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Legion Hoops
Some notable free agents this summer: Kawhi Leonard (player option) Chris Paul (player option) Mike Conley Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan Lonzo Ball Victor Oladipo Dennis Schroder Derrick Rose Montrezl Harrell (PO) Kelly Oubre Jr. Spencer Dinwiddie (PO) Alex Caruso Here we go. 🍿
19 Apr, 06:46 PM UTC
Anthony Slater
Steph Curry "should be good to go" tonight against the Sixers, per Steve Kerr. Kelly Oubre will also make his return.
19 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
Anthony Slater
Kent Bazemore will start tonight. Kelly Oubre will come off the bench in his return. Steve Kerr: "I like the energy, I like the rotation, so we're going to stay with that as long as we feel that's the best chance to win the game."
19 Apr, 10:02 PM UTC
Anthony Slater
Steve Kerr on Kelly Oubre's shift to the bench: "It's not easy for any player to go from starting to the bench...He told me whatever we need to do to win. His attitude has been great...We need him. We need him to perform at a high level, to bring energy." @anthonyVslater's photo on Oubre
19 Apr, 10:23 PM UTC
Trollden State
Steph has had to overcome Wanamaker, Bazemore, Oubre, Wiseman, and Kerr all year. MVP
20 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
Warriors on NBCS
OK, OUBRE 👀 @NBCSWarriors's photo on Oubre
20 Apr, 12:07 AM UTC
I was talking about oubre fr lol 🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/yePb6l2BwE
20 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
NBA Latam
👉 La volcada y el 2⃣➕1⃣ de Oubre Jr: 🔟 👉 La reacción del fanático con su hijo: 1⃣0⃣0⃣ 🤣🤣 #NBAxESPN @NBALatam's photo on Oubre
20 Apr, 12:12 AM UTC
Oubre still think he at shootaround 🤣🤣 https://t.co/Fk1Gx55lFK
20 Apr, 12:10 AM UTC
“Curry has Draymond, Wiggins, Oubre” Draymond, Wiggins, Oubre in their mind: https://t.co/7j1GeST8ih
19 Apr, 07:05 PM UTC
Nat’s Alter Ego 🇯🇲
Kerr is the reason for Oubre and Wiseman’s struggles. He’s the one that insisted on playing Brad because you know he did a great job of organizing. That MF is the culprit. https://t.co/deNEVyc0vG
20 Apr, 04:14 AM UTC
Chetan Hagat
@eddieb2 @brownboyonline @Kalaiolele @MagicJohnson Oubre is a bench player. Did you watch starting of 4th quarter when Steph was sitting. Nobody could buy a bucket.
20 Apr, 04:17 AM UTC
Mingau Mil Grau
Kelly Oubre Jr merecia tanto ser feliz com esse elenco 🥺😔😭 https://t.co/uLyjZK9XsO
20 Apr, 04:32 AM UTC
Jim Park🏀🌌
Bros. This is why I could never miss a Warriors game. Every game, I'm here to watch Curry go off because he is THE show and I couldn't because Kerr kept playing and going to Wiseman and Oubre who thinks he should shoot b4 Curry. Enduring that for much of the season hurt my SOUL
20 Apr, 04:08 AM UTC
🅿🅱🇵🇭🌉 JTA fanclub
Barton has 28 tonight. He's had an up and down season but I really liked pairing him with Steph for Oubre. Another ballhandler and creator at the least
20 Apr, 03:46 AM UTC
Campazzo solo tiene más neuronas que Oubre y bazemore juntos
20 Apr, 03:41 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
Is Kelly Oubre Jr. part of #Warriors' future plans? It sure didn't look like it against 76ers. https://t.co/W3NomKM727
20 Apr, 03:45 AM UTC
Rob Lucci 🐍🛸🏴‍☠️
@popitfortre_4x You right that’s the wrong year, well damn still having Capela is already a better supporting cast lol. Draymond the next best player a non scorer and then Wiggins and Oubre can neither consistently nor efficiently give you a bucket and both mid as hell defensively
20 Apr, 04:37 AM UTC
Rice Cakes 💋
Yesterday my nephew was talking about how bad Kelly Oubre is and my niece was talking about how pretty him and his eyes were. I agreed with her and he was like “you guys are sick” and he walked away from us 😂😂
20 Apr, 04:27 AM UTC
Sporting Green
Warriors mailbag by @Con_Chron > https://t.co/Qqdg1UBjN3 • @Mikekuczkowskiasks about Curry's historic stretch • @jrome0010asks about Wiseman • @gswdiscussion asks if team is better without Oubre • @JuanBazil asks about adding a center https://t.co/Qqdg1UBjN3
20 Apr, 03:45 AM UTC
aldo 🤠
steph really having an mvp season all so kelly oubre can miss putbacks and the warriors can lose in the play-in tournament 😭
20 Apr, 04:36 AM UTC
@Baltej_hoops I think about this all the time. If they literally traded back and took Haliburton, signed like Gasol, and used the TPE on someone who “fits” better than oubre smh
20 Apr, 04:34 AM UTC
@theaaronmcabee Who’s the cuter lightskin Jaire Alexzander or Kelly Oubre Jr
20 Apr, 04:17 AM UTC
Gilbert Kouame 🇨🇮🇬🇭🇫🇷
@TraMurr This is what I think : Oubre is the problem not Wiseman. That's why I was surprise to see them not trade him at the deadline.
20 Apr, 04:14 AM UTC
@AndyKHLiu Should've moved Oubre. Now they're going to lose him for nothing.
20 Apr, 04:06 AM UTC
Curry do Zap
@CelticsBrr te dou o oubre e 14 reais pelo kemba e pelo tatum 🤝
20 Apr, 04:03 AM UTC
Nicolas Japhet Onema
@Nucero1 He's not missing the playoffs relax. Levron had, Kile kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and much more. Those players were young but better than the Oubre's and the Wiggins
20 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
@brownboyonline @Kalaiolele @MagicJohnson Wiggins Oubre and Green starting on every team in NBA
20 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Knicks and Nets fan 💙🧡 🤍🖤
@Quiznakes @GuruOfInvestin1 @houdeani7 @ygfdfj1 @MagicsBurner @KendrickPerkins That’s a HUGE if.I don’t think anyone in the world right now can play the way steph is but if Oubre and Wiggins played the way they were portrayed to play going into the season for sure 4 seed.
20 Apr, 03:57 AM UTC