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Kevin Sorbo
You can’t have 6 or more people over for thanksgiving in Oregon. That’s a $1,250 fine. However getting caught with crack is a slap on the wrist Makes sense
21 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
Locations 🗺
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn, Oregon via: n1ck_on https://t.co/1xCfXpQitz
21 Nov, 03:40 PM UTC
Andy Ngô
The Oregon State Medical Examiner did an autopsy and determined that it was a suicide. Portland Police's investigation did not contradict that finding either. https://t.co/0C3zf0g30Y
21 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC
Office of the Governor of California
With this agreement, we are closer than ever to restoring access to 400 miles of salmon habitat. This will begin to right historic wrongs, supporting the restoration of traditional lifeways for tribes in the Klamath River Basin. #CaliforniaForAll #NAHM https://t.co/PP15TndwhU
21 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC
Oregon Football
TOUCHDOWN! Oregon's second touchdown in 16 seconds of game time is a 32-yard score from @tylershough2 to @Babydye23! Ducks lead 14-0 in the first quarter. #GoDucks @oregonfootball's photo on Oregon
21 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
jaz✨covid edition
i want everyone to know that the university of oregon admin just allocated 12 million dollars for a new jumbotron for our football stadium while everyone here is struggling to get covid tests, university workers are underpaid and at risk, & students are getting very sick rapidly.
22 Nov, 02:36 AM UTC
🌲 Norway Pine 🇳🇴 🦃
Ghost of a wheat farm. Oregon 🇺🇸 https://t.co/GFln3RJ2hH
22 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC
Colin Post
Schools with first rounders in 2020 NFL and NBA Drafts (undergrad enrollment in parentheses): 1. Georgia (30k) 2. Alabama (32k) 3. Oregon (19k) 4. Auburn (22k) 5. USC (20k) 6. #TCU (9k) It's been a tough year for TCU sports in many ways, but this is pretty impressive.
22 Nov, 01:21 AM UTC
George Wrighster III
I knew the Oregon offense would be better with Joe Moorhead at OC, but geez... This is night and day better than Arroyo. And we know it wasn’t a personnel issue because Herbert is killing it in the NFL.
21 Nov, 09:35 PM UTC
John Canzano
Gebbia gets a TD reception. Oregon State gets the lead. Those cardboard cutouts at Reser may storm the field and tear down the goal posts after this one. https://t.co/BzS6jk7DTh
21 Nov, 11:18 PM UTC
Dr. Blake Ushijima
‼️ JOB ALERT ‼️- Southern Oregon University, Microbiology or Cell-biology TT position for Fall 2021 Sending out for a colleague. Apply here: https://t.co/OFhYfQ5vmF #AcademicTwitter #Microbiologist
22 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
Conservative American
Reports from Portland, Oregon, indicate that police made no arrests of Antifa rioters who vandalized businesses on Friday night. Cowardly Politicians hiding. While there city burns.
22 Nov, 05:52 AM UTC
Josh Peterson
Since 2017, Nebraska ranks 104th out of 130 in win percentage, going 14-26. Among Power 5 programs, Nebraska is tied for fifth fewest wins. Kansas: 7-36 Rutgers: 8-32 Oregon State: 9-30 Arkansas: 11-33 Vanderbilt: 14-30 Illinois: 14-28 Nebraska: 14-26 https://t.co/ebd1YNl5yu https://t.co/g1K8MoXlVh
22 Nov, 05:58 AM UTC
Andy Johnson
What the shit is this, ESPN? How do you lose your cameras? Rod Gilmore probably about to launch into a tirade about how bad Oregon is. @TheDirtJohnson's photo on Oregon
22 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
Mark Schultz
#RIP_Grizz Centered Grizz, he found the new #BookReview of the new DIY book, "From Misery to Mastery: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Anxiety and Depression" written by Richard Silvestri, Jill Racine, PhDs. https://t.co/uZUJ7AsInk Quite well written. Good night from #Oregon https://t.co/qE47TUUpy3
22 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Chicken Judd ☮️
Oregon had the right idea. whether or not a citizen wants to consume mind-altering substances is nobody elses business but their own. arresting people for ‘victimless crimes’ is tyranny
22 Nov, 06:02 AM UTC
Local reports say a magnitude 3.6 earthquake just hit the metropolitan area of Oregon 😳 https://t.co/1YCLz0COfx
22 Nov, 06:03 AM UTC
Chris Rojas
@ChaelSonnen @DonaldJTrumpJr He would be undefeated too if he had the biggest arms West Linn Oregon has ever seen
22 Nov, 06:02 AM UTC
Masked Nick Taylor
@KwadeSays Oregon’s sabotage of the conference is getting extreme.
22 Nov, 06:02 AM UTC
Mail Tribune
An Oregon company's false claims that their silk socks were somehow able to ward off the coronavirus will cost the business $15,000. For all of our stories written by our experienced local journalists, subscribe here: https://t.co/YeMilg2nL0 https://t.co/4mosuARwBQ
22 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
Conrad Spoke
It's official. Oregon is the new East Germany. https://t.co/Ha3VodmmIg
21 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC
@chinitabreanna go all in and go to portland, oregon! the drive is so beautiful!
22 Nov, 06:05 AM UTC
Saturday Recap: 1-4 -1.80 units ✅Pitt +3.5 (+1.5u) ❌Cincy -6 (-1.1u)🤢 ❌Oregon -13.5 (-1.1u) ❌Iowa/Penn State under 47 (-1.1u) Tough day in CFB but still 16-12 and +5.4 units on the season.
22 Nov, 06:05 AM UTC
happy holipeys !🎄
gone to oregon is one of the best starkid opening numbers https://t.co/NCHAXlSq3k
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
24/8 (Championship Keem 🏆)
Oregon damn near lost to UCLA wtf lol
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Ryan Alexander
Seeing the UCLA Oregon highlights for no reason right now while trying to actively avoid them >>>>
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Oregon uniforms keep getting sweeter & sweeter.
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Bill Oram
I teased @AaronLarsuel on social media for Cal’s loss to my beloved Oregon State Beavers https://t.co/xskoedI6pe
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Here in the town where I live in Oregon I met a woman who remains furious the city annexed her street and "forced" her to give up her septic tank. She thinks it's fascism. https://t.co/seiVkExYVA
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC

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