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Occupy Democrats
BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom wins Orange County, known as “Reagan County” and home of Trumper Devin Nunes. RT TO CONGRATULATE GAVIN!
15 Sep, 03:48 AM UTC
I'm having an extremely hard time believing that Orange County voted no to the recall...
15 Sep, 04:03 AM UTC
Palmer Report
Gavin Newsom is winning big in Orange County. This doesn't look like it's even going to be close.
15 Sep, 03:12 AM UTC
Matthew Chapman
If I'm Young Kim or Michelle Steel I'm nervous about the numbers Dems are pulling from Orange County in an off year recall.
15 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
Ted Lieu
The continuing embrace of Trumpism by Republican Members of Congress in Orange County is puzzling to me. Orange County is quite suburban and the overwhelming majority believe in science. And Orange County voters just rejected the recall of Governor Newsom. @tedlieu's photo on Orange County
15 Sep, 06:25 AM UTC
Richard M. Nixon
Broadly you have two things at work in Orange County: the north is growing, essentially as an expansion of Los Angeles. The south hasn't changed much. They are conservative. But to be conservative no longer means Republican.
15 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
Jay Chen for Congress
This is not your grandfather's Orange County. @YoungKimCA chose to dedicate herself to a movement that called for overturning vaccine & mask requirements even for health care workers. Voters think she is out of touch & will hold her accountable for wasting tax payer dollars.
15 Sep, 04:21 AM UTC
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin (she/her)
Here in Orange County, where I live in a city that is 35% white (busting some myths right there), former home of Richard Nixon, we voted NO on the recall by more than five percentage points. Katie Porter is my rep.
15 Sep, 12:23 PM UTC
@brianschatz Results summary: Orange County: No San Diego County: Hell NO LA County: F NO San Francisco County: Don’t-make-me-come-for-you NO
15 Sep, 07:31 AM UTC
@kasie 2/3rds of Californians rejected @larryelder . Even GOP stronghold Orange County rejected him. He embraced Drumpf politics and that’s a losing strategy, which @GOP politicians are discovering.
15 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
LooniePanda ,,,😎
@kasie Honey apparently you aren’t seeing the shift like we are, You Red folks are in big trouble,36.1 % of republicans in the vote ,What the hell happened ,Rather than spew bullish-t ,talk about the facts , You lost Orange County that’s a big fk up,Bad things are coming for the repubs
15 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
511 New York
Construction on #BearMountainBridge from Rockland/Orange County Side to Westchester County Side
15 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
Construction on #BearMountainBridge from Rockland/Orange County Side to Westchester County Side
15 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
Cynthia Curran
@WillSwaim Orange County should be as democratic as San Diego. Yet, it isn't, the republicans never asked the question why is it that Orange County is less Democratic than San Diego. San Diego opposed the recalled by 14 percent.
15 Sep, 12:43 PM UTC
@OccupyDemocrats Now Orange County needs to organize to oust Nunes.
15 Sep, 12:43 PM UTC
Les Gillon
@RealAmerican_2 @lion_politics Results from Orange County suggest there's a need for the GOP to reconsider its message.
15 Sep, 12:42 PM UTC
Jim Sylvester
@DoraResists @brianschatz The interesting one there is Orange County. I grew up in SoCal in 50s/60s and remember it as being *very* conservative. Of course "conservative" doesn't really describe the irrational looney bin into which the Republican Party has evolved.
15 Sep, 12:41 PM UTC
@Rothbirdian I’m a @LPMisesCaucus member but I’m pretty much won over to the @ThoBishop argument. Problem is I live in Orange County FL and I’m not sure much can be accomplished locally in a blue stronghold like Orlando.
15 Sep, 12:41 PM UTC
Devin's cow says moo... BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom wins Orange County, known as “Reagan County” and home of Trumper Devin Nunes. RT TO CONGRATULATE GAVIN!
15 Sep, 12:41 PM UTC
Michael ocean
@dowis_mark @Redistrict Random. I have a good friend in Orange County. Republican but hates Trump. Back in 2019 he was telling me how he hates Newsom. This morning he said he was glad Newsom wasn’t recalled because he didn’t want Cali to end up like Florida under Desantis.
15 Sep, 12:41 PM UTC
@RachelBitecofer WAKE THE HELL UP, and get to work! We need CA analysis that gives us hope to maintain House in 2022. Dems did as you instructed and tied the race to Trump and sunk the fascist! Are there 2022 clues in Orange County? Will Dems be able to hold the House?
15 Sep, 12:40 PM UTC
Cynthia Curran
@NRO @philipaklein In fact Orange County might explain why the Democrats have not advance more in some of Texas's high income counties like Collin or some mixed population counties like Tarrant. Instead, NR is interested more in the Ventura and San Diego theme where Dems pick up near 20 percent
15 Sep, 12:39 PM UTC