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Natalie Abrams
SPOILERS: Once Upon a Time officially confirms identity of Hook's daughter — and her mom! https://t.co/PP5gECiQMYhttps://t.co/AripyzCxdL
18 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
TV Guide
#OUAT finally reveals Hook's daughter! https://t.co/jTJtklngIv
18 Nov, 02:11 AM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
#OUAT stars discuss that major reveal and tease what's next: https://t.co/WftinKOWMH
18 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
Brittany Kaplan
I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more infuriated by an hour of TV than I am with #OUAT right now.
18 Nov, 01:52 AM UTC
I love every single scene with these 2😍 @DaniaJRamirez @LanaParrilla #OUAT #OnceUponATime #FriendshipGoals 👭
18 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
Nothing that happened will change the perfection of this moment❤️ #OUAT #OnceUponATime https://t.co/mkGJSBdCFx
18 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
...Gideon: "Mommy...Daddy...Wait...You're not looking at me?"... #Rumbelle #Gif #OUAT #OnceUponaTime #RobertCarlylehttps://t.co/GPiPzumtin
17 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
#OUAT Tonight's ep Just...ughh...Can't believe they did it again! Does @AdamHorowitzLA know what rape by deception… https://t.co/sch45RECFk
18 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
This is so cuteee❤ I'm melting️😍 #KnightRook #CaptainRook #OnceUponATime #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
Charlie¹ 💕💖
She clearly has no class or decency when it comes to how real life issues in TV shows can effect others... #OUAThttps://t.co/PonYbtG6ME
18 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC
#OUAT bellino, un po’ confusionario ma bellino. Anche se non ho capito se Eloise Gardener è davvero Goethel o qualcun’altra
18 Nov, 06:29 PM UTC
Meryll 📎
#ouat #ratings 7x07 : 0.5 with 2.56 millions viewers 7x08… https://t.co/54RCS5vQBS
18 Nov, 04:10 PM UTC
Ester Danvers
Her smile while talking about Drizella waaaaa #ouat
18 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
Dani 🖤🥀
I'm imagining Colin singing songs to Millie. THOSE TEARS ARE REAL. #ouat
18 Nov, 04:27 PM UTC
zia del tuono
quasi sicuramente regina ed henry andranno da zelena e devo aspettare tre settimane per questa reunion? #ouat
18 Nov, 05:33 PM UTC
zia del tuono
regina: “potrò anche non avere la magia qui ma ho una pratica mazza da baseball che mi darebbe gli stessi risultati… https://t.co/zqj9jJK4FK
18 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC
Dashing Rapscallion
Ho deciso toglierò alcuni account dalla mia TL.Sono stanca di Odio e Cattivi Pensieri e Parole.Già la Vita Vera è d… https://t.co/Ii0nh7b9n3
18 Nov, 05:18 PM UTC
Isa 👑🗡
I get it funkogirl, csers were only ones to feed your ego and now they’re turning against u like voltures. So u nee… https://t.co/p54jIfdkc2
18 Nov, 06:22 PM UTC
zia del tuono
come ci si riprende da questa scena? bellissima piango la vita #ouat https://t.co/juyGV2zkdw
18 Nov, 04:19 PM UTC
jane hopper.
Jacinda che dice "It's complicated" più volte di Caleb 🙈🙈🙈 #OUAT #pll
18 Nov, 03:50 PM UTC
Vanno a wonderland ed è subito ouatiw 😭❤️ Una delle storyline meglio riuscite da A&E che è stata under appreciated… https://t.co/JJooo4HKE5
18 Nov, 06:28 PM UTC
zia del tuono
alice che piange e guarda hook andarsene con gothel è stato un colpo bassissimo #ouat
18 Nov, 04:28 PM UTC
•Little Swan•❁
Alice could have been an amazing daughter for Killian and Emma #ouat
18 Nov, 06:05 PM UTC
gιυℓια ⚯͛
Hook che canta la ninna nanna alla figlia è qualcosa di bellissimo #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:07 PM UTC
Vlada Bogomaz
Когда Румпель ( Голд / Уивер) Реджина (Рони) раздевают друг друга взглядом. Я: #OUAT #LanaParrillahttps://t.co/E3YbzkrvIp
18 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Jean-Maxime Renault
Les audiences du vendredi sur les networks n'ont jamais été aussi déprimantes : 0.4 pour #OUAT & #TheExorcist, 0.6… https://t.co/tqfqtQxARY
18 Nov, 04:17 PM UTC
Mugs, pillows, clocks, iPhone/iPad cases, bags & much more at https://t.co/vjmrq90KOw 😉 #LanaParrillahttps://t.co/Z0Kk3LVuvk
18 Nov, 05:55 PM UTC
Mugs, pillows, clocks, iPhone/iPad cases, bags & much more at https://t.co/vjmrq90KOw 😉 #LanaParrillahttps://t.co/rYfPcP3fsX
18 Nov, 05:28 PM UTC
Mugs, pillows, clocks, iPhone/iPad cases, bags & much more at https://t.co/vjmrq90KOw 😉 #LanaParrillahttps://t.co/yyiQ1uKmjB
18 Nov, 05:27 PM UTC
Mugs, pillows, clocks, iPhone/iPad cases, bags & much more at https://t.co/vjmrq90KOw 😉 #LanaParrillahttps://t.co/fb1uAzfIkE
18 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC
Jamie Robinson
Can someone explain how the Wish realm always existed if it was created by a genie wish? #ouat
18 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
"I want to make sure that I’m telling inspiring stories." — Lana Parrilla (photographed by Alec Kugler)❤… https://t.co/nso0ferlWY
18 Nov, 05:22 PM UTC
jane hopper.
Ma Jack di #TheOriginals si chiama Jack anche in #OUAT? CHE ORIGINALI (?) AHAHAH
18 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
Ahhhh I understand the rage now. When you thought the #ouat writers couldn’t get any dumber they go and repeat past mistakes
18 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
Sono state due puntate meravigliose. Con l’ansia tutto il tempo. Rogers padre è la cosa più dolce del mondo. IO AMO… https://t.co/Xm9FwvXzXk
18 Nov, 06:11 PM UTC
•Little Swan•❁
18 Nov, 06:08 PM UTC
Thanks to everyone who shared it is going viral over 500k in 2 weeks #love #movie #romance @jenni_James #amwritinghttps://t.co/xEfAWSazu8
18 Nov, 05:45 PM UTC
Leïla 🌲👑❤️💍
I did not expect @colinodonoghue1 to sing in this episode, and multiple times ! Can this happen every week please ? 😍 #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:38 PM UTC
Just casually waiting for #ouat to get cancelled, and I would really open a bottle of champagne if that happens😂👏🏼 Sorry not sorry you guys
18 Nov, 05:37 PM UTC
Comunque nel giro di 8 puntate sono passata da "Alice mi sta sul cazzo" a "MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER SHE IS TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD" #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Title:not today (a long and lustrous winter) Author: Grevling https://t.co/6wXCIBTIES #SwanQueen #OUAT
18 Nov, 06:31 PM UTC
Alyssa ❄️
C’est quand qu’ils se réveillent ça devient stressant la #Ouat #OnceUponATime
18 Nov, 06:21 PM UTC
Io Jacinda non riesco proprio a tollerarla,è più forte di me. #ouat
18 Nov, 06:13 PM UTC
FearOblivion. ❄
Altro che "chi ha ucciso Laura Palmer", la domanda che mi intrippa il cervello in questo momento è "chi cazz è Eloise Gardener?" #OUAT
18 Nov, 06:13 PM UTC
Claire ~
@OnceUponAGOT Je sais pas si c'est ça hein mais je pense que ça s'en rapproche x) Ca a toujours été un peu compliqu… https://t.co/qPlSwD2HLV
18 Nov, 06:11 PM UTC
M y R é
L'épisode de #OUAT de cette semaine fait deux heures!!!! Je ne suis que joie ce soir donc!
18 Nov, 06:11 PM UTC
Title:Political Passions Author: SwanQueenUK https://t.co/ouZOo8AQUc #SwanQueen #OUAT
18 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Cate 🏳️‍🌈
Once Upon a Time rewatch thread ;; #ouat
18 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Chiamarlo Hook confonde,quello è il gemello panzuto di Hook,storyline diversa #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:58 PM UTC
•Little Swan•❁
I'm happy that wish Hook's daughter is Alice❤♞♜ #ouat
18 Nov, 05:57 PM UTC
Author Jenni James
Thanks to everyone who shared it is going viral over 500k in 2 weeks #love #movie #romance @jenni_James #amwritinghttps://t.co/TIAA0O8hpS
18 Nov, 05:56 PM UTC
The Original Oncer
Did Once Upon A Time get any better? Stopped watching around 4 episodes ago. Should I watch or just not bother? #OUAT #OnceUponATime
18 Nov, 05:50 PM UTC
Title:And if you're not made for me Author: FollowThatConvoy https://t.co/eHEnRAWFDg #SwanQueen #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:46 PM UTC
Noemi Ciccolella
La nuova Cenerentola ha perennemente l'aria afflitta da cane bastonato e mi viene solo voglia di prenderla a randellate nei denti #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:44 PM UTC
Next time that u ask @LanaParrilla fav ship #OUAT👇🏼 https://t.co/jBfBlSHntK supporter of #LGBT & all kind of ❤
18 Nov, 05:40 PM UTC
@directorxjen @OnceABC I agree.I'm watching it anyway but the authors did a really big mistake making a season 7.It… https://t.co/Ek9kxxZbSR
18 Nov, 05:39 PM UTC
Mi avete fato venire la voglia di continuare #OUAT . Settima stagione, arrivo.
18 Nov, 05:38 PM UTC
Female Jedi
Anyone here miss the old #ouat ? You know when operation Cobra and Mongoose were on the go. And Rumple was the only traitor. Ahh good times.
18 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC
Ah e comunque shippo il nuovo Hook con Henry da adulto, ciao #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:21 PM UTC
man all these ladies are feisty i don’t know which i ship more, victoria x eloise or eloise x ivy. if they squander… https://t.co/va0Ia8HuGK
18 Nov, 05:21 PM UTC
@jenmorrisonlive why you don’t come back to ouat? Is not the same without you.. #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:18 PM UTC
Title:I Want You Author: NeonBlueDreams https://t.co/porNyYZBcl #SwanQueen #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:16 PM UTC
I don’t want to make light of the situation but #ouat should really come with a warning
18 Nov, 05:16 PM UTC
💪Mister D. Dollar
#OUAT : il était quand même spécial ce premier épisode de la semaine. Mais avec son lot de revelations !
18 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
Ma la 7x08 di #OnceUponATime sottotitolata non è ancora uscita? #OUAT
18 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
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