The Elite emotioning and Matt Hardy Deleting! Wow #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Big time Orange Cassidy fans.
18 Mar, 03:45 PM UTC
Daily DDT
MATT HARDY IS IN AEW ! ! ! ! ! Not only is he the 5th man for Blood and Guts, but imagine what other matches we could get in the future ... vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy vs. MJF BROKEN ONE VS EXALTED ONE, BRODIE LEE! Okay, I'm super pumped. #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
SB Nation
Orange Cassidy went to the commentary table, put a headset on, didn't say a word, and now he's asleep. That's why he's the best @SBNation's photo on Orange Cassidy
19 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
Imagine a triple threat between R-Truth, Toru Yano and Orange Cassidy. Would be the greatest comedy wrestling match of all time easily.
18 Mar, 06:55 PM UTC
Maria Rose
Orange Cassidy is by far the best commentator. #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 12:17 AM UTC
ceo of orange cassidy
orange cassidy does emote heres proof
19 Mar, 12:54 AM UTC
Things that are avant garde in wrestling: Vince vs God ✅ Colt Cabana’s moveset ✅ Giving birth to a hand ✅ All Orange Cassidy matches ✅ Not avant garde: HLA ❌ “Gimme a hell yeah” ❌ Hulkamania ❌ Randy Orton doing anything ❌
19 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
Orange Cassidy has street fight experience and will be a great asset to Best Friends in this match #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 01:26 AM UTC
Heel Turn Haden
AEW really flew in Orange Cassidy to say nothing on commentary and sleep on the job??? This man is living my dream.. #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 12:21 AM UTC
𝓙𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓼 | fan account
Here is Orange Cassidy raising his fist at Lucha Bros in a threatening manner. Goodnight.
19 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
"Hey Orange Cassidy, ya dumb idiot." - Jericho #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Chris Jericho burying Orange Cassidy for wearing stupid sunglasses inside well Chris himself is wearing sunglasses. Delusional heels >>> #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT #AEW #AllEliteWrestling #ImWithAEW #AEWonTSN #AEWPlus
19 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
19 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
David Faidley
@AEWrestling Sammy G sing song. Orange Cassidy leap Exalted one reveal Brandi Rhodes ring announcer Womens match #AEWTOP5
19 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
#AEWTOP5 MJF gambling throughout the night Cero Mierdo whoopin ass period Orange Cassidy on commentary 4way ladies match Sammy singing Jericho's intro Plus, Luchasaurus devouring B&B The show was hilarious and exciting. Thank you for entertaining us. I hope Penelope is ok!
19 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Craig Kirkendall
Orange Cassidy and Katie Nolan would've destroyed my space-time continuum... @AlwaysLateESPN
19 Mar, 04:05 AM UTC
Ramus Stereo
I think Orange Cassidy is sleeping in his chair #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 04:41 AM UTC
LMFAO Orange Cassidy is on commentary and not saying a word #AEWDynamite
19 Mar, 04:43 AM UTC
DJ Valentine
@SimpleTweeters BTW My #AEW power rankings in terms of awesome 1. Darby Allen 2. MJF (Best heel in wrestling) 3. Orange Cassidy 4. Jericho 5. Omega
19 Mar, 04:42 AM UTC
Hopper 🖤
@RebyHardy @AEWrestling Ready to see King Maxel vs Orange Cassidy 😂😂
19 Mar, 04:36 AM UTC
@AEWrestling -orange Cassidy on commentary -Brody lee debut -Matt hardy debut -lance archers vignette -Shawn spears and mjf gambling ringside
19 Mar, 04:36 AM UTC
1) MJF & Sammy singing Judas 2) Elite promo 3) Orange Cassidy being orange Cassidy 4) Brodie Lee 5) MJF heckling everyone (what are you, a power ranger) #AEWTOP5
19 Mar, 04:36 AM UTC
Marshall (MD in 6.5 weeks, Family Medicine)
@tonyschiavone24 @AEWrestling It was a great show, but please exercise social distancing(6ft) if you are interviewing wrestlers again next week. Seeing your face inches from the wrestlers and Orange Cassidy leaning on you was unnerving. I hope the wrestlers in the crowd can also maintain a 6' distance
19 Mar, 04:03 AM UTC