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OREGON TAKES DOWN NO. 3 UCLA IN OT! The Ducks end the Bruins' five-game winning streak 🦆 @espn's photo on Oregon
14 Jan, 05:06 AM UTC
Ciencia y Mas!
Descubren que dos ácidos del cáñamo o marihuana (Cannabis sativa) –el cannabigerólico (CBGA) y el cannabidiolico (CBDA)– impiden que el coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infecte las células humanas. https://t.co/ar7ZJjnB8w Vía @oregonstatenews @CienciaDelCope https://t.co/wYeB1n77U6
13 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Odd ending to the first half between Oregon and UCLA 🤔 @SportsCenter's photo on Oregon
14 Jan, 03:43 AM UTC
Andrew Paul
#AGTG Blessed to receive an offer to the University of Oregon 🟢🟡#GoDucks @Locklyn33 @coachnovakov @coachH2bwill @ParishSports https://t.co/cXWZV9q7JA
14 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
Sputnik Türkiye
Oregon Üniversitesi ile bağlantılı bilim insanlarının bu hafta yayımladığı araştırmaya göre esrardaki bileşikler, Kovid-19'a neden olan virüsün hücrelere girişini engelleyerek bulaşmasını önlüyor https://t.co/5V1yJKQdud @sputnik_TR's photo on Oregon
13 Jan, 12:32 PM UTC
Una terapeuta de Oregón está sufriendo las tácticas que vimos en el Manifiesto Queer: activistas trans están tratando de hacerle perder su trabajo por buscar la causa del problema en vez de cerrar los ojos y correr a reafirmar a sus pacientes. Pero Stephanie Winn no se calla.
13 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC
pam¡! alex's girlfriend🎈
now united aproveita q essa merda do corona tá de volta e vai pra Oregon depois da tour e fiquem lá no mínimo um mês
13 Jan, 02:26 PM UTC
Bee haber
Oregon Üniversitesi ile bağlantılı bilim insanlarının bu hafta yayımladığı araştırmaya göre esrardaki bileşikler, Kovid-19'a neden olan virüsün hücrelere girişini engelleyerek bulaşmasını önlüyor. https://t.co/Zku76xEKmT
13 Jan, 12:37 PM UTC
Muita gente fala que queria o comeback em oregon e eu só penso NÃO porque eu tenho tão boas lembranças desse lugar que não queria que elas mudassem
13 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
VICE Indonesia
Hasil tes lab menunjukkan asam yang diekstrak dari tanaman ganja dapat mencegah masuknya virus corona ke dalam sel tubuh. https://t.co/7bnqdmeWCq
14 Jan, 12:00 PM UTC
🇺🇸 L'università dell'Oregon pubblica uno studio che sembrerebbe dimostrare l'utilità della #cannabis per combattere l'infezione da covid. 🇮🇹 Nel frattempo l'Italia prova a rendere illegale anche la cannabis light... 🤬 Dal medioevo è tutto, passo e chiudo!
14 Jan, 11:32 AM UTC
Bayhorse Silver Inc.
Bayhorse Completes New Milling Facility and Restarts Milling Operations at the Bayhorse Silver Mine, Oregon, USA #Silver #Gold #Mining #SilverSqueeze #PreciousMetals https://t.co/9za3zIEceg
13 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
📷 Amazingly Beautiful
An old one from the Oregon gorge before the fire [1800x1312] [OC] - Author: Br81 on reddit - Youtube (sUbScRiBe) https://t.co/4u7qhk4KQ8 https://t.co/yPsRQXHBxG
14 Jan, 10:13 AM UTC
Yahoo Actualités
Selon des scientifiques américains de deux universités de l'Oregon, le cannabis contient des acides possiblement efficaces contre le virus #COVID19 https://t.co/4lyMNuECoq
14 Jan, 09:12 AM UTC
Scott Lincicome
"But most of the illicit weed grown in southern Oregon is leaving the state, heading to places where legal weed is still not available for purchase such as New York or Pennsylvania — or where the legal price is still very high" https://t.co/81otNqNdqT @scottlincicome's photo on Oregon
14 Jan, 11:52 AM UTC
How Oregon Became America’s Newest Capital of Illegal Weed https://t.co/zWSpQLUre7
14 Jan, 10:37 AM UTC
Directorate For ICT Support - Makerere University
⚠WARNING! @FBI Warns about Google Voice Authentication scams. Scammers are targeting people that post their real phone numbers and eventually gain access to, and take over, the victim's Gmail account. See details: https://t.co/jRnwRlNeA1 #CyberSecurity #infosec #phishing https://t.co/Kba0D5PYD7
14 Jan, 12:04 PM UTC
Mand The Red Panda Pirate ♥
@ZubyMusic @hoppo78 Or if you live in Oregon, a death within 60 days of existing in the presence of someone who tested positive, which is so much worse https://t.co/Hd9bFpeF7J https://t.co/BENqSoV2I5
14 Jan, 09:10 AM UTC
L.A. Times Sports
Boogie Ellis and Chevez Goodwin spur No. 5 USC to victory over Oregon State https://t.co/xnWMlqvv5P
14 Jan, 06:45 AM UTC
El Cucuy Rojo
@venusianpoetess @bogos____binted Another upsetting fact not many people know. But should, from 1849 and to 1926 The state of Oregon had Black exclusion laws. They weren't allowed in the entire state? Because they had fears of them "instigating" an indigenous people uprisings.
14 Jan, 05:45 AM UTC
Research suggests possibility of vaccine to prevent skin cancer. A messenger RNA vaccine, like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for COVID-19, that promoted production of the protein, TR... https://t.co/sKtWbNccu0 #covid19 #science #tech
14 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
CBD me!
New Oregon marijuana rules let customers buy more, and from farther away https://t.co/mrSTzzx64q
13 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
Mill Creek XC and Distance
We are excited to be taking a group this summer to watch the D1 NCAA Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon! We went to the Olympic Trials in 2016 and now look forward to taking a new group to see the new Hayward Field! https://t.co/75c4tp7y2F
14 Jan, 12:06 PM UTC
Athletes USA
Congrats to Minori Nagano on her commitment to University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon in the NCAA D1 ⛳🎓🇺🇸✍ She will join the program in the Fall 2022 💪 Check out her recruiting profile: https://athl... https://t.co/uqa8NHRtLh https://t.co/v1gNhaEHxG
14 Jan, 12:02 PM UTC
Portland Police Log Maps
UNWANTED PERSON at 13100 N WOODRUSH WAY, PORT [Portland Police #PP22000012205] 03:50 #pdx911 #portland #pdx #oregon https://t.co/VwV9tY0Ua6
14 Jan, 12:15 PM UTC
C.M. Booker
This is the current weather in Oatfield Oregon ( Milwaukie OR) The current Temperature is 46.6F if it is over 70 it is a good day
14 Jan, 12:15 PM UTC
@dave_iuli @CanesInSight @CoachMirabal We need more Polynesians at The U! Better than freezing in Oregon.
14 Jan, 12:14 PM UTC
1/13/2022 Ath Bilbao/ Atl Madrid u2 ❌ Arsenal +.5 +143 ✅🤑🤑🤑 Arsenal/Liverpool u3 ✅🤑🤑🤑 Colgate 2H +2.5 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Wisconsin -3.5 ✅🤑🤑🤑 Davis R1 > Sink ✅🤑🤑🤑 Leishman R1 > Sungjae ✅🤑🤑🤑 Henley R1 > Gooch ✅🤑🤑🤑 Iowa -4.5 -110 ✅🤑🤑🤑 Oregon +10 -110 ✅🤑🤑🤑 https://t.co/6R2waNBSJ5
14 Jan, 12:14 PM UTC
Cuddle Lobster
I’ve watched 4 episodes of 1883. They’re on the Oregon trail. They’re in Texas. Which is 1000-1600 miles south of the Oregon Trail. And no reviewer, no “recap” writer anywhere has even noticed. It’s such a Republican move. To not even lift their fat fingers to google something.
14 Jan, 12:14 PM UTC
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14 Jan, 12:13 PM UTC