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Katie Hopkins
Labour fellating the Muslim-voting block harder than Lewinsky on coffee break at the Oval Office. They kneel before #TelfordGrooming gangs.
13 Mar, 08:59 AM UTC
John Cardillo
.@Harvard is hosting only those students with anti-gun positions. @KyleKashuv was invited to the Oval Office but not this “discussion.” https://t.co/IJzRZkgftR
12 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
David Frum
There’s more to being a true ally than trolling Obama about Churchill busts in the Oval Office https://t.co/Kilx9hukBp
12 Mar, 09:20 PM UTC
Poor Hillary Clinton nearly falls down the stairs twice in India, yet liberals were trying to convince us she's tougher than Donald Trump.. Imagine this weak corrupt woman as President? This is who the left wanted as our leader? Thank God she's no where near the Oval Office. Mike's photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 05:38 AM UTC
@CharlesMBlow Two words. Bill Clinton. Where’s your ‘article’ on a SITTING PRESIDENT, having sex on the Oval Office desk using cigars as the foreplay tool??? Newsflash! NOONE CARES what Trump did 12 yrs ago! We CARE about the FANTASTIC things hes doing NOW for AMERICA! Best @POTUS 2date!
13 Mar, 07:08 AM UTC
Have I Got News For You
After firing Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, Donald Trump reveals new Oval Office door: Have I Got News For You's photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 07:01 PM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
Meanwhile, President Trump sits down at a typewriter in the Oval Office to dash off another productive page in his memoirs. Kevin M. Kruse's photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
Yeah cuz pussy flavored cigars and 9 oral sex encounters in the Oval Office was setting the bar high https://t.co/OzZekrkswV
12 Mar, 09:22 PM UTC
Brian Stelter
"It's much easier to tweet the news of your secretary of state's dismissal, then call him to chat it over more than three hours later, than sit him down in the Oval Office" --@GregJKrieg https://t.co/wKS08wmP9z
13 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Alfons López Tena
Meanwhile, in the Oval Office... Alfons López Tena's photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 06:47 PM UTC
One of the first people in the Oval Office each morning, Pompeo has mastered the art of communicating with Trump https://t.co/PGkflQjS3p Bloomberg's photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
There Has Always Been Racism In the Oval Office, Just Not This Overt. Tomthunkit™'s photo on Oval Office
13 Mar, 07:29 PM UTC
@JoyAnnReid @realDonaldTrump Hard to do anything “man to man” when the one in the Oval Office is anything but.
13 Mar, 04:50 PM UTC
@GeraldoRivera @MonicaLewinsky @realDonaldTrump @jaketapper @drdrew Who cares who he screwed before he became President? The democrats are seriously some sick people, least hes not getting a bj in the oval office like Clinton!!!
12 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
@KatTheHammer1 @tjoy7 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @AmericanHotLips @ArizonaKayte @Jillibean557 @DonnaWR8 @G1rly_Tattoo3d @GartrellLinda @alozras411 @deneenborelli @_SierraWhiskee @LauraLoomer @HillaryClinton We the women voted for @realDonaldTrump bc we didn’t want someone who stood and watched her hubby getting a blowjob in Oval Office to represent us. Get it?
13 Mar, 01:40 PM UTC
Brian Weisel
Thought experiment: if you did place a compromised Russian asset in the Oval Office, what would they have done differently over the last 14 months than Trump has done?
13 Mar, 01:16 PM UTC
Mz. Maddox
@thehill Stormy please make the strength your winds in to Washington feel like a Category 5 tornado! Blow the roof off of the Oval Office!
13 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
BitLeft Of The Spectrum🗽
@maggieNYT The only shift I care to hear about is the big fish in the Oval Office. I'd like to witness firsthand the ripoff of that band aid!
13 Mar, 07:38 PM UTC
Irma González ⭐
@realDonaldTrump 4-You refuse to enact Russian Sanctions 5-You are the Manchurian candidate in the oval office. The American people see a pattern here.
13 Mar, 07:34 PM UTC
Tom Thumb
@JoeFreedomLove @DailyCaller Just look that image of Hag falling down steps in India & imagine THAT THING in the Oval Office. FRIGHTENING.
13 Mar, 07:31 PM UTC
A MUST READ!! More lies from the Oval Office, people who we are supposed to trust 💔💔🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/ovngoUziWu
13 Mar, 07:08 PM UTC
Kay ✨
Oooh I love this 😏😍 1) The deleted scene 211 2) Cy’s Office 213 3) Oval Office 107 4) Vermont 308 5) Oval Office 208 And I’m trash so here’s the rest of the list 😭❤️ 6) The trail 106 7) The bunker 408 8) Camp David 208 9) Oval Office 404 10) Liv’s apartment 610 https://t.co/sItWLmmPiF
13 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Diana LaFleur
@Slate Mueller is a smart guy, much smarter than the bum in the oval office and his legal team so don't assume that Mueller will cave in, he sets the standard by which his team will operate not "tbitoo" and his crew...
13 Mar, 07:36 PM UTC
sherr windy
@business The biggest challenge, is the half-wit in our Oval Office.
13 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
@JimMFelton @AlphaHuskyAlpha Believe me everyone wants a piece of the Oval Office. What a fucking dumbass trump is.
13 Mar, 07:29 PM UTC
Donna Riley
@lilly64 @sawyersdad17 @Franklin_Graham @TheView @JoyVBehar @ABC Was he president at the time and was she on her knees in the Oval Office?
13 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC
Keith Whiting
@realDonaldTrump So what will you do ? Its your job to solve the problem You are the person in the oval office.
13 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC
mj ward
@JohnWDean No, let's hope Tillerson rips into him. All this sweeping under the rug is twisting our belief in truth. And honesty. And character. And government. And that Oval Office.
13 Mar, 07:44 PM UTC
James Moore
Cocaine on the table, no security clearance dont give a daaaamn Jared Kushner's outside the oval office and he's tryin to get iiiiin Saying Im with the faaaaaaam Aye aye.
13 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Bill Moyer#BlueWave2018🌊
@ProudResister Yeah sadly this is true but what’s even more sad is people of our country elected a man who does not belong in an oval office but belongs in a padded room...
13 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
@CharlesMBlow While in the Oval Office ? Oh , no , wait , wrong guy, and wife .
13 Mar, 07:41 PM UTC
Kent Bushart
@MiimiBayer2 @I_am_Niteangel @AdrianaCohen16 @DiamondandSilk @POTUS At least it's not adulterous sex in the oval office. peace out.
13 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
Howard Walter
@JimMFelton is there a naughty corner in the oval office?
13 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
Of course the panochio in the kremlin luvs his asset in the oval office. Gots the goods on him. https://t.co/wgdgpon0K8
13 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
@carolynkor @chick_in_kiev I keep waiting for Koch to step out behind the curtains in the Oval Office and say he's really the President.
13 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
Ethel O'Connor
@RepAdamSchiff I admire you Rep. Schiff for standing by the truth. I am depending on you to save our country from these treasonous jerks in the Oval Office who are the puppets of Putin.
13 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
Kathy Wallace
@jordie_ray @Zoomie932 Hillary we are much stronger women than you!! We would divorce our husband if he was accused of RAPE. We would divorce our husband if he brought shame to the Oval Office with Blow Jobs. We are strong enough to stand alone if necessary.
13 Mar, 07:38 PM UTC
@TheDonald2028 @SiddonsDan Remember when the media spent two years telling us that a president having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office was a private affair? Now the clown cars full@of media types chase a Stormy Daniels around like a Charlie Chaplin movie! #FakeNews
13 Mar, 07:37 PM UTC
Olivia Massey
@SenSanders Agree, and world leaders know the electoral college system has 'dumbed down the Oval Office' with 'Trump the Simpleton' as the occupant. Once he & his Klan are out of the WH, how long will it take to repair the international damage he is causing?
13 Mar, 07:37 PM UTC
Spencer Bryan
@BrittMcHenry @HillaryClinton Funny how she claims this but silences those other women who were pressured by her husband in the oval office...
13 Mar, 07:36 PM UTC
Richard Strzalka
No business in the oval office not even as a visitor! https://t.co/TGiBlBT4l4
13 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
13 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
@jrankin1246 @tonym1154 @CNN I don't know... Why is a man with 3 marriages due to infidelity and accused sex offender sitting in the oval office. Crazy this world we live in.
13 Mar, 07:33 PM UTC
Ka-Lai Wong
I remember as a kid, the teachers had a felt board to move things around that was to frequently change when telling a story in class. I feel like that’s what Trump has in the Oval Office.
13 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
Johnny #2A
@peanut_brigade Dude, Carter was THE WORST POTUS in American history UNTIL @BarackObama slithered his way into the Oval Office He literally saved Carter's Legacy from being worst ever
13 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
charles perry
@FoxNews @POTUS I am guessing by these tweets here they are not used to having a hands on individual in the Oval Office. If they are so offended now , where were they when Obama had fast and furious come to light?
13 Mar, 07:29 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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